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Faking My Own Suicide

A knife in hand, tears staining the porcelain cheeks of the fair skinned, 19 year old Uchiha Sasuke .He couldn't do it, he looked down at his wrists. How could he do this to himself, but he couldn't follow through with committing the crime of suicide. It had to be because of her. He wanted her to notice him, sadly he felt she would only notice him if he was dead , but that wouldn't do him any good, what if she had feelings for him, there wouldn't be any way to return those feelings. Then it hit him, he could fake his own suicide. The young Uchiha set up his obituary, sending it to the local newspaper with Naruto, without the boy realizing it was in his stack of advertisements he was taking in. Soon after realizing the news of his death by suicide had hit the papers, actually making the front page, Sasuke began to hunt for the young heiress herself Hinata Hyuuga, masking his chakra as he found the beautiful girl, today's paper thrown at her feet as she trembled from all the crying she was doing holding herself. Sasuke was about to reveal himself when a disturbed thought hit him, what if she really wasn't crying over his, fake, suicide, what if something had happened with her father? 'I'll take my chances,' the boy thought as he jumped through the girl's open window, startling the girl, and making her turn around, doing a double-take, before she ran to him throwing her arms around his middle section.

"I- I thought y-you were d-dead," the girl cried, tears staining his shirt.

"Shhhh, I just wanted you to notice me, I didn't want to hurt you," Sasuke whispered tilting Hinata's chin up, giving her a chaste kiss on the lips before pulling away rubbing the girl's back to comfort her. Hinata's face tinted red as the kiss ended, she playfully punched Sasuke in the arm, "You may be a jerk but I love you," she whispered pulling him into a hug.

"And I love you my dear," Sasuke replied holding her close as he kissed the top of her head.


Author Notes: Yeah I know it's pretty short…It was supposed to be a one shot, but for my first ever fan fiction I think it is an alright length, I would appreciate a review, if you could spare a little time to give me one, if you know anything that will make me a better writer I will take any advice.