Chapter 6

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Ash and co. marched through the mushy forest floor quickly, as they wanted badly to save Minun. Greenie's Spinarak friend, Silky, was agile and he skipped through the trees as fast as lightning. This left very less time to see their surroundings, but Ash managed to squeeze in a few glimpses of the forest here and there.

Overall, the forest was much beautiful than anything he has seen on earth. Somehow, it felt pure, unpolluted. Ash could not sense any of the trees crying in agony as he did in the forests of Earth. The trees here were in harmony; the pokemon happy… Just then, Ash sensed a great aura of anger of hatred just where they were heading. It was a mixture of vile emotions, and something else, something Ash had always sensed before, especially during the time he met Molly in that crystal mansion of hers…

It was loneliness.

Soon enough, they reached the outside of a cave. Dawn gulped audibly. It was a simple cave, but the aura of evil that emanated from it was extremely intimidating. Silky hovered around a tree branch near the cave entrance, careful not to go any nearer.

"You're on your own from here, okay?" said Silky. He seemed eager to rush away.

"Yeah yeah," Greenie waved him away with a vine. Silky was gone like the wind.

"Coward," muttered Greenie, sighing. "Alright, Minun's waiting! Let's go in and save her!" He looked oddly excited.

Ash hesitated. He turned over to Dawn. Do you feel that? The loneliness…The hatred…

Dawn frowned a little. Oh, Ash, you are hungry that quickly?

No! Ash sighed mentally. Greenie was beginning to walk into the cave, with a grumbling Sena behind him. Okay, let's just follow Greenie into the cave first.

The cave was not very dark as a few sunbeams sneaked in from holes on the cave roof. Overall, it was not your usual cave. Ash had expected it to be much more…well, mushier, with more moss. Surprisingly, the cave was in good shape compared to the ones he saw before.

"Does the furious Marowak include cave-cleaning services? This cave looks pretty clean and tidy," commented Ash.

"All caves here are like that," said Greenie nonchalantly. His eyes scanned around warily. Ash shut up.

Remind me never to talk like a fool again, said Ash silently, before adding, and that we are at a different world.

I tried. Dawn smiled.

"Look out!" shouted Sena as he pushed a startled Dawn away from something that shot out from the dark. It hit a stalactite and the sharp pointed rock nearly impaled them both if not for Ash's quick reflexes. He managed to push them out of the way before it hit the ground. Greenie and Brock, who had been at the front, jumped aside as a second projectile shot out of the dark. However, this time Sena managed to jump up and catch it within his white claws. It was a mud-stained long slick piece of bone.

"Marowak's, no doubt. Everyone to the cave wall. It's darker there. He can't see us," whispered Greenie, his voice was a little hysterical. But who could blame him for being scared when there was bone slivers flying? Everyone raised their guard. It pays to not be alert.

A roar rumbled down the entire length of the cave. Everyone started. A Marowak began running forward to meet them. Everyone flashed his or her claws and vines, with the exception of Brock, who simply hung down from the cave ceiling.

The Marowak came forward. It squinted through its head of bone.


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