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Chapter Four

William why haven't you been listening to me? Are you trying to make me angry?

The first thing Toby was aware of was a rhythmic beeping sound, he opened his eyes where a fluorescent white light filled his vision, blinding him. Toby quickly shut his eyes again and listened more. He could hear a gentle drip of the IV and the pitter-patter of footsteps out in the corridor. Toby deduced that he was in a hospital, though for what reason he did not know why. Toby listened again to the beeping sound until he fell back into unconscious.

William I'm coming to get you.

Toby woke again, this time he opened his eyes straight away. There was a nurse in the room, she was fiddling with a grey clip that was attached to his big toe. The room was darker than it was earlier and there wasn't anyone walking in the corridor outside his room.

"Hello, Toby," The nurse said moving around the bed to where his head was, so she could look down over moaned, his brain felt oddly disconnected from the rest of his body. He felt like the world was moving in slow motion. "It's okay sweetie, you go back to sleep now," The nurse said and toby drifted off back to sleep.

William this is the last time I am going to ask for you! Come see me right now or I will have to act.

Toby woke and he could feel motion, he opened his eyes and looked up to see moving white squares of light above him. He was struggling to figure out what was going on when a face appeared above him, it was a porter.

"Hello, back with us are you?"

"What's," Toby said weakly.

"We're taking you down for an MRI scan," the man said.

"Why?" Toby had a bit more strength in his voice now,

"I don't know I'm afraid, I just push the beds around," The man said smiling.

Toby was feeling tired again, but he tried to stay conscious. The hospital was in full swing, and he felt like as if the bed was swinging with it. Everyone was just a blur of bright colours to him. After what seemed like only a few seconds they arrived at the radiology department, he had never been to this part of the hospital before and looked around to the huge white machine in front of him.

"Now Toby, we are going to move you onto the MRI machine and then it is going to move you inside it. Only your head will be inside the machine, okay? And you'll be in there for about 10 minutes. Is that okay?"

Toby barely understood what the man in the white coat had said, so he nodded and they helped him on to the MRI table. Everything felt nauseating, and he drifted off again...


She is going to die because of you, you know that right?

Toby awoke, and the last thing he remembered was being in the MRI room. He wondered if something had gone wrong and that was why he was back in his room.

"Hey, Toby!" He heard and looked over to see his Oz sitting in the chair next to him.

"Hey," Toby realised there was something on his face that hadn't been there before and he reached up to take it off.

Oz grabbed his arm lightly, "hold it there bud, you need that. It's an oxygen mask."

"Why?" Toby didn't need to say anymore when Oz cut in.

"You had a seizure, do you not remember?" Toby shook his head, "well you scared the hell out of me."

This is all your fault you know

Toby's face scrunched up in pain as he put his hand to his temple.

"Do you have a headache?"

"Yes, only when she talks to me though." Toby said.

"When who talks to you?"

"The woman, I have to get out of here Oz!" With that said Toby started moving in an attempt to get up out of bed.

"Hey hold it Toby, you can't leave you're sick," Oz said standing up and resting his hand on Toby's chest.

"You don't understand!" Toby said ripping off his oxygen mask, "She gonna hurt her!"

"Hurt who? Just tell me and I'll get detective Marks to have a look at it, sound good?"

"Get off me!" Toby said, struggling in earnest. He ripped out his IV and blood started to trickle out of the wound. Oz stood there unsure of what to do, he looked around and sounded the alarm. Which only seemed to make Toby more eager to get out, but three nurses and a doctor came flooding into the room and held him down.

"Look, Toby you have to calm down." One of the doctors said, Oz stood back against the wall still feeling helpless.

"Fine, fine. But you have to listen to me, a little girl's life is at risk. You have to save her." Toby said, collapsing back onto the pillow admitting defeat.

"I see you've woken up, how are you feeling Mr Logan?" The doctor asked, he was young looking, about the same age as Toby with a shock of ginger hair and piercing green eyes.

"I'm fine, what happened?" Toby asked.

"You had a seizure in the ambulance, you've been in and out of consciousness for the last two days." Toby stared at the young doctor, he'd missed two days without even realising it. One of the nurses moved forward to him and grabbed his hand to reattach the IV, he instinctively pulled away his hand.

"I need to pop another IV in, you're sick Mr Logan, it'll help you." the nurse said and Toby moved his hand back towards her and she popped the catheter in. Toby flinched slightly at the needle going but didn't move to stop her.

Toby looked back towards the doctor, "What's wrong with me then doc?" he said smiling a little.

"To be honest, we don't know, when we did the EEG your brain was firing off electrical impulses at such a high voltage the technician didn't know what to make of it. And your MRI showed results like we've never seen before, your brain was just a mess of unexplained activity. It also showed some swelling on the brain, just about everywhere really. It's a wonder you are even awake right now"

"What does that mean?"

"Well to be honest we don't know, we've never seen anything like this before." The doctor said, pausing waiting for Toby to respond but none came "Do you have any other questions?" The doctor asked

"No, no, thank you doc." Toby said.

Oz sat down on the lime green chair next to the bed, the plastic coating squeaked as he sat down. The noise filled the room and Toby glanced over at his friend before returning to staring at the ceiling.

"So, it's been hell around here with you out of it. Liv has been running around the ER shouting at everyone who looks at her funny; Charlie keeps making up excuses to come to the hospital and even Ryder has been acting strange." His voice lowered to a whisper, "He's being really nice to me."

Toby smiled, "Glad to know you all worried about me, has Charlie made any headway with the case?"

Oz's smile fell, "Look Toby you are in no condition to be working a case, Charlie is a good detective she can figure out those fires without your help."


"No buts you are not allowed to do anything that requires you to use your telepathy until further notice." Oz said, a sense of authority in his voice that almost had Toby agreeing with him.

"Okay, I'll stay away I promise, just let me talk to Charlie about what I saw when I was out, it could help," Toby said.

"Fine, fine, whatever don't listen to me." Oz said, "You are going to kill yourself Toby, you already nearly did it!" With that, Oz stood up and left the room. He didn't want to get really angry with Toby while he looked so ill. Toby watched him walk past the window in his room and disappear into the hospital and then resumed his previous activity of staring at the ceiling trying to keep the voices out of his head.


Time passed but Toby wasn't sure how much, he hadn't slept, he had been blocking out his telepathy. The most effective way to do this was just to stare at the ceiling completely focused on keeping the voices away. Nurses had come and gone but he just continued to stare and when he tried to sleep something was stopping him everytime he shut his eyes for longer than a few seconds he would be forced awake by a sharp pain in his head. He was jolted out of his daze when the door opened and Liv walked in.

"Hey Toby" She said and reached for his chart, scanning it before putting it back in its place.

"Hey Liv, so are you my doctor then?" Toby asked.

"No, Dr Wainwright is, i'm an ER doctor and you're in intensive care." Liv said gently, using her doctor voice.

"Oh really, I don't think my condition is that bad," Toby said, "Speaking of not feeling that bad, mind if you help me up."

"Toby, have you seen yourself recently. You are not getting up today, maybe when you are feeling stronger." Toby sat up slightly, just the movement caused his head to flare up and he instinctively put his hand up to his forehead. This only caused more pain, and he scrunched up his face in pain. "Toby are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine, just give me a second." He said breathing heavily. Liv obliged, resting her hand on his and sitting down on the chair. The pain in Toby's head receded and for the first time Toby really examined himself. He had an NG tube in his nose, Toby was baffled as to how he had missed that before, he also had a catheter downstairs for waste disposal. The very thought made Toby feel embarrassed, he had an IV in his left hand and a pulse oximeter on his right big toe. Luckily Toby noticed the oxygen mask hadn't been put back after his escape attempt earlier, so they must be thinking he was a little bit better.

"Feeling better?" Liv asked.

"Much thank-you," Toby said. The two of them continued to chat, neither of them mentioning the elephant in the room that was Toby's illness and Toby loved her for that. He could tell she was very worried but she wasn't visiting him as a doctor but as a friend.

All of that changed just as Liv was about to leave, they were just saying their goodbyes when Toby had another tonic-clonic seizure, Liv ran forward to hold Toby onto the bed so that he wouldn't fall off and she hit the call button. It was all over within about 15 seconds but they felt like the longest 15 seconds of her life. Two nurses had flooded into the room without Liv noticing and the ginger doctor ran in just as Toby muscles had stopped spasming.

Toby's eyes opened, "Whaat," He slurred.

"Don't worry Toby you had a seizure, you'll be alright the effects will wear off soon," Liv said leaning over to look at Toby in the eyes. He groggily shut and then opened them again, only half aware of his surroundings. A sharp jolt ran through his body like a flash of lightning and he spasmed on the bed. Everyone around him moved closer.

"Can't sleep," Toby said, "Huurts,"

"What do you mean? Toby you can sleep if you want to, it's perfectly normal after an event like that." Liv said, worry thick in her voice.

"No, it hurts," Toby said moving his hand and gesturing towards his head. Toby shut his eyes again, unable to fight a wave of exhaustion that had come upon him. He had almost dozed off when the sharp pain came back and he was forced to open his eyes again. His eyes were watering up with a combination of the pain, confusion and exhaustion.

"Okay get me 10mg of morphine," Said the doctor to one of the nurses and she walked out of the room and returned with a needle which she injected into the IV.

Toby's eyes rolled and returned to the spot on the ceiling, the pain had dulled slightly but it still felt like someone was hammering a thousand nails into his brain. The pain had spread slightly to his arms and legs as well, they ached dully.

"Toby, Toby are you with us?" Liv said waving her hand over his eyes. Toby heard her but didn't have the energy to respond. He just continued to stare at that spot, unable to sleep, or to react to anything around him.

"Don't worry 'mam," The doctor said, "Seizures like that can leave a patient very confused and disorientated, the pain medication should send him to sleep."

"I know, I'm a doctor." Liv said angrily, "But I think this is more than just post-seizure disorientation."


"Hey Toby, Oz said you wanted to talk to me." Charlie's voice came from the chair, and Toby turned to look at her, he hadn't even noticed her coming in.

"Did you get any information about Hollydew?" Toby asked cutting straight to the point.

"Yes, but I'm not sure you should be working on this," Charlie said, reluctant to tell him.

"Please, Charlie I've got some more information on the case and I may be able to piece something together in here."

"Look Toby I am under strict instructions not to make you agitated, Oz and Liv are very protective over you, you know that right. They have been spending all the free time they have looking over your charts trying to figure out what they can do to help. I hope you can appreciate that." Charlie said.

"Charlie I can help with this case, I may be in a hospital bed but I'm not useless,"

"Listen I heard about your little escape attempt the other day, you have to promise me you won't leave this room"

"I promise Charlie,"

"Okay, okay" Charlie said, sighing before continuing "Both Christine Donnelly and Lucy Evans were treated at Hollydew as you know, but they weren't treated by the clinic doctors there. Your friend Ray treated them." Toby raised his eyebrows at that, "He also came in to treat five other patients, all of whom are either dead or missing. A Mr Andrew Ackles, and a Mrs Georgina King are missing, Georgina King has been missing for about eighteen months now, Andrew has been for about a two weeks,"

Toby, silently took in all the information before replying, "Sarah Donnelly, Christine's daughter has been kidnapped. She's being held somewhere with a blonde woman, it's a dark room, damp too possibly underground."

"Who did you read to get that?" Charlie asked.

"Sarah, but I don't think she is nearby, I think I read her from a lot further away than most people." Toby said, his voice was getting quieter.

"Okay I'll look right into it, but you look after yourself Toby," Charlie said patting Toby's hand before standing up to leave the room. "I'll find her, don't worry. Get some rest," Charlie said just as she reached the door. And with that she was gone.


Toby had had two seizures in the last two hours when Ray came to visit him. His condition was a lot worse. The neurology department had attached electrodes to his head to perform a 24 hour EEG and his hair was thick and matted with 20 electrodes attached to it, the wires led to a small black recording device on a table at the top of Toby's bed. The wires were many different colours and shone brightly against his jet black hair.

Toby also hadn't slept since he had first properly woken up, which had been about twenty four hours ago. His eyes were red and bloodshot and his brain seemed to be running at a hundred miles an hour. Luckily those last twenty four hours had been completely silent, not even the woman had been able to break through Toby's barriers. Toby was now solely concentrating on keeping the barriers up, even the ceiling had lost its interest. His eyes were open but unseeing, all he could concentrate on was keeping up his defenses.

"Hey Toby, how are you feeling?" Ray's voice came through the clouds of Toby's brain. Toby blinked and his eyes moved in his general direction,

"Just peachy," Toby croaked

"Look I have an idea, I am going to prescribe you with the same drug I prescribed when you were 15, it seemed to work at reducing the intensity of your gift then and hopefully it'll work now." Ray got out a small white cardboard box, "I'm afraid I only have it oral form so you are going to have to swallow it okay?"

Toby nodded, both to the fact he could swallow it and to give permission to Ray to let him give him the drug. Ray stood up and pocked two pills out of the foil and plastic container. Toby opened his mouth and Ray dropped the pills inside, they tasted horrible and Toby had to quell the urge to gag. He managed to swallow them despite the acidic taste and he looked up at Ray who was smiling gently.

"Okay it should take about half an hour to take effect," Ray said sitting down on the chair, "You just get some rest,"

Ray was half asleep on the chair, the rhythmic sounds of the machines around him lulling him to sleep, when Toby spoke. "Hey Ray,"

"Toby!" Ray said standing up suddenly a huge great big grin on his face that lit it up completely. "How are you feeling?"

"A lot better, I don't have to concentrate on keeping the voices out."

"Good, good." Ray said, noticing the way Toby's eyes were drooping slightly, "Get some rest Toby." And for the first time in two days Toby felt like he could oblige with that statement.


Toby had always dreamshared as he called it that being when he slept his dreams would combine with those around him. So he could be having a dirty dream about Liv while his neighbour would be dreaming about werewolves and the two would mix together to create a strange confusing mess. But that night was different, he didn't dream so much as feel and see the lives of everyone in the city simultaneously. It was completely unlike anything he had ever felt before. It wasn't painful or even difficult for his brain to compute, it was like his gift had become him. He knew that Linda Shaws half way across town was watching Canada's next top model at the same time as Ralph the Bookie was being robbed at gunpoint. He couldn't see Sarah or the lady with red pointed nails, but Toby was secretly relieved about that it would have ruined the beauty of 200000 minds all talking in his head at once.

When Toby woke he was almost disappointed to be gone from his dream world, in that sleep he hadn't been Toby Logan the paramedic and part time detective he'd been everyone in the city he'd had sex with a hundred different people at the same time, he'd had a child, he'd spoken a thousand different languages and Toby didn't want to leave it. In the real world he was sick and could barely move, his body rebelling against his gift and children were being hurt.

Toby opened his eyes and saw a woman above him, she had jet black hair and sapphire eyes. She also had red painted nails.

"It's time to go William," she said.