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In the darkened room, a man brooded quietly. He refused the company of his companions; always letting them down gently, in docile tones. Both of them would give him a look to suggest 'You need to be more…more….' he, of course, could hear no such thoughts. Instead, their eyes would pierce him insistently, telling him what he must do. He knew in the back of his mind the practicality of what they were telling him. He just didn't want to see the expressions painted on the beautiful faces he had grown so accustomed to.

He could picture their voices so clearly in his mind; bell chimes so alluring it would drive him mad. Hearing their voices so clear; sensual baritones and undulating tenors, all wrapped in soft chimes and eerie harps. The way the sounds swam in his head-he was dizzy now, and black patches curled at the edges of his vision. He couldn't move-the suddenness of ill feeling startled him.

He hadn't eaten in a while-he ignored the insistent hunger; the pull of his natural instincts screeched at him. Normally, he resisted until he no longer could, but it these past few days were different. For some reason, he resisted much harder than usual; his hunger had now ebbed into a dull throbbing. He had shut him self up for that last couple days. It was all because of Lestat-that stupid fight-no, he wouldn't think about that.

At the mere thought of that and Lestat sent him into this strange pain. His green eyes blinked rapidly, trying to clear away an image of Lestat. Lestat looking so perfect-that mane of pale gold hair that framed such a marvelously angled face. Those iridescent eyes reflecting every single vibrant emotion. His full, well-shaped lips opening and revealing the pearly fangs.

The way Lestat moved, his feline form full of rich vitality. They way he hummed or sang as he moved. Lithe muscles rippling beneath flawless alabaster skin. His skin sheathed in the finest clothing of the time. Soft silk, intricate patterns on blazing colors. Fabrics gracefully moving in a way that enhanced his temperament.

What a temperament-indulging in the most mundane of things in his mind. However, at times, Lestat seemed to have such thought provoking insights that it startled him. It even scared him at times to see brief moments of gentleness cross his features-making him wish for Lestat to look at him like that, the same way he did when they first met: an angel.

Wait. Where was all this coming from? What little blood he had in his body rushed into his face. What had come over him? Lestat wasn't like that-not really. Wasn't he? He was a bad teacher, impractical with money, a show off, and cared too much for frivolous things. He irritated Louis to no end-how he wished things to be different. If only-no. That train of thought was getting no where; Lestat would never be anything different than what he was. Why wish for something that would never happen, no matter how bad he wanted Lestat to be different.

Wait did he really want that? Yes he did. He wanted Lestat to be-no stop. An unexpected rush went through Louis. He felt so tired; he really ought to lay down. That fight really drained him more than he thought; that fight was a couple days ago. That fight-

'Oh stop complaining-what did you expect?!' Louis berated himself silently.

Louis really needed to lie down. Why was he feeling so ill? He stood up-too fast; a wave of…Louis winced. He didn't want to think about this. He pushed the doors opened; he could hear Lestat coming up the steps, he was whistling a merry tune. Louis had to move to his own room quickly; he didn't want to be around Lestat at all.

Why wouldn't his legs go faster?! Louis could hear him self breath heavily-he didn't expect moving to be so hard. The brass handle turned-

"Louis?" Lestat looked so surprised.

"ahh…" Louis felt oddly embarrassed.

Louis tried to move swiftly, he needed to get to his room; his vision blurred, and another round of throbbing pain shot through him. Spots dazzled his vision, and the floor looked a mere inch from his face-

"Louis?!" Lestat sounded alarmed.

Louis felt himself stop. A warm body pressed next to him; the thirst started to wake up. The body was firm and oddly comforting. Louis was being shifted around to be more comfortable to be carried; his head gently pressed against Lestat's chest-Lestat's-

Another ripple of thirst shot through Louis, making him flush again. His mouth felt dry-

"Idiot. You need to feed-you've been starving yourself haven't you?!" Lestat sounded angry.

"I-" Louis couldn't get past that. He really felt parched and cracked.

"Come on. Sit down." Lestat didn't sound as angry anymore.

Lestat set Louis gently down on their sleek sofa. Louis made a soft noise of protest at the lack of contact. Lestat smiled at him, lifting one slender hand to his neck, and he sliced a deep line into his neck. As he did this he spoke:

"Now Louis, we have talk about this later-when you can actually articulate your point." Lestat smiled at the effect he made.

Louis audibly gasped at the sight of the blood; at the way it looked so red and gleaming against Lestat's white throat. Louis's hunger flared fully into life. His lips parted; he knew vaguely that there was no way to resist this, and at this point he didn't particularly want to. Louis tried to contain himself, moving slowly towards Lestat. Louis's tongue poked out, his fingers brushed any stray piece of hair clinging to Lestat's neck.

Louis shifted closer to Lestat, his green eyes glazed over. Louis's tongue licked at the blood; Lestat felt a shiver go through him. Louis's tongue was moving faster now, trying to get as much of the precious liquid as he could. His lips paused when they felt the pulse in Lestat's neck; those lips parted, and Louis suddenly sunk his teeth into Lestat's neck.

"Louis!" Lestat gasped out.

Louis was nearly in Lestat's lap; he felt he had to be closer to him. The tide like sensations of the blood flowing out of Lestat and into Louis, going in and out. The dizzying heights, and rapid plunges. Louis felt a frenzied heat, rapidly filling him up, completing him and sending his senses into a revenged state, needing more and never wanting the ecstasy to end. He need to be closer to him-Lestat's cries were driving him over the edge.

Louis pressed himself harder into Lestat, bending over him and twisting Lestat onto his back. Louis felt the blood flow through him, zipping into his pores and hardening him up.

"L-Louis.." Lestat groaned slowly.

Louis felt Lestat writhe beneath him, struggling, and his legs bent out. Louis doubled over, straddling the blonde underneath him. Their hips grinding together; both could feel the other quivering against each other. Lestat was speaking now-his back arched up, hitting Louis so hard he yelled through his mouth clamped over Lestat's neck.

Louis felt himself be pulled away; he cried out in protest.

"Enough, my beautiful one." his clear eyes looking like melted glass.

"Lestat.." his voice was thick.

Lestat had a firm, but gentle grip on Louis's shoulders. Lestat leaned against him, his luminescent hair tickling Louis cheek. Both of them were panting heavily, and Louis felt the strangest surges of feelings. Lestat was looking attractively disheveled, his mouth petal pink and parted. His eyes were still half-lidded over, and his hair fell in a messy bang around him like a halo.

Lestat looked over Louis, who was panting just as hard, and some blood was stuck to his lips; his deep green eyes sparkling in a way Lestat was sure he hadn't seen before. Lestat ran a hand through his hair, and brushing it away from his face.

"Well? Feel better?" he already knew the answer.

"Lestat…you…are the damndest creature I've ever met!" his eyes seemed to split into various fragments of emotion.

Lestat started-he had heard that line before, and he smiled. He couldn't tell what all of the emotions Louis was feeling at the moment, but he could tell he wasn't completely angry with him. He smiled; how true was that statement. Well Louis was the one he had fell so fatally.. Lestat smirked; what a pair they could make.

"Well I-"


The fine mahogany door slammed wide open; Claudia had returned. Both immortals were so surprised they leapt straight off the couch; Claudia's large doll like eyes blinked in surprise at the reaction. Before either man could react, she smirked knowingly and walked to her room, shutting the door with an ominous click.

The two men turned to each other, completely flabbergasted.


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