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'We…well, we don't exactly know.' Hermione said. She still looked nervous, and I didn't blame her, we were probably pretty scary to an outsider. Ok, we were definitely scary to an outsider.

Carlisle took a deep, unnecessary breath. I looked up at Edward, who was frowning in his effort to take in any information he could from the human's thoughts.

'So this Dumbledore dude sent you here without telling you why…then he was murdered?' Emmett looked like he couldn't decide whether it would be too rude to burst into loud guffaws. The stern glare Esme gave him should have sorted out any confusion, and his smile faded rapidly into straight-faced seriousness.

'Yes, he did.' Harry said sharply. He sounded like he was getting annoyed. I had to hand it to him, he was definitely brave to be standing up to Emmett; it had taken me more than two years and a legendary arm-wrestling match to do that.

'You said "Professor" Dumbledore…?' Carlisle seemed to ignore the tension in the room. Hermione nodded, while Harry sighed and the red haired one, Ron, stared around the room (mostly at Rosalie, but his eyes occasionally landed on me and Edward's arm would tighten and I would feel the beginnings of a growl in the back of his throat).

'Yes. He was the headmaster of our school.' Hermione was clearly the most practised at calmly answering questions – she didn't look nearly as wound-up or distracted as her two male companions.

'And you have graduated from the school?' Carlisle asked.

'No. Well, not exactly. We were supposed to go back for our last year this year, but…' she glanced at Harry, 'we have other things we have to do.' She finished cryptically.

'Such as finding us? Things that your headmaster left for you to do?' Don't worry; you don't have to explain it all to us if you're not supposed to.' Carlisle added when the three wizards started to fidget uncomfortably. I saw Emmett roll his eyes in the corner of my vision – I could tell that if anyone left it up to him, no details would be allowed to be spared. Well, as long as they were filled with some sort of action, which I was sure these details would be.

'Dumbledore left us something to do.' Harry said. 'We're not meant to tell anyone what we're up to though.' He glanced at Edward nervously, and with good reason since I imagined that Edward knew exactly what they were up to and would tell the rest of us at the first opportunity.

'Some of his instructions were a little…difficult to understand. He told Harry that we could come and find you if we got stuck…and, well…we thought we might start here. We thought you might have some information or…something for us.'

I looked over at Carlisle, as did Emmett and Jake. Renesmee looked politely bored; she was playing with strands of Jake's grown-out hair to entertain herself. Carlisle cleared his throat.

'I'm so sorry, but we know even less about this situation than you do. But if Dumbledore sent you here there must be a reason…'

But Harry, Ron and Hermione seemed to be having a silent conversation, using only facial expressions and annoyed huffs of breath.

'Oh, for goodness sake, Harry!' Hermione burst out eventually. 'They'll know anyway, he can read minds!' She looked up sheepishly at Edward. 'Isn't it better that we tell them the whole story than they just pick up odd bits and pieces from our minds?'

'She's right, mate.' Ron contributed in a reasonable tone. 'Dumbledore might have been mad as a box of frogs but he wasn't stupid. He'll have sent us here for a reason.' Hermione nodded along. I wasn't sure what do while they argued it out; Edward was already politely looking away, even though he was clearly listening to every thought process, so I decided to join him in looking respectfully distracted.

'Exactly, Harry. You need to start trusting people.' Hermione quickly went on before her black-haired friend could argue back. 'I know, I know; he said not to tell anyone except us, but you have to face the fact that they'll know everything anyway.'

She finally seemed to have made a breakthrough. Harry sighed and his shoulders slumped in reluctant defeat. Hermione looked to her friends for approval before she launched into the story.

'Well…so basically it all starts with a wizard named Vol-'

'I told you not to say the name!' Ron yelled, in what seemed to me to be almost on an Edward-worthy level of over-reaction. The way Carlisle's eyebrows disappeared into his hair told me I wasn't the only one.

'Oh, for goodness sake, Ron! You had no aversion to us saying the name a few weeks ago!' Hermione sounded annoyed.

'Yeh, well…I told you, I just have a bad feeling about it, OK?' He mumbled in reply, going slightly red. I held my breath for a moment; the warm blood seeping to the surface of the boy's skin looked delicious…Edward squeezed my hand…but bearable. Ron still fidgeted in his seat, not noticing how tempting he looked.

'Fine, fine. Well there is a wizard named You Know Who, You can probably hear the name in my mind?' She asked Edward shyly. He nodded. 'Um…' She seemed flustered. Poor girl, it happened to the best of us; I remembered when I first met Edward, I could hardly form a coherent sentence in his presence. Actually, I thought she was going a pretty good job so far not being distracted by any of the boys…too much, anyway. 'He, in short, is the most evil wizard of all time. He is probably the most powerful dark wizard there ever was. His aim is to purify our population, and resume what he and his band of followers who call themselves the Death Eaters believe to be our rightful place; ruling over the muggles. That means non-magic people.'

'But how are you guys involved in all this? I mean, you can't tell me you three are trying to bring him down all on your own…' I asked interestedly. I mean, maybe these three were good at magic and whatever, but I doubted they could defeat 'the most evil wizard of all time'…

'We have to.' Harry told me. 'Well, I have to; these two just came with me…' Hermione rolled her eyes and Ron chuckled.

'But why do you have to?' Emmett asked loudly. He seemed to be way too excited to be hanging out in a room containing three easily breakable humans.

'Because there was a prophecy made before I was born, saying that…I was going to be V- I mean You Know Who's biggest threat. He heard it, well, he heard part of it.' A strangely bitter look crossed his features. I hadn't missed the way he had paused before he told us that the prophecy was about him. I wondered what was going on there…

'And he was scared, he didn't want to be beaten – he didn't want the knowledge that there was someone more powerful than him out there. So he hunted down Harry and his parents.' Hermione continued. At this point she faltered.

'My parents found out he was looking for them, and went into hiding. Their hiding place was working, until one of their best friends betrayed them.' Harry spat. He looked murderous. I might have even been a tiny bit afraid of him if he wasn't just a human and I wasn't a vampire with super-strength and speed. But he wasn't just a human, though, was he?

'He found them? But what happened? How did you escape?' Emmett was practically on the edge of his seat.

'He killed my dad first.' Harry's voice was dead and lifeless as he spoke. I saw the pain in his green eyes and wanted to give him a hug, though I knew that that was probably the least helpful thing I could do right then, even if there wasn't the possibility that I would break his spine or drain him of blood. 'And then he turned on my mum. She refused to stand aside for him, so he could get a clear shot at me, so he killed her too.' I could picture the whole scene playing out in my head. I thought of steady, predictable Charlie and ditzy, disorganized Renee…would they have done that for me? Died for me? It was too painful to think about.

'But…I don't understand…if he could kill your mom and dad so easily…how come you're still alive?'

'When You Know Who killed my mum, she gave me a kind of magical protection from him. He couldn't kill me. Instead, the curse rebounded onto him. He didn't have enough human in him to die, but he was weakened, and was forced to flee.'

Jacob and I exchanged a wide-eyed glance. This was some heavy stuff.

'But as well as that, the curse that rebounded forced some of You Know Who into Harry.' Ron added.

'What?!' Emmett exclaimed in his booming voice, making Hermione jump. 'What do you mean?'

'Harry was given some of You Know Who's abilities. Harry can talk to snakes-'

'Like a snake charmer?'

'Emmett, be quiet.' Edward snapped. Hermione nodded gratefully at Edward. The poor girl was blushing again. She continued.

'It's called Parseltongue; snake language. Harry also now has the ability to see into You Know Who's mind.'

'Like Edward?' I asked, shocked. Harry shook his head.

'I don't know how your…mind reading works, but this is just him, and I can see where he is and what he's doing…as if I am You Know Who.'

'I bet that's useful.' Carlisle guessed. Harry shrugged.

'Sometimes. It makes me feel connected, to know what he's up to…but it's not…pleasant.'

Carlisle nodded.

'So then what happened? This guy couldn't kill you…and then what?' Emmett asked.

'Then I went to live with my aunt and uncle.' The bitter tone was back, not as pronounced as before, but it was definitely there. 'My mother's sister, her husband and their son. They're muggles. They…they don't like magic very much, so they tried to squash it out of me. They didn't tell me I was a wizard. I only found out when I was eleven, and got a letter from Hogwarts.'

'That's the wizarding school in Britain. Dumbledore was the headmaster.' Hermione put in, seeing our bemused looks.

'They told me I was a wizard. So I went to the school for six years.' I got the impression he was skipping over some of the story, and was proved right when Ron butted in.

'In that time he faced You Know Who four times, and fought the Death Eaters…' Ron said proudly. Harry looked embarrassed.

'You two helped.' He looked up at us, his eyes pleading behind the strange, round glasses. 'I always had help. These two, other students at Hogwarts, Dumbledore…' Hermione shook her head.

'Not always, Harry. You didn't have anyone in the graveyard when You Know Who returned. You fought him alone then. And other times, what about when we were flying to the safe-houses from your aunt and uncle's…? Harry was cornered by You Know Who, and escaped him, again-' Harry shook his head.

'No, Hermione, I've told you, it was my wand-'

'Yes, Harry, and I've told you that it's impossible for a wand to perform magic of its own accord. You were under a lot of pressure-'

'No. It wasn't me; I'm not making this up-'

'Um…Harry, Hermione…can you argue about this later?' Ron asked quietly, gesturing towards their large and intrigued audience. Hermione looked up, cleared her throat, blushed and crossed her legs haughtily.

'So, anyway,' she continued as if there had been no interruption, 'Harry heard the prophecy…the one that made You Know Who hunt him down, and it said that neither of them could live while the other survived.'

'So basically, one of you will have to kill the other? That sucks, man!' Emmett boomed, shaking his head. 'But how are you going to do it? You said he's not human enough to die…?' Harry nodded.

'That's because he made things called horcruxes. They're objects in which part of the soul is hidden. It's very advanced dark magic. To break the soul apart, you must commit the lowest of evil; murder.' Hermione said quietly and fluently as if she was reading something disturbing aloud from a textbook. Edward's grip on me tightened. For once, I knew exactly what he was thinking. Edward had always had his doubts that he even had a soul, and I knew that the news that if a wizard committed a murder, their soul would be split down the middle would not exactly be a comfort to him. His body was rigid, tense. I leant up to kiss him on the cheek, but he didn't relax. He didn't make a sound.

'Dumbledore thought that You Know Who would have made seven horcruxes. I have already destroyed one, and Dumbledore another. That means that we still have four objects to find and destroy – the seventh part of the soul is still in You Know Who's body.'

'So that's what you're doing now? Hunting down the horcruxes?' Carlisle clarified. All three of them nodded. 'But do you even know what they are? Surely they could be anywhere…?'

'We have ideas.' Harry said glumly. 'You Know Who was a collector – he liked things with history, that represented the most powerful of wizard kind.' The old, papery skin of an ancient, powerful collector I knew flashed across my mind. 'We think that he probably would have wanted to use an object belonging to each of the four founders of Hogwarts School – Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin.

'We know he is unlikely to have used anything of Gryffindor's though, as the only known Gryffindor artefact belonged in Professor Dumbledore's office, where You Know Who couldn't get his hands on it. And we know that he definitely used a locket belonging to Slytherin, who he was descended from, and we think he probably used a cup belonging to Hufflepuff. The Ravenclaw object – if it exists at all – is still a mystery.' There was silence for a split second while we took this in.

'But that's only six.' Jasper pointed out from behind me. The three wizards looked taken-aback at being spoken to by the otherwise silent Jasper for the first time. The room was silent for a moment, before a conspicuous feeling of calm washed silently over me, and I knew the whole room had benefited also.

'Yes. Dumbledore thought that the last one would be in Voldemort's pet snake-'

There was a loud crack. I jumped up, as did the rest of my family, probably before the three humans even noticed anything.