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Pure Hearts

Chapter 1: Guardian Lily

At Domino High School, in one class, students were waiting for their teacher to come in. Instead, a girl named Yugi Moto rushed in, tripping over her own two feet and falling to the floor. The students laughed and whispered about her as she got up and went to her desk. No one asked her if she was all right or helped her.

Yugi Moto is very beautiful girl, but she had features that made people be blind of the beauty and want to bully and pick on her. She had tri-color hair that stood up, beautiful amethyst eyes, pale skin, and a small boyish figure. Instead of wearing the girls' uniform, she felt more comfortable in the boys'.

Yugi is smart, sweet, selfless, emotional, and gentle. She is self-conscious of herself, very clumsy, and has no friends. She lives in a game shop/florist shop. She had the knowledge of the language of flowers, the ability to flower arrange beautifully, and great gaming abilities. She had a wish and that was to not be lonely anymore.


Yugi was walking down the hall with her books in her arms. School ended. At her last class, she received another test with an 'A' on it. She sighed, knowing people were less enthusiastic about her.

Suddenly, she tripped. This time, it wasn't over her own feet. When she landed and her things scattered, she heard snickering from the two most popular girls at Domino High, Vivian and Anzu. They love to torture Yugi. The truth was that she was more beautiful than them.

Yugi let out another sigh and picked up her stuff. She checked over everything to make sure she had it all.

"Lose something, midget," Yugi heard when tears were building in her eyes. She turned around to see the four most popular boys at school, more popular than Vivian and Anzu. In fact, the two girls were after at least one of them. They were Yami Millennium, Seto Kaiba, Bakura Tomb, and Marik Star.

Yami had the same hair as Yugi but had a few of his bangs shoot up into the black, had fiery crimson eyes, skin that wasn't as pale as hers, and had a taller, stronger built.

Seto Kaiba, his cousin, was taller than him. He had brown hair, blue eyes, and the same tone of skin color.

Bakura Tomb had crazy white hair, brown eyes, pale skin, and well-built body.

Marik Star had crazy blond, purple eyes, tan skin, and a well-built body.

Yugi met Yami before she had entered high school. He helped her from bullies and cheered her up when she was upset that they crashed the flowers that were in her hands at the time. When she saw him again on the first day of high school, she went to properly thank him, but he was a jerk to her. He called her 'a weak crybaby'. His cousin and friends laughed along with him. She could never trust him again.

"Leave me alone!" she said. She tried to keep her tears from falling.

"Hey shorty!" called another voice. This one is what she really feared. It belonged to a big brutish bully named Ushio who loved to beat her up.

Yugi was stuck now. Yami and his friends were one way and Ushio was at another.

"Hey Millennium, I'll take her off your hands," the bully said as he walked up towards her. Yugi slowly walked backwards, unsure of what to do.

When her back lightly hit a person from Yami's group, she quickly jumped forward but was pulled right back. The person put her behind him. Yugi looked up to see Yami, glaring at Ushio.

"You know I hate bullies, Ushio," he said.

"Hypercite! You pick on me all the time. Why are you trying to stop him when you agree with everyone else?" Yugi thought.

"Fine, fine, I'll leave for now," he said, leaving.

Yami turned to Yugi. For a moment, his eyes were warm, but they quickly turned back to normal: cold and cocky.

"You still can't stand up for yourself, can't you, you weakling. You are so bothersome," he said. It hurt Yugi. This is why she couldn't really trust him. One minute, he's kind. The next, he's just like the others.

"No one ask you to try to defend me, hypercite!" Yugi told him, getting out from behind him to walk away. She stopped for a minute.

"Thank you anyway," Yugi said, remembering her manners. Then she walked away again.

"She is right, you know. You're not going anywhere with the way you are," Seto said.

"Shut it!"


"Man, that jerk!" Yugi mumbled. She was tired of him always doing that!

Now she was hurrying towards her home. She helped out in the game shop owned by her grandfather, Solomon/florist shop owned by her mother, Karen. Her father, a gamer like Solomon, died when she was young. They were still a good family, but they really miss him.

After her shift, she went up into her room to see her little garden on her window sill.

Yugi sighed as she watered her flowers. She wished she was a strong beautiful flower-like girl. Maybe people would stop treating her bad.

"I wish this would stop. I don't want to be lonely anymore," whispered Yugi. Tears were falling from her face. One landed in the garden's soil. Then a plant emerged from it.


Yugi watched in awe as the plant grow in amazing speed into a full, flawless, white lily. In the center, there was a pendant, a gold coin with a picture of a white lily with an amethyst-colored background handing on a gold chain.

"Wow, I wonder how this could've happened," Yugi said, picking up.

"The Lily Pendant has chosen you, Yugi Moto," she heard. On the branch of the tree outside her bedroom window, there stood a black cat with an gold-colored eye on her forehand.

"Wait a minute, did you just spoke?" Yugi exclaimed, totally shocked.

"Yes, Yugi, my name is Isis. I shall be your guide," the cat answered, jumping into her room.

"Guide? For what?"

"You are now a guardian. Evil forces have awaken and are after people's energy for strength to take over and destroy this world. It's your job and three others' to fight them in order to keep that from happening as well as finding the princess and the ultimate weapon that is in her possession, the Pure Heart Crystal," Isis explained.

"How in the world am I suppose to do that?"

"Hold that pendant high the air and shout out, 'Lily Transformation Power!'."

"Oh... o-okay. Lily Transformation Power!" Yugi shouted. The pendant glowed bright, transforming her clothes into a white sailor school uniform with a shirt, white boots, and a small tiara with an amethyst stone. Her outfit was outlined with the color amethyst.

"Welcome, Guardian Lily. It's show time. A monster has appeared. You have to stop it," Isis said.



"Give me more. Give me more of your energy," ordered a black creature as it was suck energy out of the humans into his own body.

"Stop it right now!" Yugi aka Guardian Lily yelled.

"Who are you?" it asked.

"My name is Guardian Lily, and I order you to stop this immediately or else," she answered.

"Never, but you seem to be very spirited. That's good energy to us, little boy," the monster said.

"I'm wearing a skirt!" she corrected the boy comment. Then she dodged when it attacked her. After that, she kicked it, having no affect.

"Do something!" Isis shouted.

"For your information, I'm trying! I'm not physically strong!" Guardian Lily shouted back as she continue to dodge the monster. She manage to push people out of the way when they could be caught in the attacks towards her. She then tripped and fell.

"Now, you're mine!"

"Guardian Lily!" shouted Isis.

Yugi shut her eyes, preparing for something to happen to her. The next thing she knew, the monster was crying out in pain. She opened her eyes to see a red lily sticking into the ground near the monster's wounded claw.

"Did that lily injure the creature?" Yugi whispered in question. She squeaked when something fast came and picked her up to get her out of the monster's reach.

"Are you all right, little one? You're safe now," a voice asked. Yugi looked up. She was being held by a young man wearing black and red clothing, a hat, and a mask. Around is neck was a golden upside-down pyramid with an eye on the front. He looked kind and noble. He could be handsome under the mask.

"I'm fine. Thank you," answered Yugi as she blushed. He chuckled and set her down on her feet. He threw another red lily to weaken the enemy more.

"Finish it off, Guardian Lily!" ordered Lily as a gold staff with a lily on top appeared in her hands, "Cry out 'Lily Purification!'!"

"Okay! Lily Purification!" Yugi shouted as the staff unleashed a light. It purified the creature and the energy was return to the people it took it from.

"Guardian Lily, is that your name?" asked the one who saved her.

"Y-Yes, I'm sorry you had to save me like that. I'm new at this," Yugi answered.

"I can tell, but it doesn't bother me," said the man, taking her hand and kissing it, making her blush, "I am the Ruby Knight. It's a pleasure to meet you, Guardian Lily. Until next time."

The Ruby Knight ran and disappeared.

"You did good for your first battle, Lily. You'll get use to this soon. There will stronger and more dangerous monsters from the evil forces that will come," Isis told her.

"Okay, I'll try my best," said Yugi. She was glad she would be able to protect people. It wasn't exactly her choice, but she was willing to do it.

She wondered if she would see the Ruby Knight again. He seemed sweet. She wanted to see him again.


Preview: Things are starting to look up for Yugi a little. Then a mysterious flower from a radio show is sucking people's energy. It's up to Guardian Lily to save them!

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