They were everywhere.

They've finally cornered us, the soulless, mindless, frighteningly deadly automations had finally tracked us down, and we were about to die.

Surrounded by my enemies, I growled low, if for no one else's benefit but my own. These semi-living soldiers could hear my threat, but lacked the care or even the ability to register it. I turned to the reason for my existence, the essence of my soul, my Ashlee, and squeezed her hand for what would most likely be the last time.

"I love you," I whispered through what would be tear streaked eyes, if such a thing were possible. "Until the end of time," she replied softly, quoting the inscription on our wedding bands.

I slowly crouched into a position that was burned into my bones, with skill that surpassed others of my kind with centuries of more experience.

Behind me, my love shivered, although it was blisteringly hot. She was afraid. I would fight for her until there was literally nothing left of me.

I raised a vicious battle cry, enough to make even the lifeless devils pause for one second. Ashlee began to gather the force within her and I charged my first target.

She unleashed the power that saved us, and the power that damned us.