The tabby cat crept down the candlelit corridor, mewing softly. Every noise and movement startled it and its green eyes fervently searched the empty passageway, hissing into the night. It followed the passage down the damp stone steps into the cavernous room. Candlelight flickered across shelves filled with books and potions, revealing that the owner of the room had a deep interest in dark magic. The cat's eyes rested on the figure in the middle of the room. It stayed in the shadows of the doorway and watched the figure for a few moments. He was reading a dusty old book and sipping a deep brown liquid; Firewhiskey. The cat came out from the shadows unnoticed and padded its way across the room. It circled the slim legs of the man.

'So you decided to come this time?'

With that, the cat stood back. It stretched out its front legs and arched its back. Growing out and stretching as it transformed into a woman.

'Yes, Severus. I need to get this out of my system.'

Snape half-smiled and his dark eyes filled with lust.

'I agree, Minerva.'

Snape took his long dark wand out of the pocket in his robes and pointed it at McGonagall. 'Diserobeo!'

As he muttered the words, McGonagall's robes began to slip off her and fall to the floor, revealing her pale, naked flesh. She smiled as she saw his eyes move over her breasts and pussy. She moved over to him and bent over, placing a lingering kiss on his lips. Then she reached down, eager to feel what was beneath his robes. He pushed her hand away. 'Tut tut. Be patient.'

And with that he stood up and kissed her hot wet mouth, and let his lips trace down her throat and chest. He ran his hands over her breasts before licking and teasing them with his tongue. She gasped and moaned, desire filling her very being. He stepped back and slipped off his own robes, revealing his own smooth pale skin. She ran her hands over it eargerly. Already desperate to feel him inside of her. The passion had built up inside of her for years and now she was finally alone with him. She tentatively reached out and grasped his hard cock. She felt his hot breath on her shoulder as she moved her hand up and down his cock. He reached down to her pussy and found that it was warm and moist. She quivered as he gently touched it. 'I want you to fuck me' McGonagall whispered in his ear. He couldn't control himself anymore. He lifted her up and pushed her on to the desk, slipping himself deep inside her. She moaned and writhed as they moved rhythmically back and forth upon the desk. She laid back and felt him slip deeper within her as he grabbed her hips and gasped. She inched herself away and he pulled himself out and allowed her to lower her feet on the ground. She bent over the desk, revealing her pert behind. Snape eagerly ran his hands over it before he parted her legs and thrust his cock deep into her pussy once more. He ran his fingers rhythmically over her clit as he moved himself inside of her. She let out loud moans and gasps until she felt warm waves of orgasm from her pussy right down to her tingling toes. He moaned and gasped louder. Grabbing her hips as she arched her back into him. He got faster and harder until she felt his cock spasm inside her as he came.

'Fucking hell.' Snape gasped.

McGonagall turned and he gathered her up in his arms.

'Phew, you can put a spell on me with your flesh-wand anytime you like' whispered McGonagall.