Elloz! Thanks to the fact that I figured out how to post chapters, I am now attempting to post my Kingdom Hearts Fanfiction!

Before you ask, I support both Organization XIII and Sora. It is possible, people! Sora and his friends were trying to stop people from dying, and Organization XIII only wanted their hearts back! They all had their reasons, beliefs, and both of them were right! Sora NEEDED to stop the Organization from killing innocent lives! And the Organization never wanted to lose their hearts! They just wanted to experiment, it got out of hand, and people got hurt! The Organization are the bad guys to Sora, and Sora is the bad guy to the Organization! *steps off platform and puts down microphone*

But, you're not here to listen to a speech! No, you're here because of Chance, my Organization OC, who turned magically into a character of his own.

But, be warned! This is not a heart-warming tail! It is full of heartbreak and sadness, although comedy is dribbled throughout the story.


Disclaimer: I do not own Kingdom Hearts; this was purely fan-made and in no way should profit out of this.

However, I DO own Chance, and he cannot be used without my permission!


I'll Never Be Enough

A Cat's Eye Fanfiction Inc. Production.

Dedicated to the Organization for being awesome, Slaxia for inspiring me to create this, and, of course, Chance.

CHAPTER I: To Become a Nobody

'Dear Diary, mood, apathetic. My life is spiraling downwards…'

That sucks, dude. Get a grip…it's been two years, get over him…!

He told himself that over and over and over again, but no matter how many times he said that, he knew it wouldn't help. He had been hurt, terribly, and there was nothing he could do…

Twilight Town. Middle of the afternoon. Calm and quiet, even though the sky was dark with rain. A red apartment building. Up 3 floors, number 137. This is where the story begins.

He lives alone, as always, as forever. He didn't like it. He wanted a roommate; he wanted one of his friends to be here. He HAD friends, but…

They all had places to live…

It was one room, too, so there wouldn't be any privacy. The only private place is the tiny bathroom in the corner. He had a small fridge, a large cabinet, a dresser, a small bed, a desk, and a lamp. It was all he could afford…

Age 16. Name, Chance Logan. Eye color, orange-green. Hair, dark blue, but not just blue. It hung over his right eye, and the ends were tips with dark red. It reached to the back of his neck. Skin color, pale, but not albino.

His outfit consisted of a dark blue T-shirt, jeans, and dark magenta socks. He had a tattoo on his neck, similar to that of a bleeding cut. Around his uncovered eye was a quarter-moon-shaped tattoo, which was three colors; gold, red, and black. He also wore armbands, black-and-white-striped, that reached down from his wrists to his elbows.

He was lying on his floor, his lean form sprawled out in a straight line. He was trying to think of something more interesting to write in his journal.

Maybe it I look back at other entries…he thought. He flipped from the beginning and glanced over his previous notes, summing them up quickly.

Let's see…life sucks…life sucks…life sucks…oh, here's a new one! Life sucks. Great. I'm creative as a three-toed sloth.

He tossed his notebook aside. Now what? I'm bored, I'm depressed, and there's no one to talk to…

Maybe if I go for a walk, someone will jump me and put me outta my misery…

Pain shot him in the heart. The last time he had been jumped…he winced.

"No, stop it…" he muttered. "Rose told you to forget about that asshole…he means nothing to me…"


Yeah, I know…

He hated arguing with himself; he felt like a mental basket case doing so, but what else was there to do?

"Look, the point is…" he muttered. A tear sprung out of his eyes.

"The point is that I'll never be enough…"

He stood up. Come on, Chance, not today! You promised Darren that you'd let them heal…

He looked down at his covered wrists. And they're going to check it, you know that!

Just go on the fricken walk…

He stood up and walked out of his room.

He took the stairs. He wasn't lazy; he never took the elevator or the escalator. He hated them; they were a waste of electricity. Besides, for all he knew, he could cause the elevator to crash or the escalator to break down…

And other people would get hurt…

The person at the front desk watched him go out. "Chance!" he called.

Chance looked over at the man; at least 47 years old, black hair, blue eyes. "What, Pete?"

"You're going outside like that? It's raining like hell out there!"

Chance shrugged. "Maybe I'll catch pneumonia and die. Whopdedo…"

Pete laughed nervously. "New suicide attempt, eh?"

"Na, I just need to go for a walk," Chance muttered. He walked towards the door and opened if. But, before he left, he added jokingly, "The suicide would just be a bonus!"

Pete laughed. "Alright, tell the angels I said, 'Hi'!"

Chance laughed. He walked outside, ignoring the icy rain and the cold wind.

He didn't mind the rain. It washed away the pain that scalded his skin, refreshing him, making him forget time, forget memories, forget it all…

His feet lead him in no apparent direction. He gave them one simple order: 'Get me away from my life.' And that's what they were doing. They walked down streets, across roads, through parks, and still it wasn't far enough. All the time, for an hour, he ignored the rain that was soaking him to the skin.

He knew that he looked odd; a 16-year-old walking in the rain. Shouldn't he be drinking or smoking or doing something illegal? But, he wasn't into that. Well, shouldn't he be hanging with his friends? Does he have friends? Yes, he did, but who in their right mind would walk with him through the icy-cold rain?

He walked into the woods, down a lonely dirt path through the woods.

Age 16, somewhere in December, 2000 something. I cannot think how my life could get worse. I know that I could be worse, but…maybe I'm just weird like that…

And…he thought, taking a look around for the first time in a while. Call me paranoid, but something doesn't seem right…

It was true. The sky was dark, but the forest shouldn't be pitch black. It wasn't natural. It was like an artificial darkness, a darkness snarling with bitter malice. He could hardly see 2 feet in front of him. He quickened his pace, fear filling his chest. Why is this place so…spooky…?

He trotted until he was out of the woods, but even when he was, the darkness still surrounded him. It was scaring him now. It wasn't right, something was wrong…

Am I in a horror movie or something?

Well, he got his answer.

He heard something behind him; a sound that could best be described as…well…something appearing…

And there it was.

It stood on its hind legs. It had long antenna. It had lifeless, yellow eyes. It looked almost humanlike, but it was nothing that could come from this world.

It ran at him.

"GAK!" Chance yelped. He ran; one of the things he was proud of was his ability to run forever, as fast as he wanted to. He couldn't hear it; it made no more noise. But, when he looked behind him, it was there, always a pace or two behind him.





He ran, panting. He had plenty of energy left, but he kept choking on the rain that flooded into his mouth, making it harder to breathe…

He looked behind him.

The thing was still chasing him. It terrified him how fast it was.

He ran into something.


He had been so scared that he hadn't realized that he had veered off the path and into the trees.

"Ow…my head…" Chance muttered, rubbing his head.

His one visible eye widened in shock as he looked up.

The thing was right in front of him.

And there were more.

"GET AWAY FROM ME!" Chance cried. What does it want?

He scrambled to get up and tried to run away, but the thing grabbed him with its thin hand. Chance felt an icy chill run down his spine. It felt colder than the rain, colder than ice.

Then, he felt a pain sear through him, connecting to his back. Hey, you wanted to get jumped! Here ya go, you lucky bastard!

He gasped in pain, his breathes coming out ragged. Mist showed his breathes rising to the heavens. He felt warm blood trickling across his back.

They slashed again. He screamed in pain. Even when he tried to die, it had never been this painful…

Again and again, 5 more times, they slashed. Every time, Chance moaned, becoming light-headed at the loss of blood. Just end it alrea…He could hardly think straight…

He felt his body slumping. His eyes were closing. He felt the blood flowing out of him. The pain, dripping away…

Then one of those things drifted in front of him. He was almost blind with pain, and could barely see it.

It struck him squarely in the heart.

He felt like his heart was being torn out. Almost physically, but he couldn't see any blood through his blurred vision. He tried to fight; he didn't know how, but he tried…

But the pain had weakened him…

His defense slipped for a second.

That seemed to be all what the black creature needed.

Chance felt his heart weakening, his strength draining. His breathes became ragged gasps to shallow pants. His eyes closed. He fell to the ground as the creatures dropped him.

In the back of his mind, he knew that he was finally dying…

This is how it ends, isn't it? Alone, bleeding to death, without being loved…I didn't even know what killed me. They'll probably find my body in a few days, covered in blood. And no one will look for me; someone will just stumble upon the body. It just proves the fact that I'll never be enough…



Well, so far, the story sounds grim…Don't worry! The Organization is coming in soon! It is a Kingdom Hearts Fanfiction after all!

Contrary to popular belief, Heartless don't just poke someone, and said person dies! No, it takes a real beating to get someone good and dead!

Poor Chance…I hate myself for writing this story…You'll hate me, too…

-Cat's Eye