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Special Agent Lisbon of the CBI glanced down at the note on her desk.

Want to come to dinner with me later? The senator has invited me to a concert and dinner, with space for a partner.

Was this a joke? Or was he being serious? She never could tell with Patrick. She hit speed dial two.

"Teresa." he greeted her.

"Jane, is this some sort of joke?" She asked him, and heard him chuckle.

"What?" He asked innocently.

"The note on my desk." She replied, knowing that he knew fully well what she was on about.

"Oh that. No, that's for real. Are you coming?" Lisbon rolled her eyes. This was such a Patrick Jane thing, to be so blasé about dinner with the Senator.

"Sure." She answered. "When?"

"I'll pick you up at seven. Remember, it's a pretty dress sort of thing." The call ended and Lisbon stared at her phone. She sighed and pushed her phone into her pocket. She'd better get home and get changed; she needed to neaten up for this sort of thing. She only had half an hour.

At seven o'clock sharp, the doorbell rang. Lisbon jumped up, grabbed her jacket and her bag and headed over to the door. She opened the door.

"Good evening." Jane smiled at her, looking appreciatively over her clothing. Lisbon was wearing a purple cocktail dress, with a shirred empire waist and floral accents on the bodice. Her hair was down and in its natural curly state.

"Evening." Lisbon replied, eyeing Jane warily. She still didn't trust him, and was still wondering if this was his idea of a joke.

"Coming?" Jane asked, offering her his arm so he could escort her from her house to a waiting taxi cab. Lisbon nodded, and stepped out of her house, pulling the door closed behind her. As they headed for the cab, it became suddenly colder and began to rain. Lisbon was immediately surprised when Jane picked her up and carried her the rest of the way to the cab.

"What was that for?" She asked, getting into the cab while laughing.

"Don't tell me you can actually run in those?" Jane gestured to her heels, and she smirked.

"I can, but not well and not far." Jane grinned at her, and tapped on the glass separating them from the driver to indicate for him to drive off.

About fifteen minutes later, the cab pulled up outside an impressive looking mansion house. Lisbon raised her eyebrows.

"Hired." Patrick replied to her unanswered question, and Lisbon smirked. "Well, I did say I could read all your thoughts."

Lisbon glared pointedly at him, and then looked up as her door was opened by a concierge dressed up smartly in a black suit, looking very posh. He offered her a hand to get out, and she took it. Jane wandered around to take Lisbon by the arm and they followed the concierge inside.

"Not bad." Jane commented as the walked into the house.

"Rather impressive." Lisbon agreed, looking around. They walked on after the concierge through into a large, high ceiled area that had an assembled orchestra sitting, obviously waiting. There was an area of chairs in front of the orchestra, and Jane noted the chairs on the balcony over the hall.

"May I take your coat, madam?" The concierge asked and Lisbon shrugged off her black jacket and handed it to him. "Thank you. Can I get you any drinks?"

"Teresa?" Jane prompted.

"Red wine, please." Lisbon smiled at the concierge.

"For me, also." Jane nodded and the concierge hurried away.

"I'm beginning to think I'm slightly underdressed." Lisbon muttered sotto voce to Jane, who chuckled. "I mean, look at everyone else."

"Well, I think you look exquisite." Jane said, flashing her a smile, before looking up to see the senator heading towards them. He missed the blush that tinged Lisbon's cheeks.

"Patrick, how nice to see you." The Senator of California, Emily Vanderbilt, smiled at Jane, who had used his mentalist skills to entertain some of her guests a while back.

"Emily, this is Teresa." Patrick introduced her, and Emily air kissed Lisbon on both cheeks.

"Lovely to meet you, Teresa." She turned to Patrick. "Is Teresa your… wife?"

"No…" Jane began, thinking fast. He couldn't say she was his boss… "She's a friend."

"Ah. Lovely to see you again, I hope to speak to you later." Emily smiled at them, before turning away and going over to talk to some of her other guests.

"That was interesting." Lisbon commented, and Jane chuckled.

"Yes… I was going to say you're my boss, but that sounds terribly strange." Lisbon laughed, and they took their drinks from the tray the concierge brought to them. "Thank you."

They both looked up toward the orchestra. Emily was standing in the conductor's podium and was speaking into the microphone.

"If you could all take your seats, the concert will start in five minutes. Thank you." She stepped off the podium and headed towards the stairs to the balcony. Jane pulled Lisbon over to where a large amount of people were standing around a billboard with seating arrangements on it. Lisbon noted that her name was on the board, next to Jane's, in the third row of seats.

"How did you know I would come?" She teased, as they walked to their seats.

"I didn't. If you didn't come, then I was planning to say that you were unable to come." Jane explained, and Lisbon looked at him strangely.

"Not invite someone else?" She asked, but he shook his head.

"Who is there to invite?" He questioned her back.

"Grace would have come. You could have invited Sophie Miller." Lisbon replied, and Jane shrugged, and sat down.

As soon as everyone was seated, the conductor took his place on the podium.

"Welcome. I hope you enjoy the music and have an enjoyable evening." His accent was obviously foreign, probably European. Jane suspected Dutch or similar origin. He turned around and struck up the orchestra. Lisbon opened the program that had been on her chair, but Jane spoke first.

"Beethoven's Symphony Number Eight in F. Opus 93." He whispered, and she looked at him weirdly when the program backed up the fact. "What? I like classical music."

Lisbon shook her head, there were obviously many, many things she didn't know about Patrick Jane.

After the symphony ended, they began again with Stravinsky's 'Firebird.' They finished with Holst's 'The Planets' of which Lisbon recognized 'Jupiter' well. Her school hymn had been 'I Vow to Thee, My Country' which used some of the music from Jupiter. Jane grinned as he noticed her mouthing the words to the old hymn.

He realized there were many things he didn't know about Special Agent Teresa Lisbon. He also realized that he wanted to know more things about her and that surprised him. He hadn't ever thought that there would be anyone, anyone for him at all, after his wife and daughter's deaths.

As the ending of Neptune faded out with the voices of the chorus, the audience stood, almost as one, and applauded the excellent work.

"Well, they were good." Lisbon conceded as everyone headed toward the dining room for the dinner.

"Good?" Jane raised his eyebrows. "You could do better?"

"Well, possibly on the flute and piano." Lisbon shrugged.

"You play?" Jane asked interestedly.

"I try to practice as often as possible. I wanted to be a musician when I was at school." Lisbon revealed, and Jane smiled.

"You shall have to play for me, some time." He grinned and she rolled her eyes. "I once played the piano."

"You did?" Lisbon questioned, and Jane nodded.

"I stopped after… I never played after… my wife and daughter…" Jane blinked hard and Lisbon squeezed his hand, understanding.

"I'm just going to talk to the conductor; I want to ask him a question." Lisbon said, and turned to walk back. Jane stopped and waited, and something drew his attention upward. His eyes widened slightly.

The crystal chandelier was swinging slightly, tilting to the right.

"LISBON!" He yelled, running towards her. Lisbon turned, and Jane crashed into her, using his momentum to carry her through the air, and they crashed down onto the linoleum, just as the chandelier splintered through the floor where Lisbon would have been. Patrick rolled off Lisbon and crouched next to her. He could hear screams from other people who had seen what had happened, and could hear people running over.

"Teresa? Are you alright?" He asked, and Lisbon nodded slowly.

"I think so." She said, and he helped her up. She winced as she put pressure on her right foot, and Jane slid her arm around her back to support her, and helped her back to where everyone was standing.

"I think we need to call for back up," Jane told her, in a tone that she couldn't disagree with, "and a doctor."

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