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Ok, so this story has been inspired from the fact that I live in England myself and all the other stories I have read about them have just forced me to write my own.

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Sonny's POV
Marshall entered the prop room beaming; even my grin doesn't stretch that far! All five of the Sorandom castmates were seated about the room wondering what 'exciting news' Marshall had for them.

"So, I have just gotten off the phone with Mr. Condor and he is giving one of you the opportunity to promote Sorandom in England, isn't that great?" Tawni then perked up.

"Wait! So one of us gets to go to England, wow! It should totally be me as I am the prettiest!" Marshall practically ignored Tawni's request and continued.

"Well, actually I've already chosen who is going. Now, before any of you object to my decision I would like you to know that I have chosen this person as she-" Nico and Grady's faces fell, "-has never been on a promotional trip before." That's when everyone looked at me.

"It's me?! Oh yay! Thanks Marshall" I saw Tawni sulking through the corner of my eye. "Hey Tawni, don't worry, your still the prettiest!" I needed her to help me shop for clothes before I go.

"Oh, I already knew that, I just always wanted to go. Never mind." She seemed content as she checked out her hair in the little pocket mirror.

"Just one thing, the two shows with the highest ratings have been given this opportunity-"

"You mean that the other show is-" Grady exclaimed as I cut him off.

"MAKENZIE FALLS!" I yelled, I did not want to go on a trip with any of the Mackenzie Falls cast; one person especially.

Chad's POV
For the last 20 minutes the rest of my cast have been arguing about who is going to England for the Mackenzie Falls promotion, Chad Dylan Cooper wasn't interested. That was until;

"Who else is going? Other than Mackenzie Falls?" Portlyn asked between yelling at another cast member.

"Will you all be quiet for one minute while I explain what is actually going to happen?" With that they settled down, some still claiming their place on the trip. Our director explained to us that one person from the two top shows at Condor Studios would be going on this trip to London for three weeks and staying in a hotel. The other show was Sorandom.

"Sorandom?" That means Sonny has a chance of going [No pun intended ;)], three weeks in a hotel with Sonny Munroe! As I contemplated this I was suddenly aware of the confused eyes set on me, they obviously knew about the arguments between Sonny and I. Get out of it!

"Pshh, how did they come second? Chuckle City has nothing on us!" Very smooth Chad, that's why they call you an actor.

"Yea! They're not even that good! Who would want to spend three weeks with them?" One of the guys asked. Now that the attention was taken of me, as much as I loved it I needed time to think. I wanted to go on this trip, not for Sonny, no, but because the people love Chad Dylan Cooper and I've never been to England.

"I'll go!" I heard myself speak without thinking.

"Ok, it's settled, Chad will be flying to London with Sonny Munroe in two days."

"Wait! Everyone else wants to go so why, just because Chad said he will, is he allowed to go?" Portlyn whined.

"Because Portlyn, I am Chad Dylan Cooper, Mackenzie, Teenage Heart-throb, people love me more than they do you." She glared at the director who shrugged then stormed out of the studio.

Everyone else groaned as a smirk escaped from my mouth partly because I won over all of my castmates and imagining Sonny's face when she finds out Chad Dylan Cooper will be accompanying her to London.

Sonny's POV
I managed to convince Tawni to come shopping with me tomorrow as my flight is the day after; it didn't take long as shopping is Tawni's favourite sport. We were standing in the queue waiting to be served our slop of the day!

"You will be spending so much time in interviews and at parties that Chad won't even have time to annoy you!" Tawni was still trying to cheer me up.

"Yea, I don't even know if he is going yet, and it's not like I have to share a room with him!" That's when I felt 3 light taps on my shoulder.

Chad's POV
As I walked into the cafeteria I saw Sonny waiting in line for her food with her friend, Tammy, was it? Oh well, why not break the news now? A smirk spread across my face as I sauntered over towards the queue and tapped on her shoulder; as she turned around my smirk grew more pronounced.

"Hey Chucklehead! Looking forward to our little trip?" Sonny gave me her famous glare then turned around to collect her slop that they called food; I chuckled and walked out of the cafeteria, this trip was going to be one to remember.

A/N: Ok people, that's the first chapter, it will get soo much better trust me! I was going to post this earlier but I didn't have time because I went to see 'My Sisters Keeper' it was heartbreaking and just incredible, I totally recommend this I cried most of the way through! I want to say another thank you to deadheart115 I love our giant conversations my missing sister ;).


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