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If you have not watched the last episode of Gundam 00 please go watch the entire series, it's worth it. This one shot takes place after the battle and before the federation announcement stuff. All their reactions might seem a little out of character, but… it's fanfiction, what isn't out of character. I'll try to make our two hero or heroines seem more like themselves than OOC.

Things with ' * ' will have the explanation at the end.

I may tend to get all Japanesey sometimes and input some common reactions. Lol, they just come to me and it makes the story feel more towards Japanese than dubbed in English. *Shiver *


"Ah! I've located Setsuna-san!" Sumeragi immediately rushed over to Mileina's side to see the location.

She scanned the perimeter on the monitor before deciding, "Connect me to Lockon." As she was put through Sumeragi relayed her order to the sniper, "Lockon, when you come back go and retrieve Setsuna. His suit is immobile right now, but he's still alive. We're forwarding the coordinates to your system. Hurry!"

"Got it." Right when they disconnected Lockon pushed himself as hard as he could off the walls, in order to get to Cherudiam. "Haro! Let's go save that kid." With a determined look on his face Lockon boosted out of the destroyed pathway, leaving behind his angst for revenge. "Haro link to the coordinates and get us there as soon as possible." Unfortunately a red light in the corner of his screen began to blink. "Tch! Low on GN particles eh?" Looking at their current location along with his percentage left, he made his final decision to leave the damaged Exia there but take Setsuna back himself. (A/N I think that's right. He was piloting the exia when he fought Ribbons right?)

"Exia in sight! Exia in sight!" Haro beeped out.

"Yoshh! Good job Haro!" As soon as they stopped, Lockon popped open his cockpit and flew out towards the cut on Exia's chest. When he arrived he yelled out to the pilot, "Oi! Setsuna! Are you alive?!" He waited for a response, but all he got was a twitch from the unconscious Setsuna's arm. "Hm. Good enough for me." The final cut on Exia was big enough for Lockon to climb in and move him out. After freeing him from the depth of his old suit, Lockon saw blood seeping through Setsuna's space suit. "Kuso! (Aka: Shit!)" Pushing off the two meisters got into Cherudiam's cockpit. It was a little awkward due to the lack of space, but he was floating in an empty space where Lockon's snipe gun was usually present. As they were situated and heading towards Ptolemy, the brunette contacted the ship, "Sumeragi-san, I've picked up Setsuna, but it doesn't look like he's in good shape. Be prepared as soon as I get back."

"Thank you Lockon." Before they stopped transmission Lockon's voice came up again.

"I left Exia there, and I'm not sure where's his other one is."

"Got it. Hurry on back. We'll be prepared to take him in." Sumeragi terminated the signal and gave out another order, "Ian-san, Linda-san can you help us with the medical process?"

"Alright. Let's go Linda." The couple went towards the door and waited for the rest of whoever was going.

When Sumeragi was about to leave her seat Billy stopped her, "They need you here if any other surprises happen to pop up. I'll go."

"Billy…" The man gave her a reassuring smile and went towards Ian and Linda. The three went out the door and as soon as it closed, Sumeragi asked Feldt, "Are you not going to go see him?"

The pink haired teen clenched her fists and responded, "Right now we need to get through this first. It's more important for me to be here than it is to be over there. I can go see him later."

"If you say so…" Returning to the after battle at hand she opened transmission to Allelujah, "Allelujah, are you two okay?"

"We're fine Sumeragi-san." The green-haired man responded.

"Since Arios has the most particles left over, can you go get Exia? We will pick up O-raiser and double O, since we're closest to it. We'll send you the coordinates shortly."

Without another word, the crew set course to the location of O-raisers location. "Sumeragi-san, Lockon-san has arrived!" Feldt's ears perked at the information but she restrained herself from getting too excited or worried.

"I'm opening the port." Feldt resumed her duties, trying not to show her own anxiety.

As Lockon parked the suit, both crewmembers along with Billy rushed up to help out. The cockpit popped open and Lockon's back was visible as he pulled Setsuna out carefully, "We have to get him to the medical room. Anymore blood loss then we won't make it in time."

All four of them rushed him towards the room, as soon as they were inside Lockon removed his helmet. Ian ran to the main machines and began running the maintenance machines, "First we have to get the chunk of metal out of his side and stitch it up. Linda can you do it?"

"I think I may be able to. We need to do it fast though. The cut is a bit long, and he'll start loosing a lot of blood after we remove the metal. Put him over here." Lockon and Billy pulled him over to the open bed and laid him down. Before they did anything to his injury, they pulled out the necessary supplies to keep Setsuna alive while Linda stitches him up.

As they pulled out the metal Linda began to clean up the wound and stitch him up. Linda was no medical expert but she was better off doing this than letting Ian mess up thirty times over. Wiping the sweat off her brow and cleaning up the blood of Setsuna's body and off her hands, she let Lockon take the injured body over to the machine. Billy lifted up the glass as they slid the body inside. Closing the glass, the three of them went into the inspection room and allowed the door to close. Ian started up the healing process and calculated the time it will take for his injury to heal.

"It'll take a few days, but he can't stay in there for too long. The machine can only get him three fourths of the way and the rest is up to his body." After he finished setting everything up Ian started to speak again, "It'll be a while before he even wakes up. Let's go back to the main room."

*Several Days later*

The war had subsided and the A-laws conspiracy had died away. There was no more worldwide uproar against each and every country and for once, peace had actually stood upon earth for more than a day.

Ptolemy had settled down at another Celestial being base to go on about repairs on the ship and fixing the nearly destroyed O-raiser and double O gundam, along with Exia. Even though Setsuna had been taken out of the recovery machine, not once had he responded to the treatment. It seemed as if he were in a coma, but the doctor in the base said he was fine and just needed a couple more days of rest. Although he was said to be fine, that didn't stop Feldt from visiting him in the ward every single day. Currently there were no battles and Aeolia's plan had seemed to come through, therefore the crew had more times to take a break. There was still a lot of work to do, especially on the ship, but Sumeragi gave permission for Fedlt to take a longer break. Sort of like a short vacation even though there's nowhere to go.

It was the seventh day Setsuna had been asleep, and she started to really worry if he was ever going to wake up again. Feldt almost felt that it was hopeless that she is even waiting for him to open his eyes. She would sit there for several hours, hoping that he would open his eyes. Hoping that he would share the same fate as Ex-Lockon, Lichty, Chris, and her parents.

By now the eighth day had passed, and day nine was about to end as well. She stayed with him all day, looking for signs of improvement, but he had shown none whatsoever. "Setsuna… When are you going to open up your eyes. Give us a twitch anything to tell us you're still here." The pink haired teen brushed his bangs and suddenly the lights were shutting off, one by one.

Felt had almost forgotten about the announcement no more than ten minutes ago. Although they say space never sleeps, that didn't mean the Celestial Beings base doesn't sleep. Feldt stood up and waited for her eyes to adjust to the darkness, and as soon as she could see her surroundings better she bid to Setsuna, "I'll be back tomorrow. Good Night, Setsuna." Leaning over she put a slight peck on the top of his forehead, and with that the girl left out the door and back to her room.

Right when the door closed, irony had taken place. Small movements began to emit from Setsuna, almost as if he were about to wake up, but unfortunately it wasn't time yet. The closest he had gotten was opening up his eyes to a squinting position then as heavy as his eyelids felt, he once again went back into unconsciousness.

"Setsuna!" Feldt woke up in an upright position, sweating and breathing shallowly. "What was that just now. Dreaming that he actually woke up…" She lay back down and attempted to sleep once again, but for some odd reason something was bothering her. It just seemed like something was wrong. She could barely stay in one position, more or less even try to go back to sleep. "Fine. I'll go see him, just to reassure myself." Standing up she pulled out a baby T she could wear in public and got dressed, leaving her pajama bottoms on. No one was going to be wandering around at this time of night/day, so she figured it was safe to go out just like that.

Before she reached the next corner that lead to the medical room, she heard a door slide open. She gasped and hid behind the corner. Peeking past the wall, she saw a dark wobbly figure holding onto the wall. The figure got closer and closer, then as he was no less than ten meters away, Feldt pushed her entire body against the wall, hoping that he or she would just go past her without noticing. Her heart began to beat faster and it literally stopped when she got a clear view of the person was.

Their eyes connected and Feldt was the first person to let the words slip, "Se-Setsuna!"

Holding the same surprised face as she did he responded, "Ah… Feldt Grace."

By now Feldt couldn't contain her happiness, excitement, and relief. All her emotions went loose and boosting herself off the wall and wrapped Setsuna in a tight hug, "You're awake!" The two flew back and Setsuna landed on the wall, considering there was no gravity pull at the moment.

"Itte!" Setsuna flinched at the pain in his side.

"Ah! Sorry Setsuna. I forgot about-" Feldt started, but Setsuna cut in once again.

"It's fine. It doesn't hurt that much now." His deep voice rumbled as Fedlt could feel the vibration from his chest. Her heart rate rose quickly and she tried to brush off the distraction.

"What are you doing out of bed? You should be resting some more." She stated firmly, angry with him for getting out of bed.

The young man gave her a confusing look, "Well according to the records, I was admitted nine days ago. I don't remember getting up anytime in between those times." He looked at the worried girl's face, and immediately flashed back to when he was looking at the records. During his search he happened to pass by the days on the surveillance cameras as well, witnessing how she was there every single day, tending to whatever his unconscious needs. "So I don't think I need anymore rest since I got plenty of it in the past week. Besides you should know, you were there every single day."

Feldt's face immediately heated up and she thought to herself, I can't believe he looked through those tapes. I should've erased them when I had the chance.

Before she could come up with a valid excuse Setsuna said to her, "Thanks. It's reassuring to know that someone cares."

Surprised at his words, Feldt chided him a bit, "Everyone cares Setsuna! It's just that everyone's been busy getting the ship and the suits fixed they haven't had time to come see you."

"And you don't have any work to do?"

"Well… Sumeragi-san allowed me to have a longer break." And lowering her voice to the smallest whisper humanly possible she said, "And maybe cause I care a lot more for you than they do." By this point her heart was going a million beats per minute, and her temperature was going sky high. She hoped that he didn't hear what her last line was, considering how quiet it was for the next thirty seconds.

Unfortunately for her, the quietest whisper was loud enough for his ears to pick up every single word. Now the word awkward moment, had risen to a new level and Setsuna tried to regain his composure after Feldt's near love confession. For once in his life, he had no idea what to do in this kind of situation.

With no response from the Meister, Feldt went on, "After the battle you were put in the medical recovery machine and the doctor at the base said you would be awake within a few days but you weren't so…" After her short sentence another wave of silence covered them.

Just as he remembers the final battle with Ribbons Almark, Setsuna realized something, "Let's continue this elsewhere. It's getting a little weird talking in the middle of the hallway. Especially if someone where to sneak up on us."

"Let's go to my room then. It's closer." They made a few twists and turns and soon they arrived at the girl's room.

Right when he was about to enter her room he hesitated, "Maybe we should continue this conversation another time. It's late and I'm sure you're tired, so I'll-" Without another word from him, Feldt pulled him into the room.

"If we don't talk now, it'll never come out again." She explained to Setsuna.

Honestly, Setsuna was actually nervous. He was about to enter a girl's private quarters to 'talk'. Besides he had something that he had to mention to her, but wasn't sure if she was going to get mad or not.

She closed the door and it automatically locked. Not realizing it that fact, she turned on the lights halfway that way it wasn't too hard on their eyes.

When she turned around she saw Setsuna facing her with a guilty look. "What's wrong Setsuna?" Walking towards him with a questioning look.

"I lost it." Feldt looked back at him still confused.

"Lost what?"

"The flower you gave me before I left." He was prepared to hear her yell at him, but it actually didn't come. Instead, she started to laugh, "What's so funny?"

"Setsuna. The flower would be the last thing I'm worried about." Then she instantly remembered how she reacted and felt when she found out Setsuna was badly injured. The more relaxed atmosphere began to die down and Feldt's laughter disappeared, "When I found out that you were badly injured, I wanted to rush over to the docking area to go help." Her voice started to crack and her sight was glued to the floor.

"But?" Setsuna continued the next word for her.

"I thought that… If I saw you your face or the condition you were in… I would've-" Something she would have never expected from the one most emotionless on this entire ship. Setsuna was hugging her. At first she was shocked but soon relaxed into his embrace and continued, "I could already barely handle it when I saw you. And that time you were already supposed to be 'better'. When you weren't awake by the seventh, I was seriously about to-"

"It doesn't matter anymore. What matters is that I'm fine now." Feldt pulled back from his embrace and stared at his face.

Reaching up both her hands she gently placed them on his face, "The day I walked into the room, your face was all swollen and you had cuts all over your face. Despite you had a helmet on through the entire battle. It was scary to see someone as strong as you even get hurt. Now after getting healed, you look a lot better…" Feldt stared into Setsuna's eyes and subconsciously began to lean forward. Setsuna barely had a clue of what the hell was happening but he just stood still as Feldt closed on in. She got closer and closer, within one slow blink of an eye, Setsuna's eyes widened in surprise as the girl before him wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed her lips against his. (A/n: Oh god! The cheesiness! I don't know if I can go on anymore :P)

He recovered from her surprise attack and slowly gave in. His arms circled around her small waist and pulled her closer against him. Being amateurs at love, or even having a girlfriend or boyfriend, they just let their feelings take over and did what felt right.

Both their minds were spinning and their temperature was rising rapidly, but they didn't care. All that mattered was what was happening at the exact moment.

It wasn't both their first kiss, but it nearly seemed like it considering that they consciously had no idea what to do. At the same moment the two open their mouths and had their next war. Their tongues stuck out at each other, wrestling until they were out of breath. Through those minutes where they shared one simple but passionate kiss, it was like they have never understood each other any better. Both of them could feel the pain and sorrow each of them had endure in the times they have worked as Celestial Being. The amount of sufferings they have sustained as children, teenagers, till their present day lives.

Out of their heat of passion a sudden moan emitted from Feldt's lips. Embarrassed at the sound she pulled away and covered up her mouth with both her hands. Her face was bright pink, almost the same color as her light pink hair.

Glancing at her mortified looked, Setsuna couldn't hold it in anymore so he began to back chuckle at first then soon to an all out laugh. Realizing what he just displayed he too stopped instantly and put one fist over his mouth. Almost like he was embarrassed to let out a demonstration of emotion. He looked away from her, then back at the girl before him whom was now laughing timidly. "What's so funny?" Setsuna asked. It was just then he found out about their position, where he was on a soft bed while she was hovering over him giggling at his reaction.

"You're just full of surprises aren't you, Setsuna." The young man looked at her with a questioning look. "You wake up when I least expect it, walk around in the middle of the night, and hug me when I least expect it. Now we're here making out and laughing. Those were the last things I would ever expect from you."

"Well I never expect you to be so forward." Now it was her turn to look confused, "You kissed me first. And twice too." Yet again she gasped at his knowledge of her kissing him in the medical room.

"That was…uh…" She fell over her words trying to find a good way to put it. Seeing her being tongue-tied made him chuckle at her again. While she was still thinking of what to say, Setsuna attempted another surprise by using one of his hands and placing it on the back of her neck. With that, he pulled her down crushing their lips together, continuing their intense make-out session.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ ! Lemon Scene Starts Around Here! ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

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Realizing what he should do now, he got up and sprung towards her bathroom. Feldt put her hand against her chest trying to get her heart rate, that was going over a thousand miles per second, down. Once she calmed down she turned her head to hear the sound of water running, and then saw him return with a wet towel.

He landed beside her and gently pulled her legs apart. Gently placing the cold towel upon her bloody thighs she flinched, "Does it hurt?" He had a look of guilt on his face, even though he did not want to hurt her, he did exactly that.

"It does a little…" She saw him clenched his jaw and his eyes looked like he was angry with himself. Feldt continued on saying, "But… I think it's mostly how cold that towel is." As those words left her mouth, he entire body seemed to relax. He didn't say anything after that, but he just continued to clean her thighs and wiped up the already drained white substance.

Feldt sat up and told him, "Thank you." Cupping his jaw, she leaned in and gave him a soft kiss. "And you!" She lightly slapped him on the chest, "You should've stopped and waited till she left! Now no one will ever let me hear the end of it." She pouted at him.

Now he remembered the time Mileina came knocking on her door, "Well, we were in the moment. And if we stopped it would've taken forever to get back to the pace we were going at." Setsuna gave a small grin and continued with a reason, "Did you forget when we first came the briefing we had of how Ptolemy was designed?" Feldt pondered for a minute but nothing came to mind. He chuckled at her confused face and told her, "For private and security reason everything that happens in the room stays in the room. It's completely sound proof."

"Then how come we could hear Mileina?"

"We needed to be able to hear the sounds outside incase of a emergency attack, we can hear them." Even though Setsuna gave a completely valid answer, she still looked kind of angry with him. "What's wrong?"

She used both of her palms and squished Setsuna's cheeks, catching him in a surprise. (AN: Kinda like this \=3=/ :P) "And you couldn't have told me sooner?!"

Setsuna gave her a slight smirk, "Well, your trying to keep face was too cute. That's why I decided to wait till later." He said while genuinely laughing at her.

Her heart softened at the sight. Looping her arms around her lover's neck, pulling him down along with her. Setsuna, using his impeccable coordination, threw the towel back into the bathroom. She pulled the crinkled blanket from beneath them and the young teen flipped the pilot over and forced him to lie on her bed. Fedlt covered them with the blanket as she rested on his bare chest, pressing her soft skin against his. Setsuna returned the favor by circling his arms around her slim and tiny waist, pulling her tightly against him. Before they decided to fall asleep, Feldt let those lovable words drop, "I love you Setsuna." Before burying her face into his chest.

"I love you too, Feldt." With a place of a kiss on the top of her forehead, the two drifted away to sleep after one long ass night.

~*~ Next Morning (In a way) ~*~

"Hmmnn." Feldt rubbed her half-closed eyes, trying to focus her vision. She felt around the bed, trying to find her sense of warmth but oddly enough, there was absolutely nothing there. Her eyes popped wide open and she sat up quickly, "Setsuna…" she whispered to herself. Down casting her eyes, she looked sadly down in her lap, "I guess it was just a dream, there's no way-"

"No way what?" A voice came from the direction of her bathroom. Her eyes slowly trailed to the bathroom and saw a wet Setsuna wiping his hair with a towel. Her eyes brightened at his very presence and she shook her head to tell him she didn't mean to say it. "You know, you may want to uh… cover up. You might catch a cold." He went to pick up his shirt and pulled it on.

Feldt look down and saw she was completely exposed from top to bottom, "Ah!" She pulled the blanket that began to float up in the air.

"I'm going to get my uniform." He went up to her bed, and held her head in both his hands, "We're supposed to meet in the Strategy room so… I'll see you later." He pulled her in and kissed for about a minute or so. After suckling on her tongue he released it with a silent pop. He laid a kiss on her forehead and bid her goodbye.

As he left out the door, Feldt could not contain her excitement any longer. Grabbing her pillow, she hugged it tightly as in the first time in her life, squealed happily like a excited little school girl who just got her first boyfriend, except she got the whole package all in one night.

After she calmed down from the entire thrill she got out of bed and went to take a shower. The shower was still steaming with the scent of her shampoo and soap along with Setsuna's smell as well. Finishing up her shower she went to find her towel, but unfortunately Setsuna had used her only towel. In the mirror she saw a surprising view, there were red hickey marks all of her neck. "Setsuna…" she grumbled. Either way, she took the already used towel and wiped herself down.

Feldt put on her pink based uniform and went out the door, "Good thing this uniform goes up to my neck. Or else everyone would've seen." She made her way to the strategy room and everyone was already together. Ian came up next to her and put a hand on her shoulder, "Good news Feldt, Setsuna just woke up a while ago."

You mean he woke up last night. She thought to herself. Pretending to be surprised but not too 'excited' she responded, "Really?!"

"Yep. He was already awake when I went to check up on him." Right on cue, the door slid open and a tall, fully healed, gundam pilot by the name of Setsuna came in. "There he is." Ian introduced him in.

Everyone gathered around him to greet him and welcome him back from the dead, says Lockon. They were all glad their ultimate hero was alive and kicking, the entire crew surrounded him while Feldt stood aside and Sumeragi was drinking her alcohol as always. "Okay you guys, time to get back to work! Go go!" Ian ushered them out, but almost forgetting to tell Setsuna when he went out the door, "Oh, by the way Setsuna. We're going to need your help when we add the fixed parts to the double O. So come when you're ready."

Ian ushered the group out leaving Setsuna, Sumeragi, Mileina, and Feldt left. As Mileina tried to pry the bottle away from the drunken analyst trying to get her to go to work, Feldt went up to Setsuna.

Both feet on the ground, the young man stuttered out, "O-…Ohayou, Feldt." The greeting of the good morning was dragging out a bit before he said her name. (AN: Meaning it goes kinda like Ohayouuuu~~ :P) Right then and there, Sumeragi literally had a lucky star* moment. The young woman threw her alcohol down and began to 'hide' behind a small chair.

"Ohayou, Setsuna." Short and sweet, added along with a small, shy smile, which Setsuna gladly returned on impulse like it was just natural to do.

"I have to go now… So… I'll see you later?"

"Mn! I'll see you later." Those words reminded her of just twenty minutes ago when Setsuna just got out of the shower and ready to leave. The party where he said those words and gave a farewell kiss. Out he went towards the base to find where they kept his damaged suit.

In the background, Sumeragi's eyes were dark and michevious along with a sparkle in the corner of her eye. "Oh hohohoho, Feldt. What's this? Flirting with the hero boy?"

Feldt swung around with a hint of pink on her cheeks, "No!"

"Aha! You denied it fast! Something happened!" Sumeragi accused her. "Mileina!"

"Hai, Sumeragi-san!" Mileina appeared next to the analyst almost as creepy as she was.

"Grab her arms!" And with that command, Mileina dove and attacked the pink haired beauty. With no amount of struggling Mileina was pretty strong for her size and age, Feldt couldn't wiggle out of her death grip.

Sumeragi wore an evil smile and reached out her hand. She pulled down the neck of the uniform and surprised to see small red bruisings scattered across her collarbone and neck. "Sumeragi-san! Please stop!" Feldt pleaded.

But the captain was having way to much fun teasing her, "There's a reason why you're standing funny today, isn't there." She stated.

Embarrassed at her question, she looked away from her commander and with that response was all she needed to confirm her guess. Sumeragi scoffed a little before replying, "I should've known it was going to happen soon. I didn't think that soon though. I mean he just woke up this morning." Mileina now had let go of the blushing teen.

"He woke up last night actually." As she said that, Sumeragi made a sharp turn around and was in her face before she could even breathe.

Sumeragi stared her down, "You had ALL night to do 'that' didn't you." Feldt didn't answer her. On the other hand, Mileina, being too young to understand, had no idea what was going on. "Ahhh! My young cute Feldt is all grown up now." She sniffled, "I can die happy now, knowing my cute child is now a woman." She pulled a tissue out of nowhere and began to wipe her imaginary tears.

"Sumeragi-san!" She tried to get her to stop embarrassing her.

"Hai hai! Well now then, let's get to work." She lively woman bustled along the path and out the door with Mileina all confused at their conversation.

"I'll be right there." Feldt sighed at her commander and her inner child, but nevertheless they've known each other so long, it's almost like they were sisters. No matter how old Sumeragi doesn't say she is. As the two left, a message beeped on her mini-laptop or whatever it was. (AN: The things they use to communicate. :P) She opened the file Setsuna had sent her, and her face heated up like it just turned one thousand degrees inside. No matter how many times it processed through her mind, she had to admit, this picture was really bold of him to take, especially with his kind of personality. But either way, it was very cute that he even took the picture.

In the picture was the two of them from last night, in bed naked. Feldt was fast asleep as her lover brushed his lips against hers and capturing it in a picture perfect moment. She smiled softly at the picture then heard the door slide open once again.

"By the way Feldt. I'm really curious." The woman asked

"What is it Sumeragi-san." Feldt responded as she hid the picture.

"How big was his-" Before she could even get to that word, an unidentified object was thrown out the door, almost hitting the childish captain in the face.



*Lucky Star: Reference to an anime called lucky star. A lot of the reactions that I imagined can definitely be shown by Lucky star. It's a lot better to use that anime reference to help get a sense of what Sumeragi looked like. If you guys are still confused, write up the question and send it to me. I'll be happy to answer it.

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