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His Personal Possession by: MyBabyBlues

Chapter 1

Why am I here? Why me? Out of all the people in the world, why am I the one that is chosen to be subjected to this monster's humiliation?

Everything wasn't always this way. My life was pretty good before this. Okay, it wasn't great but I wasn't suffering under some tyrant's rule either.

To be honest, my life was pretty mundane. I lived alone in a one bedroom apartment in a decent area but not exactly the most desirable one. I had only been living here for about three months.

My parents were now both dead. My mother died when I was 8. She was hit by a drunk driver. My father died last year on the job. He was a police officer and he was shot in the line of duty while trying to prevent a woman and her toddler from being car-jacked.

I had no reason to stay in Forks, Washington any longer. I had no friends there. I was never good with meeting new people. It was just too hard to continue living there with the constant reminders of my parents.

So, I decided to start fresh. I got a job as a Data Entry Clerk at a publishing company in Seattle. Yes, I know, fascinating job. Very monotonous just like the rest of my life.

So my weekly schedule was: get up, go to work, come home, veg out, sleep and repeat five times a week. The weekends were even more mundane. Time spent watching lifetime while other people had a real life. I've never had a date, boyfriend, kiss, so you can guess I never had anything else sexual either. The closest I've come is probably a Nora Roberts novel. Who am I kidding? I thought that was the closest I would ever come. I was wrong but not by my own choosing.

It was a Sunday, and I decided to go to the grocery store. I needed more cold cuts for my lunches at work. I hated going out for lunch, because I always sat alone. I never minded sitting alone but lately I had gotten the strange feeling that I was being watched. So I decided that eating my own lunch on the bench outside the office building was good enough for me. Strangely enough that 'being watched' feeling never entirely went away. However I felt safer being at the office building were security guards were always on duty.

Anyway, the grocery store was not very crowded. I found what I needed rather quickly and stood in line at the check-out. Once again the 'being watched' feeling overcame me and I found myself fidgeting with my shopping basket like a Nervous Nellie.

I chanced a glance behind me and noticed this creepy looking guy staring intently at me. He had long dirty blonde hair tied back and piercing, menacing blue eyes. I quickly drew my eyes back to the front of me but not before noticing that the man did not hold a single thing to purchase. I was growing more nervous. Perhaps he's going to ask the cashier for a pack of cigarettes. He does seem like the smoker type. I tried to reassure myself of why he was empty handed and also concluded that he just looked irritable because he was out of smokes. That's what I wanted to believe anyway.

However, walking out to my car with my bags I heard footsteps behind me. I was shaking from my nerves now because I noticed no other cars were parked near mine. I had my remote out and I was ready to jump in my car and leave my bags on the ground. I sped up my pace as I got closer to my car and I could hear the footsteps behind me pick up as well.

Oh God, please help me. What do I do? I know no one will miss me but please I'm not ready to go yet. Help me.

I almost made it to my car. I hit the 'unlock' button and sprinted towards my car door.

"Not so fast," a deep, irritated voice said from behind me. One hand came around my waist holding me with my arms pinned at my side while his other grimy hand covered my mouth. I was kicking and screaming under his hold.

"Watch it bitch!" he said as he kicked me hard in the shin.

Then I heard a screeching noise. Suddenly a beat-up looking blue van was next to us. The side door flew open and another man jumped out and raced over to us. I thought for a minute maybe I was being rescued. I thought wrong.

The man had short dark hair and dark olive-tone complexion. He was just as creepy looking as the man that had me.

"Come on James; get her in the van now. Boss is anxious for her. Said there'd be a bonus in it for us if he got her before twilight." The dark haired man said in a rush.

This 'James' guy shoved me hard into the van. Once I was inside I didn't have a chance to move before the other guy grabbed me roughly and gagged me. While he did that, the other one 'James' started tying my hands and feet tightly with way more force than needed.

"James, take it easy man. Boss had strict orders that she is not to be harmed in any way. You should loosen up those ropes or she'll be sure to have rope burn."

"Damn Laurent, who gives a shit? We're doing his dirty work for him. He should be happy to get her at all. I nearly punched the bitch out when she got a little too close to the family jewels." James replied while looking as if he were still contemplating punching me.

"Yeah well, doesn't matter. If boss ain't happy then he'll hang you up by your balls anyway. I've seen what has happened to others that have disappointed him. Believe me when I say that you don't want to cross him or you'll be one sorry mother fucker." Laurent said while wincing at some disturbing memory.

"Well what does he want with this stupid bitch anyway? What is it sweetheart, are you supposed to be some kind of a good lay? You look like a virgin to me. I thought boss liked experience. Maybe I could give you some." James said as he leaned in closer to me and began to stroke my neck.

"Now, now James. Boss doesn't want her to be touched. He said we are and I quote 'Not to lay a damn hand on her at all other than to deliver her to me or you'll be going home castrated.' So lay the fuck off her man 'cause it ain't worth it. You got Victoria anyway." Laurent said.

I don't know who this 'boss' was or what the hell he wanted with me but I was certainly grateful that he added enough fear into that statement to keep them from acting on any lewd impulses they might have had.

What the hell does this man want from me anyway? I don't have money. I don't have possession of any type of drugs or knowledge of illegal activities. I don't know any government secrets.

I'm just plain, boring Bella Swan. Boring brown hair, boring brown eyes, boring average figure. What the hell could I have that this man wants?

I'm not a witness to a crime. I'm not a politician's right hand. I'm not dating a tycoon that could pay a ransom. They grabbed the wrong girl. When their boss finds this out then he'll just have me killed. He might even let James and Laurent do what they want first. I'm going to die.

Just my luck to be mistaken as someone their 'boss' ordered to be taken. Great now I get to die because his goons made a mistake. I couldn't help the tears that were overflowing now.

After a drive that seemed to take forever, the van finally stopped. I couldn't see where we had gone. The back of the van was completely blacked out so I couldn't see a thing except for the disgusting site of James and Laurent.

The side door slid open with a bang. A tall dark-haired muscular man yanked me out of the van. "Took you guys long enough," he said as he began dragging me up a long set of stone stairs that led into a huge mansion, almost castle-like.

"Demetri, you are being a little too rough with her. Remember cameras are everywhere and I am sure the boss is watching," a blonde man at the top of the stairs called out and then turned around and walked back through the doorway he was standing in.

If the 'boss man' is watching then surely he knows that they got the wrong girl. Surely he'll yell out orders for me to be 'taken care of' any minute. I couldn't help the uncontrollable shaking that began to take over my body. I was beginning to hyperventilate.

I was led into a huge room. It was one of those 'parlor style' rooms you would see when you went on one of those 'tour of homes.' You know the kind of room no one uses now-a-days but like to have to show off their money. The kind with uncomfortable looking museum pieces of furniture. Everything in this room was in dark, drab colors including the dark, heavy curtains that seem to keep out all outside light. It was as if the room reflected the impending doom that was surely awaiting me.

"Demetri, where are your manners? Why is Ms. Swan still tied up and gagged? You know the boss won't want to come in and find her in this condition. I suggest you remove her bounds at once." The man speaking was a large, burly man with muscles seeming to explode from his arms. He had dark curly hair and brown eyes.

I wanted to scream at them. I wanted to demand to know why I was there and why they knew my name. I wanted to know what their 'boss' planned on doing with me. Even after the gag was removed, I could not find my voice. I could only to continue to shake and breathe erratically.

"Ms. Swan, my name is Emmett. Please have a seat here on this couch," the burly man gestured to the antique piece next to him.

"You do not look well, please sit now. Demetri, get Ms. Swan some water and inform the boss that she is here." Emmett said.

I wanted to yell, scream and cry but still I could not speak. I was still shaking.

Emmett spoke again in a softer tone. "Ms. Swan, please calm yourself. You are safe here. The boss does not intend to harm you. He'll be in shortly and explain everything to you. You'll see."

Demetri returned with the water and Emmett took it from him and quickly dismissed him.

"Don't like that guy too much. Hope he wasn't too rough with you. Here you go Ms. Swan." Emmett held out the glass of water to me.

I did not reach for it. I just sat there staring at him skeptically.

He sighed and then took a sip of the water. "See, it's not poisoned or drugged. Please Ms. Swan, take the water. You look dehydrated."

I couldn't deny my thirst. So reluctantly I took the glass of water from Emmett and began to drink. I downed the entire glass but could not feel it in me to be embarrassed. After all, I was taken and brought here against my will. I could care less if I make a good impression on these monsters.

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