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AN: This really just took hold of me, and I had to let it out. This is Claudia' POV.


A Feeling

I know the feeling of life. Even one such as I. Yes I know the feeling of life. Shall I tell you? It is the rumbling beneath your feet. Like a huge beast; it vibrates with a hunger that can never be quenched. It starts in the soles of your feet, and travels upwards, and settles deep into your bones-more intimate than you've ever known.

Can you hear your heart beat? Feel its lusty pump? That is what it is, the deepness that never cease, but instead rises to fever pitch-you'll never be able to contain it-your body was not meant for holding so much, for being so full-that's why we die.

Inside the outer frailty, is this beast. The hunger that forever claws its way to the surface, never able to break the fa├žade of pale, delicate flesh. As white as alabaster, a sleek moon glow. Even when disease ridden, fetid and raw like soil without the sun, even if the blood you spew is black-beneath the sickness and fragility is the throbbing vitality.

Just bubbling beneath, always fighting to get out-for a chance to run before death gives chase. It is the destiny of man.

Even if I should never grow-I will still know this. Know this great secret, and scribe it onto my small, child's body. I shall know this, but only feel it in small shades; I will forever be in the whitewashed garden, doomed to never be cast out. I long to let the devil give chase, and feel that heat, and eventually let it explode out of myself before seeping into the comfortable cool of the dark.

In a way, I am just like you.