Ch.1-Finding Out


Damn alarm clock, I rolled over on my side of the bed to find the space next to me empty.

Edward was already gone to his internship at the hospital. I smiled my Edward was going to be one of the best pediatricians in this country.

I got out of bed grudgingly and brushed my teeth. I looked down to see my wedding ring. I loved it so much. Edward and I got married a year ago at Beacon Hill Park, he kept all his promises.

Emmett lives with Edward and I, because Rosalie is always gone; She's a model for 'Ali's'.Emmett owns a gym in downtown L.A. Named Fit R' Us. Rose and Emmett are currently engaged and are going to get married soon.

Alice and Jasper got married right after we graduated from Forks High. Alice owns 'Ali's' and her clothing line is exclusive, famous people wear her clothes. Alice and Jasper just became parents not long ago to Aaron Michael Hale. He was adorable he has Jasper's blond hair and Alice's green blue eyes. Jasper is a counselor for a mental facility he does a terrific job.

I work at L.A. Times as an editor. It was my dream job since I was little, and it came true. To say my life was great would be an understatement it was perfect.

I was making myself an omelet for breakfast and start getting ready for work. I ate my omelet quietly and then I felt a nauseated. Suddenly I felt the need to vomit. I ran towards the downstairs restroom and threw out all the contents of my omelet. I flushed the toilet and brushed my teeth. This has been happening lately every morning. Then suddenly came to mind, I've missed my period. I was late. I got my car keys and drover towards the closest pharmacy. I bought three different pregnancy tests and went home. I opened them and did what I had to do and waited. I turned to look at the pregnancy test and they all showed the little pink plus signs. I was pregnant. I smiled and got ready for work. I couldn't wait to tell Edward the wonderful news. He loves children so much.


I was at work, I was checking a little girl's cast when I got a text from Bella. I smiled, Bella was my everything. It killed me to get up earlier than her in the mornings and not have breakfast with her.

Frm: Bella

To: Edward

Wonderful news! I'll tell you tonight.

I love you.


I smiled I would text her back soon.

I loved my job so much, I always wanted to make a difference in a kids' life. I couldn't wait to have my own kid's with Bella.

I passed by Carlisle. My mother and him got married a few years back, he was a great person and doctor. His wife Esme passed away when she had Alice. I miss my father Edward Sr. but, he's in a better place now. Basically Alice and I are related now I always considered her a sister, and Elizabeth and her get along well.

The day passed by and I longed to have Bella in my arms. Finally it was four and I left the hospital quickly wanting to be with Bella and hear her wonderful news.

I stopped at a red light and waited anxiously for the light to turn green. After waiting for quite a while the light finally turned green I went forward and the next thing I remember is a big semi coming towards my way and I was seeping towards the darkness.


I was waiting for Edward to come home, I was thinking of ways to tell Edward that I was pregnant. I knew he would be excited about the baby. I heard the phone ring downstairs and I heard Emmett shout 'I'll get it.'. I heard a lot of ruckus downstairs and decided to check out what was going on. Emmett was on the phone still, but he was punching the wall.
Emmett hung the phone up and he had a pain written all over him.

"Bella, sit down I have to tell you something." I didn't want to sit down I wanted to know what happened. I was worried.

"Just tell me Em." The next words that came out of Emmett's mouth took me by surprise.

"Bella, Edward got in a car crash and he's in a coma." I fainted right after those words came out of his mouth. I felt water being splashed on my face when I woke up.

"Bella." Emmett sighed.

"Come on we have to go." He threw me over his shoulders and put me in his Jeep. I felt numb. I couldn't believe it. We got to the hospital quickly and he asked for Edward Masen. The lady at the front desk gave us both sympathetic looks and told us he was in surgery.

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