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Everything is broken


Toby leant against the side of his seat beside him Oz kept throwing him worried glances; his hand was clenched so tight that his fingernails were digging in to the palm of his hand.

"You alright man?" The question disturbed his piece and the low hum of thousands of thoughts returned uninvited into his head. Toby's palm started to bleed slightly but he didn't notice. "Dude you look like you're having a seizure man, what's wrong?" Oz pulled into the side of the road and Toby began to breathe deeply calming himself down.

"I'm fine. Come-on lets get to work," Toby said curtly pretending the earlier attack hadn't happened.

"Did you get a hit or something? Does anyone need help?" Oz made no effort to begin moving again I wish you would give me a straight answer the thought burst through his shields and Toby sank into his seat all sense of control forgotten as he allowed the world back into his head.

"I'm fine! I'm fine okay!"

You looked like you were having a seizure

"I wasn't having a seizure, now let's get to work or Ryder will kill us!"

The orange Honda pulled back into the traffic and the pair sat in an uncomfortable silence for the rest of the journey.


They arrived at the house, it was an ordinary street on the outskirts of the city residents were wondering around watching with a perverse curiosity at the house.

"Neighbours heard a gunshot." Toby turned to see Charlie standing behind him.

"Are you feeling better now then?" Toby asked.

"Toby it's been six weeks, I'm fine,"

"Well thanks for you know…"

"Toby the neighbours heard a gunshot. We'll talk later" Charlie said curtly and gesturing towards the house.

Toby ran into the house behind the police, the downstairs was devoid of life along with the upstairs.

Mommy, wake up, I'm scared

Toby turned towards the voice and glanced towards a door under the stairs which presumably lead to the basement, he stalked towards the door and swung it open revealing a flight of stairs, the bottom of which was shrouded in darkness.

"Hello?" Toby's voice echoed in the room and he got a flashlight out of his belt and continued down the stairs scanning the room for any sign of life.

Mommy wake up mommy, I'm scared and you're making me all wet and sticky.

Toby turned and shone the torch under the stairs and into the bright terrified eyes of a little girl in a blue dress that had been stained with blood. "Guys! They're down here" he shouted. Toby moved towards the little girl and the women beneath her. He bent over and felt for a pulse but her skin was cold and most of the bleeding seemed to have originated from the middle of her chest to the right of her heart.

More people came running into the basement and Toby picked up the little girl leaving two other paramedics to work on the mother trying to resuscitate her despite all the odds. In his arms the little girl shifted slightly.

I want mommy.

"The doctors are going to try to make your mommy better, okay. Can you be a big brave girl for me?"


"Good girl, now I am going to take you to the hospital okay. Does anything hurt?"

I want mommy

The girl said nothing as Toby lay her on a gurney outside the ambulance he put blankets over he and strapped her in. Oz pulled up the wheels and they rolled her into the back of the ambulance and Oz ran to the front while Toby sat in the back with the girl. The journey was largely uneventful as Toby placed an IV in case of shock and the little girl just repeated the plea for her mommy silently, she didn't even make a sound when Toby inserted the IV needle.

At the hospital she was wheeled straight into one of the ER cubicles and Liv began to check if she was injured. Toby and Oz stood leaning against the wall.

"So earlier, are you gonna talk about it?" Oz asked looking at Toby with a serious look on his face.

"There's nothing to talk about, I just got a bit overwhelmed by all the voices. It can be hard to shut them out sometimes."

"And that's it," Replied Oz looking sceptical at Toby's nonchalant attitude.

"Yes that's it." Toby said sharply not meeting Oz's eyes.

"Whatever you say man"

Sometimes he can be such a prick, I'm meant to be his best friend.

"I heard that," Toby said.

"Well it's true and it's about time you realised it" Oz said before wondering off in the direction of the reception to try and chat up the new receptionist.

Toby leaned against the wall dammit I forgot my toothbrush OWWWW this doctor I dog cheese fuck I would do her cable look up on youtube could kill him hate hospitals phone blood. He clutched his head as hundreds of thoughts invaded his mind and he was instantly brought back to his first day in middle school where the sheer number of people in the corridors had caused him to break down. Toby slipped down the floor and sat with his head between his knees willing the whole hospital to stop thinking.

You could burn it William, a flash of images crossed his mind with him walking between the flames as everyone he knew burned around him, Go-on I know you want to, more images of the whole hospital burning with the little girl asleep in her bed in the middle of it, It would be so easy just set a couple of the curtains on fire and the whole hospital would go down in flames, Toby saw more images of the whole ER exploding Go on William, your mother did.

Toby lurched up, he was surrounded by nurses and doctors. In front of him Liv was kneeling down with a torch in her hand, he fell back to the floor and vaguely wondered how he had got from leaning against the wall to lying in the middle of the ER. There was something wet on his face and he moved his hand up to feel the blood pouring out of his nose.

"Toby, can you hear me!" it was only then that Toby realised that Liv was talking, he tried to form a coherent answer but could only moan in response. "Okay you guys get him onto a bed," Liv was speaking again but Toby couldn't process what she was saying, his mind was muggy and confused. Vaguely he felt himself being lifted up into the air and onto something soft.

William you're being naughty!

Toby tried to struggle slightly desperate to escape the hospital and the voice. However that latest attack had left him weak and Toby couldn't escape the feeling that the voice wasn't coming from the hospital but from a lot further away.

"Toby, calm down" It was then that the worried face of Liv came back into view and Toby realised that he had been struggling against the people around him trying to escape the voice.

"Is he okay? What happened?" It was then that Oz skidded into view holding a coffee cup that had spilled all over his hand but he hadn't noticed. Oz leaned in to inspect Toby.

"Mm'fine" Toby slurred his eyes were feeling heavy.

"What happened?" Oz turned to Liv for his answer.

"I don't know I just turned around and he was having a seizure, I'll order some tests but I have a sneaking suspicion that it could be because of the whole telepathy thing" Liv's voice turned to a whisper at the end of her sentence not wanting any curious nurses to hear.

People's thoughts were returning to Toby's head with a vengeance now and rather than fighting it he let them full his head into a low humming noise which was making him even more tired.

I'm coming to find you!

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