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Summary: I grew up not knowing my father. My mother raised me the best she could, though sometimes it was a little too much for her. I was a spoiled brat, according to the other Stranded.

"Deejay Hamilton, report to Sergeant Fletcher at once!" A deep voice boomed through the speakers; I rolled my eyes. I didn't come here of my own free will, I got conscripted because I was the only male in my family. That's what happens when you take Operation Lifeboat. Anyway, I have two older sisters, but they're only related to me through our momma. Their dad died long ago on Emergence Day. Mom won't tell me anything about MY father, and I dunno why. Maybe it's because she's scared he's still alive..? Like I said, I don't know. Hey, I think it'd be totally cool if he's in the COG army right now! But that's just me. Anyhoo, let's move on with the show.

I trudged up the steps into the courtyard, looking around for this so called Sergeant Fletcher dude. Or dudette. The one thing that annoys me about the COG is that they allow women soldiers that cannot get impregnated due to conditions. Even if they are inconceivable, they should be back at home helping their families or something. Yeah, right. With the way the war's going I doubt that will ever happen. I'm seventeen years of age, so I don't know much yet but most of my opinions about certain things have already been formed.

Someone tapped me on my armor clad shoulder, and I reluctantly turned around. My mouth open ready to fire some damn good insults. However, the man before me was much larger and definitely heaps more muscular. Did that stop me? No. "What the fuck you want?" I snapped, my bad mood quite obvious. The man raised a bushy eyebrow, cracking his knuckles rather threateningly. "Talk to me like that again, boy, and I'll put you in your place." It was then I realised he was the Sergeant I was supposed to report to. Shit. "Sorry Sir..." I hung my head in respect.

Sergeant Fletcher shook his head. "Doesn't matter... you need to learn some respect for all your fellow Gears. Not just your superiors." He scowled. My dark brown eyes narrowed slightly, though I did my hardest to bite down on my loose tongue. "Got somethin' ya wanna say, Private?" The Sergeant was baiting me, and he knew it. "Yeah. Fuck you." I nodded, and started walking away. Damn it! My tongue had overpowered my will... again. I was always argumentative and a smartass to my sisters, but never to my momma. If there was anything good about me, it was that I loved Mom with all my heart and did everything she asked me to.

Next thing I knew I was on the ground clutching a bleeding nose. The Sergeant smirking down at me. "You got a lot to learn, Hamilton... here in the army we don't take shit from pipsqueaks like you. Now, your first order is to head to the training grounds. Augustus 'Cole Train' Cole is training you rooks." He told me, stalking off. "And get that nose cleaned up!"

I flipped him the bird behind his back, grumbling. After the bleeding stopped, I immediately followed some new rooks to the training grounds where a big black Gear was standing in the middle of. He waved to us, gesturing our large group over. "This is the training grounds, yo! I'm Cole Train, the one that'll be teachin' ya rooks everythin' on how to fight!" Cole shouted, and along with a few others we grimaced blocking our ears. He gave a few hearty laughs at the sight of us, pulling our hands away from our ears individually.

"There's gon' be larger sounds than me yellin', ladies! And ya gon' have to get used to it." He smirked slightly; though overall he didn't seem like a bad guy to me. I scratched my shaven head, waiting for our next instructions.

"Alright rooks, show me how to get into cover..."

A/N: I haven't revealed much of Deejay's appearance because it'll give away who his father is. Maybe next chapter, hehe.