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Chapter 8: The Wedding Dress Contest

"Bye Mom! I'm going to school," Yugi said, leaving the house.

"Okay, be careful," her mother called as she ran towards the school.

Yugi slowed down to a walking pace. She had plenty of time to get to school. Now she could think.

"We have been at searching for the princess for weeks now. Isis isn't getting anything. The Dark Forces are coming empty-handed, but that is a good thing. Who knows what they would do to the princess if they get their hands on her, and it would be bad if they get her crystal. Just where are you, Princess?"

"Get back here!" Yugi was startled out of her thoughts, thanks to that yell.

She was near a worn-down house. That was where the yell was from. She saw her blond friend, Joey, run out of it.

"Man, the same everyday. I just wish I could live somewhere else than with that abusive old man," Joey muttered, unawared of Yugi being nearby. She headed off to school.

"Joey... is being abuse?" Yugi whispered, "Maybe I could do something for her. But what?"

Now her mind was on how helping her friend. What could she do for Joey? Knowing her blond friend, she wouldn't want her to get involve. She didn't care! Joey was her friend, one of her three only friends she ever had!

Yugi saw something at the corner of her eye. It was a poster for the Junior Bridal Dress Contest. In this contest, students from middle and high school try to create a wedding dress with a girl to model. Whoever creates the most beautiful bride wins, and the prize is a million dollars.

Now Yugi knows how to sew and even made a few gowns before. A wedding will be a challenage but no problem.

"I know! I'll enter the contest. If I win, I'll give the money to Joey. Maybe that could help her in someway," Yugi thought, before breaking into a run to get to school.

"Joey, I'm making a wedding the Junior Bridal Wedding Contest. I need your measurements," Yugi said with a tape measurer and a notepad and pencil in hand.

"Why?" the blond asked.

"My manican is about the same size as you," she answered.

"Okay, I guess."

"I didn't know you can sew, Yugi," Ryou said as their smallest friend measured Joey as Malik nodded.

"My mother taught me, but this will be the first time I would be making a wedding gown," she explained.

"And this first time will make you lose," a new voice snarled. The four turned to see Vivian.

"You're entering the contest?" Malik asked.

"As the model or as the creator of the gown?" added Ryou.


"Actually, it's in the rules that there has to be a different person to be the model," Yugi told her.

"Who cares. With my beauty, they'll make an exception," she bragged.

"So how far are you?" the tri-colored girl asked.

"Well, I... I haven't started yet, but when I do, it will be the winner," answered the Chinese girl, "What about you? I bet you barely got anything done."

"No, I just have to make the dress now. I have the design, the frabic, and everything ready to go," Yugi told her casually, like it was no big deal.

"Do you have your model?"

"I have an idea for the perfect one, but I have't asked her yet. When I do, I'll be doing her make-up and accessories too," said Yugi.

Vivian laughed, "Like a runt like you could make a beautiful bride out of someone. You don't know anything about fashion."

"Yeah, but it isn't about fashion that I'm doing. My idea of a bride is make her inner beauty come out with her dress that matches herself so she will be lovely and beautiful for her soon-to-be husband. My father said that it's the inner beauty and the pure of heart that helps love last," Yugi explained.

"What does your father know? I bet he isn't even living with you. He wouldn't even love a shrimp like you. I bet he's a no-good lazy idiot," Vivian said.

"Don't you dare talk about my father that way!" Yugi yelled, surprising her friends, Vivian, and even Yami, Seto, Marik, and Bakura, who just walked in when they heard her.

"My father loved me. He's a good man, and he is none of your business," Yugi said as she quickly finished her measurement notes, "I got to go and start on the dress. See ya."

Yugi ran out. She felt a little embarrassed by her outburst, but no one insulted her beloved late father. Her father was not what Vivian said he was. Yugi was determine to prove that her father was true.

As days went, Yugi worked hard. Sometimes, she worked a little too hard and would fall asleep on her friends.

Finally, it was the day of the contest. Yugi was ready.

"Joey, could you come here? I want to show you something," Yugi asked.

"Yugi, don't you have to get ready. Where's your model?" Joey asked.

"She's here all right. I just want to show you something," Yugi told her, grabbing her hand and dragging her to a room, the room where Yugi was keeping her dress.

The contest has started. The way it would go was that the designer will be called and she and the model will walk the runway to show off the dress with veil on with. When the model reached the end, she would lift it up to show her face with the make-up the designer did for them. The model's name would not be reveal unless she is the one wearing the winning dress.

So far, there were very good dresses.

"Now, we have number 16, Vivian Wong and her Chinese Wedding Gown," said the announcer.

A veiled girl in a white Chinese gown walked down alone.

"Where is Miss Wong?" the announcer asked.

"Right here!" her annoying voice shrieked, lifting the veil that hid her face.

"Miss Wong, you are disquailifed for not following the contest rules."

"Wow, the runt was right," Marik said while he, Yami, Seto, and Bakura sat in the audience by force. They were bored as heck but watching Vivian get taken away by the security while kicking and screaming was quite entertaining.

"We have now number 17, Yugi Moto and her Poppy Bride."

Sweet little Yugi appeared her model. Her gown was white with gold trim, gold sash, and gold heels. Yellow poppies were in the model's blond hair with the veil. In her hands was a bouquet of yellow poppies.

At the end, Yugi's model pulled up her veil, revealing a beautiful and gentle face. The make-up was light and well-done. The audience were 'ohhing' and 'awing'

Soon, the showing was over. The judging was over.

"The winner is Yugi Moto and her Poppy Bride with her model, Josephina Wheeler... JOSEPHINA WHEELER!!!???"

"The mutt!" Seto exclaimed, surprised.

Everyone was now shock. Joey Wheeler, the tough scary girl, was a beautiful bride now. Yugi had transformed her into an awaiting princess to was ready to marry her prince.

Yugi had proved her father was right.

"Here, Joey," Yugi said, handing her tall friend the prize money.

"Yugi, why are you...?"

"Don't be mad, but I saw your father hurting you. You were wishing for a way out. I wanted to help you. When I saw the contest and its prize, I had to do for you. I made you apart of it to make sure you felt like you deserved it. You did look like a beautiful bride out there," Yugi explained.

"Oh Yugi, thank you!" Joey hugged her little friend.

Ryou and Malik smiled. Happy that their friend was going to be okay.

"She did all of this to help Joey?" Yami whispered. He and his friends witnessed the conversation.

"Yami, I think we have to keep an eye on the Moto girl. She's so good and sweet. She could be her."

"Maybe, Yugi is so pure... like a white lily."

Preview: Ryou is feeling alone at home. Can Yugi and even Bakura help her?