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Mood Killer...

Each face nervously stared up at the Professor and Le Farris, wondering who would be named as the murderer. Flora and Luke sat on a sofa in the corner where they could catch all the drama first hand, watching it like it was a film at the cinema!

"Now," Started Layton. "This is a strange case, one which I think I have solved..."

"Excusemoi! 'You have solved'? You!? I DON'T ZINK SO, MY GOOD FRIEND!"

The Professor shook off his new rivals comment and continued to talk.

"But, to truly uncover the mind behind this unforgivable crime, we must first uncover the secrets of everyone present!"

A deep silence fell upon the room and a scared atmosphere filled the air - you could practically smell the fear! Oh yes, it wasn't just the murderer with something to hide...

"And we will start with....You - Reverend Hope!"

Everyone gasped and stared at the unsuspecting guest.

"Me?" He shreiked. "I don't keep secrets! It is un - godly!

"Oh no." Said the Professor. "But when we first asked the alibis of everybody here - you put it down to the leprocaun!"

"You think I AM THE LEPROCAUN! Nonsense! How dare you make such an accu-"

"SSSSSH!" Hissed Flora. "That's not what he's saying!"

Layton nodded.

"No. Thank you, Flora. You're right - I am not, in fact, implying that you are the Leprocaun, but simply that SHE is with us!"

Everybody gasped again.

"You see, Matthew found this in the garden earlier" He pulled a small wooden box, no bigger than a child's hand, from his pocket and opened it. Inside were lot's of silver metal instruments, (Not musical instruments) . "All the tools needed to steal a precious jewel. Which brings me to you - Agnes Peacock!"

Agnes rolled her eyes, then stood up.

"Oh - Alright!" Her posh accent had changed into a Cockney accent. "I'm your bleedin' leprocaun. Heard there was a cetain someone 'ere with a bit of something worth sellin' off."

Rosemary clutched the golden pendant hanging round her neck.

"Still, not everyday you come across someone that's so not thick that they can find you out. Go on then, cuff me - Like I'll give a damn. I've been inside before. Anyway, I've got some unfinished buisiness with Sharon from the nick! Can I sit down now?"

"No you cannot! You are ze theif! I shall lock you up!" Yelled the Inspector.

"Yes you can, Agnes." Said Layton. "We still have to unravel the truth behind everyone else in this household. Now, let's go to you - Mr. Constance!"

"Ah, fine. I suppose you were going to find out sooner or later! Allow me to announce my retirement! From this day forth, I am no longer a doctor of medicine - I am going to Barbados, baby!"

Everyone stared at him, wide - eyed.

"Actually," Said Layton. "I was just going to say you were innocent, but thank you. Anyway, moving on - To you...Micheal Smith. Why don't you tell us your secret?"

"Oh, alright - I'm so ashamed of myself. I suppose it would have been noticed after my death, though. So, Thank you Professor Layton - I can finally apolagise."

"My dear - what are you talking about?" Asked Rosemary.

"I'm sorry, children. We always told you that you could own this manor after we've gone, but you can't!"

"Why not?" They asked in unison.

"Because I spent all your inheritance money on tropical fruits from Ghana!" He cried.

Maria reached out her hand.

"Oh Father - It doesn't matter! But why?"

"Well, I decided that - "

"I don't care why!" Shouted Peter. "I could kill you! Tropical Fruits? Tropical fruits!? Are you mental!?"

"Erm, excuse me but - " Started Layton.

"I can't believe I'm hearing this!"

"Now, Listen -"

"I am so mad at you!"

"Please can we - "

"I swear that I have never been so furious in my entire life!"

"Shut up!" Shouted Luke. "The Professor is trying to talk!"

The Professor was angry about the impolite way Luke had silenced the guests, but also relieved that he had.

"Thank you, Luke. Now, Maria - you're are innocent, and have nothing to hide - But Peter on the other hand, now you're hiding something, aren't you?"

"Oh - For god's sake! I have to say that I despise you for this, Layton. It was a secret I didn't want anyone to know - Mother, Father. I'm going to the international school of ballet!"

Maria spat out the mouthful of whisky she was drinking into her glass, and burst out laughing.

"Oh Peter! You really are unbelievable! Ballet? Are you gay or something?"

"Well, yes actually - I met someone at my audition..."

Everyone gawped at him.

"But you don't understand how happy all this makes me!"

Peter stood up and executed the perfect pirouhette. Flora clapped.

"My, how beautiful!"

Still gawping, everyone turned to her. Layton cleared his throat, trying not to laugh at what his adopted daughter had just done, unfotunatley, Luke could not contain his laughter.

"Oh Flora! You're so funny!"

"Anyway - " Layton interrupted, noticing how Luke's laughter was embaressing her. "All the evidence that has been gathered actually points to you - Mrs. Grimshaw."

Once more, everyone gasped.

"Mrs. Grimshaw? Am I right?"

She didn't even hesitate.

"Yes. Yes you are! And I'd do it again!"

"Oh, of course you would - for a small fee." The Professor continued.

"Huh?" Asked Luke and Flora. "Professor? What are you talking about? Isn't she the murderer?"

"Quite right, children. She is."

Le Farris stood up, taking some hand cuffs from his pocket.

"Zen zat is it! Mrs. Barbara Grimshaw - You are under arrest! And don't zink you are getting away with what you did, Peacock!"

The Professor then stopped him.

"Just one second, Inspector. I'm not finished yet."

"Erm, I zink you are! I came to this house to solve the murder, and zat is what has been done!"

"Thank you, Inspector." The Professor said. "Your previous comment has made things quite clear. Does anyone recall what this man has just said?"

Maria stood up.

"That he came to this house to solve the murder. "

The Professor nodded.

"Thank you, Maria. Do you notice anything strange about that?"

"Yes." She muttered. "He said that the reason he came here was to solve the murder, but the murder didn't happen until after he arrived!"

"Correct." Layton replied. "Because, although Mrs. Grimshaw carried out the actual murder, she wasn't the mind behind the deed. Which brings us to you - Flora Reinhold."

"What? I didn't do it! What are you talking about? You know I didn't!"

The Professor thought it best to explain before Flora broke down in tears thinking she had been betrayed by someone who was supposed to look after her.

"No. But you did say that an annonymous person had given you the information that whenever the Inspector came to the manor, he would stay with the family for a few minutes, disappear for a couple of hours, then reappear before he would leave. Which brings us to the final suspect - Rosemary Smith. Uncover, to everyone, your own secret would you?"

Rosemary stayed silent, as tears rolled down her cheek.

"It wasn't meant to come out like this!" She sobbed. "I wouldn't have kept it secret forever! I would have said!"

"What is it, dear?" Micheal muttered.

She turned to her husband.

"It was seven years ago."

"What was?"

"The murder!"

"What murder?"

"My murder!"

"Excuse me?"

"I'm not Rosemary Smith - I am Robina Grimshaw."

"What? Rosemary! Stop this nonsense!" Pleaded Micheal.

"It isn't nonsense! It's true! I am the twin sister of Rosemary Smith. Barbara Grimshaw is my mother! I saw it happen! She asked me to look after you and the children!"

Luke gawped.

"N..Not to..Not to interrupt, but what does the Inspector have to do with this?"

"I am her brother - My real name is Paul Grimshaw."

"So what happened? Who was the real mind behind the crime?"

"I was." Paul muttered. "But it wasn't my idea, I just came up with the plan to cover it up. You see, ever since the death of my sister, I pursued the identity of a frenchman. I decided that, if ever anything was discovered, I could use this identity to prevent anyone else ever knowing."

His accent had turned into the normal posh way that everyone else but Agnes, Luke and Flora spoke in. (I think Luke and Flora speak in a cockney accent - I'm not an expert, but I played a drunken cockney dancer in a school play. I had to dance on tables and everything! Erm, back to the story.)

"But why?"

"Because," Muttered Mrs. Grimshaw. "Sneed found out. I couldn't have people knowing, and I didn't want to lose another child! I couldn't see them put behind bars for something not their fault! So, I did it. It was my idea to kill him. I knew what a gossip Sneed was. I'm sorry."

Paul undid his mother's hand cuffs. With his true identity revealed, no one was there to arrest her. Everyone just sat down, some crying, some in shock and some with just no idea of what had gone on. For Luke and Flora, this case had proved too much to handle...

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