Dislcaimer: Property of Gosho Aoyama and all that.

Pairing: Eventual Kaito/Shinichi
Warnings: Male/Male relationship waaaay down the line. Violence. Language. Plot Divergence.
Beta: None. As usual I self edit. Apologies for any mistakes.

A/N: ....I don't know why I'm writing this. I never planned to write anything for this fandom as I've not read enough of it to feel comfortable doing so... but the plot bunny refuses to leave me alone so I'm going to make this a side project. As a side project don't expect a lot of updates, nor a ton of research. I do still research for this to keep it up to decent standards, but... I don't have the time nor inclination to dive into japanese culture as much as I should.

Uhm, as mentioned I've only managed to read so much of the manga, and I've watched most of the movies but I haven't seen an episode of the anime in years. So, I apologize if I screw up too badly. Don't be afraid to drop me concrit on that.

Finally I know this kind of things been cliche'd to death, but I had a sort of dream as I woke up of this and it hasn't left me alone since. This will be more like a series of interconnected one shots rather than an actual chapter-fic... I'll try to keep them in a straight timeline, but I'm not sure if I will. So far my scene inspiration for this story is pretty choppy, and doesn't have much holding it together yet. Hah.

Baskerville Nightmare

words: 3267

What little light came into the area wasn't direct at all. In fact the light was more like luminance seepage as it crept around the edges of buildings and blockages to filter wan little fingers over that dark shadowy space. The disused ride was a silent looming monstrosity that cast deep shadows all over the place.

A lump in the darkness, a shadow just a shade or two darker than the rest, shifted slightly. Just a minute wriggle like something trying to force itself back into the land of wakefulness: A tremor in the downed body. A large part of the lump slid. It was cloth, like discarded clothing to be precise.

Shinichi groaned softly as consciousness coiled through him and his awareness of self and surrounding slowly reawakened. Tactile sensations assailed him, muted and different. He quickly wrote it off as from the blow to the hea--

Shit. That's right!

He'd been... The men and...

Flashes of realization assailed him with the speed of a car bearing down on him, but despite that he couldn't seem to jolt his body into moving.

No. Don't panic yet. Don't think about it yet. Disassociate. Compartmentalize.

His ears seemed to pop and sound filled them. Shinichi yelped sharply in pain at how loud everything was. Ugh! Things hadn't been this loud before. In fact he definitely remembered the noise of Tropical Land had been muted: It had allowed him to hear about that transaction...

His tongue felt like it was stuck to the roof of his mouth with a gooey coating of saliva while his throat was so dry and raw it hurt to swallow. Shinichi worked his jaw, licking at his lips and flinching when his tongue slid over an odd sensation...


He must have gotten dirt all over his face or something.

Slowly he cracked his eyes open. The world wavered in and out of focus and rocked like he was on the deck of a ship in a gale. Groaning again Shinichi clamped his eyes shut and tried to think rationally. He couldn't let the memories fill him with panic. Panic meant a loss of composure he probably couldn't afford right now.

The side of his head felt sticky. Lifting his hand he brought it tentatively to his skull, then yelped again as it bumbled and knocked against his forehead.

Okay, so that isn't a good idea. Need to get more control of my motor skills. Oh god I hope I didn't get some sort of brain damage. That...

That would be just this side of the worst thing that could happen to him. Shinichi was a very active person, what with soccer and detective work. If he'd been irreparably damaged somehow...

Throat tightening in horror at the thought, he was unable to contain a slight wheeze of terror.

I can do this. I'm fine. Pull back from emotion. Cold logic. Yes...

Slowly he opened his eyes again. This time the world didn't tip nearly as badly, but...

What's wrong with my eyes?

Everything seemed so weird. It was as if everything had been toned into near pastel shades. Someone had turned the contrast down way, way down and favored the blue and yellow spectrum. And wasn't it a bit bright for how late it had been?

CompartmentalizeCompartmentalize. You can do this Shinichi. You do it all the time. Take the facts. Facts are good. Facts are clues. It's just another mystery.

Loss of motor function and coordination.... That meant probable damage to the cerebellum.

Inability to properly see colors. That was the occipital lobe. Color Agnosia his mind supplied helpfully. Well, at least his memory didn't seem to be affected...

Could be parietal lobe damage as well considering his lack of hand eye coordination at the moment.

Okay that all made sense... He had just been clobbered along the back of the head.


This was no time to start hyperventilating, really!

He probably shouldn't move. If he had brain damage moving could be a very bad idea. What if he had blood seeping into his cranial cavity? Or a concussion? That meant letting unconsciousness creep over him again was definitely out.

Focus. Got to focus.

He could die before he was located for all he knew, though. He could do this he'd just have to be extra careful.

Shinichi sucked in a deep breath and and pressed his hands against the ground. God why did that feel so weird? All right, parietal lobe damage was seeming more likely. Apparently his touch perception was all shot to hell as well. And...

Wait, what the hell was up with his cloths? His jacket and shirt were just hanging off him. They'd fit him just fine earlier!

Shinichi stared incredulously at the way the sleeves of his jacket pooled over and around his hands. They were completely hidden from view!

Maybe... Maybe his occipital lobe was more damaged than he'd though. He swallowed thickly.

Perhaps he should just call for help?

His throat worked, but he couldn't seem to open his mouth.

Shinichi could feel the way the material of his cloths slid along the curve of his spine and his shirt hung like a hammock beneath his chest and stomach. That was... there was something definitely wrong here.

Slowly, unsure if he wanted to check and see what was wrong with him he pulled his hand up. His arm was moving weird. It felt like it was bending weird; like his forearm was a lot long than usual and his elbow a bit to close to his body, and his shoulder really wasn't working normally at all and...

His sleeve slid back.

Shinichi stared.

That...that was a paw.

A startled yelp lilted into the air as Shinichi jerked backward, the sound bouncing off the concrete and metal behind him. His legs and arms tangled in the folds of his cloths, catching at him in a suffocating web. He felt like a fly in a spiders web: All cocooned in silk and ready for the appearance as the star dinner guest.

The sudden sound of voices (Why were they so loud?) rang out as well as the sound of footsteps falling on grass and soil. The narrow beam of a flashlight flicked across the area, flashing over him and sliding away before it whipped back to focus on Shinichi.

Shinichi's head had whipped around at the first sound and he stared wide eyed at them. Something long, soft, and lightweight flopped against his cheek. The man beyond the flashlight was a terrifying silhouette. He couldn't make out face, or even basic shape. It all muddled together as his eyes tried to make sense of the sudden brilliance. His pupils didn't seem in the mood to handle it.

"What the...?" A voice spoke from beyond the glare.

Shinichi flinched back a horrified thought suddenly over taking him. What if they'd come back to make sure the job had been finished? They had said something about experimental poison...

Oh no.

Spinning away he scrambled away from them and lost his cloths in the process. He wanted to freeze up at that, mortified at the thought of running around naked of all things, but his flight or fight response seemed to be going haywire. More worrying was the fact that he couldn't seem to get his feet and legs to cooperate right and was relegated to crawling on all fours.

This was humiliating to say the least, but it also set his teeth on edge once more. Something had obvious happened to him beyond the obvious. Whatever that poison was... Shinichi wasn't sure if his apparent brain damage was from the blow to the head or whatever they'd force fed him. He needed to get to a hospital. Maybe they could figure out what was wrong.

At least I'm alive...

That always counted for something.

Shinichi tried once more to rise to his feet so he could get moving and finally managed, however as soon as he reached the pinnacle of his height (which wasn't quite the same as he was used to) he seemed to overbalance. Toppling forward he let out another loud yelp, this time in pain as well as surprise.

Laying on his side he gasped for breath and then rolled over. Whipping his head around he stared in terrified wonder at his legs... Why was he seeing lanky limbs and paws? Those looked like a dogs...

What's wrong with me?

Head aching and vision swimming he stumbled up. The paws worked with him, clumsy and as elegant as a new born foal. Was his perception of himself somehow thrown off?

Maybe that drug they gave me... It must have had some sort of hallucinogenic side effect.

And apparently he thought he was a dog. Great.

Foot steps echoed behind him and startled him into stumbling motion.

"Hey! Come back here!"

Pain and fear born of his strange experiences made him skittish and before he knew it Shinichi found himself racing full out. He had to get out of here! He had to find the exit!

Head swinging from side to side mouth open and panting in a combination of effort, fear, and adrenaline he didn't see the spill of ice cream from where some child had dropped their cone. His paws (He didn't have paws! He was just screwed up in the head right now!) skidded on the slick stuff and he went careening side on into a stand of balloons and other small merchandise. Hats, toys, pens, and other various things showered down around and on him.

Yelping and yipping (Why was he making dog sounds?! God people probably thought he was insane!) he worked his paws (Hands and feet!) frantically and spun off. He startled surprised squawks out of people as he raced around their legs, ducking from attempts to grab him.

Shinichi totally missed a little girls squeal of "Puppy!" as he tore out of the amusement park and took off down the street like a bat out of hell.

As he passed a police and security building a sudden snarl erupted. Looking around he found himself face to face with a pissed off doberman. Another loud yelp issued as he gaped helplessly at the dog. Shinichi tucked his tail (He didn't HAVE A TAIL!) between his legs and ran even faster if that was possible.

Shadows and buildings flashed passed him. The light dulling slightly though the constant metropolitan ambiance never truly faded.

Home. He had to get home. Then he could figure things out. Call a doctor. Something.

Chest heaving with exertion he slowed down. Stumbling to a halt he leaned his shoulder against a nearby wall. The skies had opened up and released a downpour merely moments before and Shinichi found he was soaked, cold, and shivering

He didn't think things could get any worse at this point.

What's wrong with me...?!

Lights, growing brighter from behind... Shinichi turned to see a truck barreling down on him. Wide eyed and stuck like a deer caught in headlights; a saying that seemed all too appropriate at the moment. Instinct took over and he scampered as far back as he could, tripping over his paws. (Feet. Feet. Feet. Feet. Feet.)

The truck roared by sloshing water from the edge of the street all over him in a short wave. He cringed down, flinching as the cool liquid spattered his face.

"Stupid mutt!" The driver yelled.


Shocked and horrified at the implications of those two words Shinichi stumbled on down the road between the high walls of the residences around him. At least the rain seemed to be abating...

It shouldn't be possible but...

Shinichi paused on a corner and stared morosely into a puddle: A canine face stared back at him. Somehow he'd been turned into a dog.

Impossible but apparently probable, he thought dryly.

Picking up his pace he trotted toward his own home. He'd just have to get someone to realize it was him and then help him get back to normal! Right, a plan of action was good. Plans were very good.

Reaching the metal gates in front of the Kudou mansion Shinichi reared up on his hind legs and set them against the diamond patterned part of the gate. Reaching out he tried to grab hold of the handle with his jaws. Ugh, this was perfectly pitiful.

Open, damn you.

Growling in frustration the loud explosion from the next house over nearly deafened him. It certainly sent him falling to his side with a startled yipe. Wide eyed he stared for a moment, then settled.

Hah hah... It's just Agasa-hakase... AGASA!

The proverbial light bulb lit and he tossed himself back to his paws. Watching the smoke clear until he could clearly see the man, kneeling on the sidewalk and coughing. Shinichi let out several sharp barks.

Agasa-hakase! Here! Over here! Come on!

The old professor looked up and stumbled back to his feet, brushing bits of stone and dust from his lab coat. The rather rotund man idly patted down his mustache and partially bald head. It was then that he apparently noticed the barking and turned toward Shinichi.


"What are you doing out here?" The professor asked curiously. "You should go home."

I am home!

Shinichi reared back up and pawed at the handle of the gate again. Barking several more times before falling quiet and standing there on his hind legs, tail wagging.

Come on, Professor... You're supposed to be some kind of genius right?

Agasa glanced from side to side, then shrugged slightly and moved closer all the while making shooing motions at Shinichi. "Go on. Go home!"

Shinichi dropped back to all fours and ambled closer, barking twice more.

Professor! It's me! Shinichi!

"Huh...?" The professor leaned in closer until he was almost nose to nose with Shinichi, eyes narrowing in thought.

Yes! That's it!

"You don't have a collar!" Agasa exclaimed. "You must be a stray...."

The man straightened up then looked back toward his house and the hole in the wall. "I'll just call the dog catcher..."

D-dog catcher?

Lips twitching in an mixture of shock and exasperation Shinichi blocked out most of what Agasa was saying, catching only a word here and there.


Yelping Shinichi whirled around and bolted toward the gates in front of the Kudou home again. Jumping up he caught his paws on one of the horizontal bars and began trying to scale the gate. He was not going to a dog pound!


Both Shinichi and the professor froze at that voice. Shinichi sagged back to the ground, paws still caught on the metal and turned his head to stare at Ran as she sprinted full out down the walk toward them, a folded and dripping umbrella in one hand.

Ran... RAN!

If anyone should know him it would be her!

"Oh, Ran-kun. What are you doing here so late?"

Ran's face twisted up into an expression set somewhere between worry and annoyance, "I've been trying to call that jerk Shinichi for hours, but he hasn't been answering."

"Ah. I'm not sure if Shinichi-kun is home.. but..." Agasa moved to one of the pillars either side the mansions front gate and pressed the button on the speaker. "Shinichi! Ran's here to see you!"

Shinichi let out a gusty sigh and sagged further down against the gate and the cement, front paws still suspended high above his head.

I'm not going to answer because I'm right here!

It was then that Ran noticed him and blinked in surprise. "Is that your dog, Professor?"

"No. I think he's just a stray."

Ran walked over to him and leaned over, her hands braced on her knees. "Hello there..."

Shinichi stared dully back at her, waiting and hoping. Come on, Ran... Can't you see it's me?

"Wow... I've never seen a dog with this color eyes before. They're blue! Kind of like Shinichi's." The girl laughed.

Hopes raising Shinichi perked up. Yes, that's it.. Come on.

"You're right though... He doesn't have a collar."

With a groan Shinichi slumped back down. Raaaan...

The girl suddenly gasped and Shinichi sat back upright in a flash. That's it, Ran!

"He's wounded! Look at his head!"

Agasa came forward and Shinichi dropped over onto his side on the sidewalk with a thud.

"Oh no..."

"I'll take him home with me." Ran said with a sharp nod. "We can get him to a vet and then I'll put up notices that he was found."

"That's a good idea, Ran-kun."

Ran's face suddenly went pensive as she stared up at the large, dark, and empty mansion. "I'm worried about Shinichi though..."

"I'll keep an eye out and tell him to call you as soon as I see him, Ran-kun. I'm sure he just got tied up in something."

With a sigh Ran nodded, then smiled slightly, "Yeah. That big deduction fanatic." Dropping her gaze to the lolling animal she laughed slightly at the strange dog. "Come on, boy... Let's go."

Shinichi dragged himself back to his feet and followed at Ran's heel without protest, head low and tail tucked.

"Cheer up, boy. Everything will be okay."

I wish I could believe you, Ran...

As they drew closer to the Mouri Detective Agency Shinichi paused when he caught a glimpse of himself in the dark reflective glass of another building. Warped as the image was by the remains of the earlier rain he could still see himself clearly: A bloodhound. He'd ended up a bloodhound.

Though he was a bit too dark to be a normal one with fur an extremely dark brown in the places where it was drying and fading into black where wet. The classic saddle marking was the darkest point so he supposed that actually was black...

Pendulous ears, and wrinkles...

Definitely a bloodhound.

Picking up his pace he trotted back to Ran's side to sulk along beside her. This was just great...

Instead of dead I just ended up like something out of Baskerville's nightmares...

When they reached the steps up to the Agency Ran stopped and smiled down at him, "This is my home. We'll just make some calls... I don't think anyone is open this late..." she sighed.

Before she could lead the way up the steps a man came stumbling down. Shinichi immediately recognized Mouri Kogoro.

Like he wanted to deal with that idiot right now...

Shinichi ignored the two and instead focused on his sulking, at least until the words 'Case' and 'Men in Black' managed to penetrate his funk.

Eyes zeroing in on Kogoro as he darted into a taxi Shinichi gave a whuff and darted after him.

"No! come back here!" Ran yelped.

Shinichi ignored her and dove into the back of the car. And, as he sat there sandwiched between Ran and an irritated Kogoro, tongue lolling almost cheerfully, he decided he could have ended up in worse places. Like the pound.

I'll just have to get back to myself somehow... and in the mean time I can get Ran to realize who I am!

"It smells like wet dog in here!"

"Oh, dad... Maybe he can help. I mean he is a bloodhound... Aren't they supposed to be good at tracking?"

Kogoro huffed obnoxiously, and Shinichi gave a single loud bark.