Ch.9-Looking Up


I was now 25 weeks into my pregnancy. A month has passed since that horrid scare Edward and I had. I continually go to my check ups with, there seems to be no more danger for the twins, which is a good sign.

Edward and I have finally come to a conclusion on what we planned to name the twins: our baby girl would be named Madilyn Amelia and our baby boy would be named Aiden Noah. Emmett was, of course, disappointed that the twins were not going to be named after him, but he still vowed to teach them whatever sport out there.

Emmett and Rose had finally set the date for their wedding, Jasper and Alice were often visiting, and Edward seemed to be improving with each physical therapy; things seemed to finally be looking up. I could not have been more content, I felt eternally blissful.

At the moment, we were having a bbq at Alice's house. Alice came up to with the all to well known devilish smile of hers, I knew right away that she was up to no good.

"Alice, what do you want?"I sighed.

"Bella, whatever could you mean?"She asked feigning shocked.

I rolled my eyes at her and arched at my eyebrow at her. She sighed exasperatedly.

"You are no fun!" She told me, I smiled at her cheekily. Rose walked up to us knowing how Alice is.

"We all know Bella isn't one for games, so get to the point will you Ali?"Rose said teasingly. Alice glared at her.

"Fine, well I think it's time to start planning your baby shower!"Alice squealed. I groaned, Alice knows how much I do not love being the center of attention.

"You're not getting out of this one, so don't even try. It's for your kids for crying out loud!"Alice continued.

"I am siding with her on this one, Bella, so don't try with me either."Rose added.

"Great. Thanks for thought, guys. I really appreciate it, I'm just not one for attention you know.."I told them.

"Well that's too bad, you're not getting out of this one, missy."Alice said sternly.

"Now if you excuse me, I have to go check on Aaron."Alice added, as soon as she said that the baby monitor went off.

"C'mon Bella, it'll be fun and Alice has already started planning so there really is no going back." Rose told me. I signed and smiled at Rose.


Things have been going well for Bella and I, she no longer seemed depressed around the house. Although, I haven't told Bella about my new physical therapist, I knew if I brought it up she might get upset. Something told me, that he was bad news, really bad news. I've been thinking about getting a background check done on him to see if that would eliminate my curiosity. I've thought about telling Jasper about a few times, but knowing Jasper he would tell Alice and if Alice knew it would all go back to Bella.

I was finally allowed to go back to my internship at the children's hospital, Bella drives me there everyday and she always has her beautiful smile on when we're talking about Aiden and Madilyn. I always smile thinking about my kid's even though I haven't held them in my arms yet, I love them as much as Bella.

As I'm sitting there in my wheelchair thinking, Emmett and Jasper come up to me striking up a conversation.

"So, are you going to start walking for the day of my Rosie and I wedding?" Emmett asks. The whole gang except for Bella knows that I am now able to walk, I was leaving that as a surprise for Bella.

"Maybe Em," I told him, he has continually asked me when I was going to quit the charades. I wanted the moment for Bella to see me walking again to be special.

I turned around and looked at Bella talking to Rose. I wondered when that special moment would be. Would it be the day of the wedding or the day the twins were born? I've thought it should be the day of the wedding, so I could ask Bella to dance with me. Bella wasn't one for dancing, but knowing I could walk would make her want to dance I'm sure.

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