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She turned on her side so she could properly face me and put her hand on my cheek once more. "I forgot something." She said but before I could ask what she interrupted me. "I love you too Chad." I smiled at her as she blushed and pulled her close to me.

"Good" I whispered as I closed the distance between our lips, kissing her sweetly.

"Good" She giggled pulling the collar of my shirt, kissing me once more.


What was I even scared of in the first place? Tawni, obviously, told my cast about Chad and I being together and it only took me ten minutes on Skype to persuade them it was a good thing. Also Chad hasn't changed, although I moan about his egoistic attitude, it makes him, him.

I didn't want him to be a 'whole new man' it was Chad that I loved and it's that Chad I love now. Wow that feels weird.

I. Love. Chad.

I love Chad.

I love Chad Dylan Cooper. EW I'm never saying that again!

So it's kind of like a fairytale ending, if you think about it. Small town girl meets big movie star, they fight and claim to hate each other, but really, along the way, they fall in love. So damn cheesy!

Here we are all cuddled up on the sofa watching – wait what?

"Chad, why are we watching this?" I said, breaking out of the comfortable silence and reaching for the remote.

"Well you see Sonny, now that we're, you know, a couple. I thought you might need to start-" He held the remote up away from me knowing full well that I wont get up from our current position to get it. "-liking the same things I like, you know, so we have something in common." I gave up on the remote reaching and gave him a look.

"Chad, we have plenty of things in common…" After saying this I knew he would want me to give examples.

"So then what do we have in common?" He said with a smirk, knowing I probably don't have anything.

"Well… There's… Oh! There's…. Wait… Errrmm-"

"Just face it Sonny, we have nothing in common." He turned off the TV and sighed.

"But when you think about it, there's lots of things we don't have in common" Trying to cheer him up since we have only been a "couple" for just over half an hour.

"How is not having things in common going to help a relationship then?" I have to have an answer for this one!

"Have you never heard of opposite's attract?" I smiled knowing I've made a point.

"You know that's not true Sonny…" He began; I didn't want him moaning any longer.

I shifted so I was hovering over him on the fairly small couch and took his face in my hands. "Chad, please don't try and break us up already, you worry too much!" I could tell he was going to protest so I continued. "I don't know about you but the reason I fell in love with you is because of our differences, have we ever ran out of things to say to each other before? No. Even if it's some witty, sarcastic comment or even small talk about the weather we always find something to talk about. But if you start worrying about things like that then we'll end up with nothing to talk about and you'll ruin it all!" I said with a pout, hoping he would come around. "It's usually the woman that worries in the relationship" I added with a chuckle, just to wind him up a little.

He looked at me, for a long minute which started to make me nervous. Just as I was about to break the silence he kissed me. The kiss didn't last long, but it was enough to know that he had calmed down and actually listened to me for a change.

"I'm sorry; I guess if you're the care-free comedian I have to be the worry-wart drama king eh?" He chuckled picking me up from the couch. "I just don't want to lose you and-" I put my finger over his mouth.

"Sorry to interrupt and all but why are you cradling me like a baby?" He looked at me in his arms, suddenly remembering I was there.

"Oh, were going to bed, I'm tired." He said carrying me towards the bedroom.

"Well what if I'm not tired, do I have to go to bed too?" I argued even though I was extremely tired.

"Yes" He stated, reaching for the door handle of the bedroom.

"You can't tell me what to do!" I squirmed out of his grasp but failed as he just held me tighter. "Get off me moron!" He chuckled and once we were in the bedroom, chucked me onto the bed.

"Now go to sleep" He said winking and walking into the bathroom with a smirk.


As I brushed my teeth I could hear her opening the doors to the balcony, being the stubborn girl she is. I know she will give in sooner or later though, she's tired that's the only reason I took her to bed, I could see the bags forming under her eyes.

Sonny did have a point though, I worry too much, and I need to be….manlier. Not that I'm girly… I'm just not manly. Ok Chad shut up now.

It was warm tonight so I just wore my boxers and walked out into the bedroom. The curtains were open, the lights were on low and I could faintly see her sitting on the lounger looking into the night sky. I wanted to go out and sit with her but I had to prove my point, she will get tired so I just got into bed and switched off the light.

As much as she hates to boost my ego she manages to do so about six times per day and she was about to prove how right I always am. After around 10 minutes I heard the doors open then close and her soft footsteps across the carpet towards the bathroom. She came out in her pyjamas and got into her side of the bed.

I lay there staring at her, just like I have for the past 3 weeks, knowing that tonight was our last night alone for a long time. I suppose that would be a good thing, because lying in bed next to her night after night and not doing anything would drive me crazy! I know, I know, I shouldn't think that way but I'm a teenage guy, guys think like this and I'm pretty sure girls do too, they just prefer not to admit it.

So there she is in her short shorts and tank top (just to wind me up, I'm sure), I can see her slowly shifting towards the middle of the bed but still with her back to me. I decide to close the distance between us. I placed my arm around her waist and pulled her close to me, my lips near her ear.

"I knew you were tired, either that or you couldn't resist me" You could hear the smirk in my voice and Sonny shivered slightly at the contact.

"Mhmm.. I guess I just couldn't resist you then" She mumbled, clearly tired, Sonny would never admit to that even if we are a couple!

She turned around to face me and I kept my arm locked around her waist as she scooted as close to me as she could. "Well if that's the case then I guess I'll have to give you a goodnight's kiss" I whispered back, drawing my face closer towards hers.

"That sounds… perfect" she smiled closing the distance between us slowly and wrapping her arms around my neck. I thought about just pecking her on the forehead but it would probably make her cranky for the whole plane ride home tomorrow. Plus, I want to kiss her, and I get what I want.

Why does she have to prove me wrong all the time? Well in a way she proved me right, I mean, here she is laying in my arms fast asleep. Who falls asleep just before they're about to kiss someone? Sonny Munroe that's who! Looks like I'm not getting what I want, not tonight anyway, but I knew she was tired. Smirking to myself I lay her on the bed, wrapped my arms back around her and closed my eyes.

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