The Princess and the Freak

This is the story of a girl who didn't have much luck in life, and to whom even death could not bring peace. When I look back on those events, I realize she was probably more innocent than I've believed her to be at some moments. She just reacted the way you could expect from a eight years old girl in those very particular conditions, and sometimes, I wished some of my decisions had been... different. But as they say, what's done is done, I can't change it. I can only be true to my word and tell what exactly happened.

This is also the story of a young man. He was French, and I believe he used to live in Paris, but I'm not really sure about that, because I've managed to find very few information about him. According to those who knew him, he was weird guy, not bad, but not really nice either. He was fascinated by ghost stories and often seemed to talk about nothing else. But what most people didn't know is that he actually didn't believe one word of those tales, which is particularly ironical, considering the reason of his trip to the US. But as weird as he was, he still considered himself a logical person, and he was convinced that every problem in life had a logical solution.

What was his name, you ask? Well, honestly, I have no idea. No, really. Oh, I'm sure I must have been told at some point, but it's just as if his name couldn't be remembered. And you know, it doesn't matter. It's said you name defines you, but probably never as much as a nickname. That guy? People called him Pink. And whenever someone asked him why, why Pink and not something more nerdy like Spock or Brain or whatever it is people of his kind call each others, he just gave them his most charming smile and said: "well, you see, my friends in high-school just happened to hate that colour."

What else could I tell you? He was twenty, he was an orphan since two years before that whole affair began, and his parents had left him enough money to never make that an issue for him. He was a red-hair, he needed glasses, he... well, I didn't know him that well you know. And the only one who could have told me more is dead. So maybe it's easier if I just start telling you their story, right?

As I said, Pink liked ghost story, and everything started the day he took an interest in some strange cursed tape he'd heard of on a forum. It was unusual, he thought, and a little bit ridiculous too, so he started looking for a copy. He soon learned that while that tale was quite new for him, it had been considered an old classic for some years already, and he'd probably never find anything now. Too many people had died because of that stuff, they said, and the survivors had been clever enough to destroy their copies and do their best to forget they'd ever watched anything like that.

But if Pink had one quality, it was being obstinate.

He searched and asked, asked and searched, until one day, when he came back from college, he saw someone had sent him an email asking if he still wanted a copy of that tape. When he said yes, that person offered to sent it to him, saying that all charges would be theirs. They just wanted someone, anyone to take that tape, because they'd never dared throwing it away after it had killed their son. Pink was more than happy to help. That guy (colonel_123, must have been a man) would no longer have to worry about that horrible little curse, and he'd get to laugh as much as he wanted.

The tape arrived one week later, but he didn't watch it right away. He had better things to do at that moment, like trying to pass his exams, and he would have allowed no distractions. As I told you, he was weird, but not crazy or stupid, and he knew what was really important. Still, as soon as his exams were over, he remembered the tape that had been lying around, and he decided the time to watch had come. He'd do it with style of course, because he kind of felt it deserved it. So one night, he waited until midnight, he turned off all the lights in his flat, and he played the thing.

Most people who watched that tape agree that it is quite disturbing at best, or absolutely frightening at worse. I remember it made me kind of sick, I really thought I'd throw up. I'm sure even those who try to laugh at it didn't find it that funny. My point being it really isn't nice stuff, and really messes up with your head, in a very bad way. But Pink? Well, believe it or not, he thought it was the saddest thing he'd ever seen. By the time the well appeared on the screen, he was on tears. A boy who hadn't shed a tear after his parents' deaths! He felt stupid, but he couldn't help feeling sorry for... well, he didn't even know what. Sure, he knew the story of the tape –I've made sure years ago that the whole tale is on the internet –but even as he was crying like he'd never did before, he still couldn't believe it was all true, not really, not yet.

And then, the phone rang.

On a normal day, he'd never have answered, but he wasn't quite himself at that moment. He picked up the phone. And as soon as he did that, he was convinced that the whole story was true.

Because on the phone, he heard the sad and desperate voice of a little girl, and what that voice said was:

"Save me."

Pink liked to make plans. But he still bought that very night a ticket for a plane that was going to Seattle just a few hours later. Pink was logical. But he still didn't know at all exactly what he would do once in the US, nor how he'd get where he wanted to go.

Pink didn't believe in ghost. Yet he was travelling across the world to save one.

To be continued. And I am most sorry it is so short, but this is only the prologue. I will definitively aim at something longer for the actual chapters.