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His Personal Possession

Chapter Twenty four

I love watching Edward in action. He's so freaking sexy. I just want to attack him.

Edward's been vigilant in keeping me safe even though I believe the threats appear to have dissipated. Aro's on the run and would likely not bother with revenge plans in fear of being captured himself. Even Peter Sigman agrees with my assessment. Edward, though, will take no chances.

As much as I want to yell at him for his extreme overprotectiveness, I have come to the realization that he is in his element when it comes to protecting someone he loves. In this case … me. So, instead of reacting with anger for being treated like a china doll, I respond with equal fervor in the bedroom or at least I try to. The protectiveness and concern is just a part of who he is, and if I love him then I have to love every part of him. Now I don't find it maddening. I find it extremely sexy and a big turn on.

Today has marked five months since James' failed attempt at hurting me. Since that time Edward has been meeting with the District Attorney and his own lawyers on a regular basis. James' trial is coming up in a week. I think it will go off without a hitch and Edward, as usual, is in knots over something he has no control over. Not being in control is something that is hard for him to do. He can't control the outcome and that sometimes leaves his attitude as something then less to be desired.

Much to Alice's dismay, I have put off the wedding until I know Edward is in a better place. I just don't want to start off our marriage with him always being on edge.

Even though I am getting turned on by his overprotectiveness and safety issues, I am starting to get turned off by his attitude. He snaps at his men all the time and occasionally at me. Even the ever calm Jasper had had enough of his attitude and ended up in a yelling match with Edward. It seemed to make no difference though as Jasper stormed off to his home and Edward to our bedroom. I didn't bother with chasing after him that day. I've learned to pick and choose my battles with him, and that was not one I wanted to have at the time.

After not seeing him all day, I finally venture out and find him in his office.

As I open the door and enter the room, he swivels his chair around so quickly, seemingly ready to bite someone's head off. When he sees me his face softens, but he still seems somewhat tense.

He scoots his chair back and motions for me to come around. I walk over, sit in his lap and immediately snuggle into him. "I've missed you," I say as I kiss his neck.

"I've missed you too, sweetheart. I'm sorry that I've been M.I.A. lately. I just want to make sure that everything is taken care of properly," he tells me as he wraps his arms around me.

"But, Edward, everything is going great. We've talked to the D.A. and we know that everything that can possibly be done to catch Aro is being done. You have no control over it. You have to let it go, and just let things happen."

"Bella, your safety is my number one priority. I will not rest until James and Aro are both convicted."

"You have to stop that," I say as I raise my voice a little. "Every precaution is being taken. Now you just have to let things happen."

"I wouldn't be able to live with myself if something happened to you. You are my life now." He leans in and gives me a passionate kiss.

Soon our hands are all over each other as our tongues continue to tangle.

My hands go to his belt and I unbuckle him. I motion him to lift his hips up and I pull his pants and boxer briefs down to his ankles.

I know what he's thinking as his hands start pushing my skirt up. However, I have other plans. I drop to my knees and decide that I will give him a little stress relief. Before he can say anything, I have his cock in my mouth and he is moaning and holding my head in place.

After I suck him off, he pulls me up and gives me another hot kiss, not seeming to care about the fact that he just emptied himself into my mouth.

In one big swoop, he clears off his desk and pulls my skirt and panties down. Soon, my pussy is bared to him as he pulls me to the end of his desk. Then his head is buried between my thighs as he licks and sucks on me. Before long, my orgasm overtakes me. Soon, it is my turn to taste myself on him as he kisses me passionately. While he's kissing me, his fingers push inside me and quickly I explode with orgasm number two.

"You didn't have to do that you know. I just wanted to give you some stress relief. You didn't have to do anything to me," I say as I watch him as he removes his fingers from inside me and then brings them to his mouth to suck them off. I swear I almost had an orgasm watching him do that.

"Oh, I know, but feasting on you is good stress relief," he tells me as he leans in and kisses me once again.

I am a big pile of goo. "Fuck," I moan out as the kiss deepens and my arousal is on strong alert once again.

"Your wish, my command," he says as he moves to bend me over his desk with my ass up in the air.

"You want me to fuck you, baby?"

I know it's a rather rhetorical question, but I answer anyway.

"Yes, fuck me please," I beg.

It's really rather strange of us. I would pretty much classify everything we've done as love making, but the thought of him fucking me hard does turn me on quite a bit.

"Fuck, baby girl, you feel so fucking good," he says as he pushes in and out of me rather harshly.

"Edward, are you in there?" Emmett's voice booms as he pounds on the door.

I giggle at his unknowing double entendre.

"Just a minute," Edward says sounding pained.

The thought of getting caught does something to me. "Don't stop," I whisper to him. "Make me come."

That seems to really get to him and he begins thrusting frantically. I throw him over the edge when I bring my hand up to palm my cloth covered breast. I've never done anything like that before. Before I realize it, we have both exploded into orgasmic bliss.

"Is everything okay in there?" we hear Emmett ask rather skeptically as he tries to open the door that I had the fortitude to lock when I came in.

"Yes, everything's fine," I say rather hoarsely and out of breath.

I hear deep laughs coming from the other side of the door and that's when my face turns a million shades of red.

Edward and I redress quickly, and Edward whispers in my ear, "that was fucking awesome."

He goes and opens the door to Emmett, who can't seem to contain his laughter. Surprisingly, Edward does not seem irritated by him. It must have been as good for him as it was for me.

Emmett's booming laughter fills the room.

"What's so funny?" Edward asks him, finally beginning to get a little irritated.

I try my best to keep from blushing and to keep my head held high. Emmett always knows how to embarrass me. I refuse to let him get the best of me now.

"Oh, I don't know. I guess I thought somebody was hurt with all the moaning and groaning I heard." Snickering, he continues. "I didn't know what the fuck was going on." He laughs at his own words.

Leave it to Emmett not to let any opportunity pass him by to embarrass someone.

Edward sighs heavily. "Is there a reason for your visit?"

I make a move to head to the bar area to get myself a bottle of water. However, I nearly trip over myself on the way. I look down and to my horror my panties are still around my ankles.

Kill me now.

Emmett's booming laughter is even louder now as I disappear behind Edward's desk. My face can no longer control the red that is surely covering it. When Edward lets out a small chuckle, I shoot him a look that shuts him up immediately.

Edward looks to Emmett. "Can you give us a minute?"

"This will only take a second," Emmett says trying to get his laughter under control.

"Well, get on with it then."

"Peter tried to get a hold of you, but for some unknown reason he couldn't. Maybe you were to … um, busy to answer." Emmett just doesn't know when to stop, I swear.

"And …." Edward blurts out impatiently.

"And he said that Aro has been caught in Belize."


"Something about Aro not being able to help himself and logging into a computer. They traced the USB, ISP, URL … something like that. Set up a sting and got him. Peter has more of the specifics," Emmett said. "I'm just the messenger."

Edward and I just stare blankly at each other.

"Well, okey dokey. I guess I'm no longer needed. And … um, Bella, you might want to take care of that problem," Emmett says as he ducks out quickly before either one us can retaliate.

As soon as he's out the door I am bending over and pulling up my panties.

Edward's just staring at me as I stand up straight. I have no idea what's going on in that head of his as his expression gives nothing away.

"Edward, what's wrong? This is good news," I say as I grab his hand and stare into his eyes.

He blinks and then takes me into a bone crushing hug.

"Yes, it is good news. I just can't believe the "Great Aro" made such a stupid mistake, but I guess he was getting careless and desperate."

He gives me a happy, passionate kiss.

When he breaks away, he tucks a strand of hair behind my ear. "Oh, and Bella, I like your panties down around your ankles."