The Mystery of the Spear Pillar.

Chapter 1

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Ash, Dawn and Brock were on their way to Hearthome City in the Sinnoh Region. On the way, they had to climb the perilous Mt. Coronet, at the heart of the whole region. The mountains were steep and they had to hang on to their pokemon as they climbed their way to the top. After climbing a few hundred feet, they rested on a rather flat rock platform.

"Damn, I didn't know climbing mountains was that tough. But then again, the mountains in other regions aren't that steep," exclaimed Ash, panting.

"You were the one who suggested it. 'Ooh, guys! Look, Mt. Coronet! What about we climb it to the top?'" Dawn sniggered, also panting.

"Come on guys, we still have a few hundred feet to go, and I rather not waste my energy arguing," said Brock.

"A few hundred feet as in about two thousand feet to go, eh, Brock?" Brock rolled his eyes at Ash.

Just then, Dawn took out her binoculars, she looked around before finding a green dot coming their way. It got bigger and bigger until she could see that it is a Flygon with a person riding on it. She jumped in surprise.

"What is it, Dawn?" asked Ash, sounding concerned. He squinted his eyes to see what made Dawn jump. He too jumped up when he saw the green dragon. It alighted softly on the platform, directly in front of Ash. Its beady eyes surveyed its surroundings. Dust flew. The person on top the Flygon came down from its back. The person was wearing jungle green and brown vest and tops with khaki trousers and trekking boots. The person was male. He was wearing a orange-tinted spectacles on his head. Ash and co. recognized it as a ViewCam, a tool used by professional adventurers and more importantly, Pokemon Rangers. The person took out something from under his vest.

"I'm Sena, pokemon ranger archeologist division, and what are you three doing out here in the forbidden part of the mountain region?" he said this with a tone that was meant to be clear and concise.

"Uh, this part is forbidden?" said Ash, scratching his head.


"But we wanted to go to the top…"

"Sorry, but no, only authorized personnel are allowed there. Give me all your names and trainer I.D.s."

"I'm Ash Ketchum…" Ash did not manage to finish his sentence because Sena had interrupted him.

"You're Ash Ketchum?!" Sena looked incredulous, his eyes almost as big as his Flygon's.

"Uh, yeah?" said Ash, unaware of his 'celebrity' status.

"I—you—you've got to come here! We need help with symbols up at the Spear Pillars!" Sena now seemed anxious. He started wringing his hands. Faint sounds of teeth grinding could be heard.

Ash, Dawn and Brock looked at each other. Ash shrugged his shoulders and said "why not?". They nodded to Sena. He lit up immediately. He beckoned them to follow him with their flying-type pokemon as he jumped up his Flygon. Ash boarded his Staraptor along with Dawn, while Brock rode on Sena's Flygon as he doesn't have any pokemon which was able to fly. They flew straight up the chilly sky to the snow-covered mountain peak.

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