"Get up, rook!" A blond soldier with blue armor growled down at me. I groaned, shaking my head. The group of rooks I was training with were dead quiet. He pointed his Lancer at me, and I quivered on the ground. Momma was the only one who knew I had a gigantic fear of guns. Any gun, even if a pistol. "Haha, can't believe it! The kid's scared o' you, Baird!" Cole hooted heartily, clapping the blond on his back.

Baird's cold ice blue eyes narrowed; whether at me or his fellow Gear I'm not sure. But he did look annoyed. "Get up kid." He gritted his teeth, a dangerous look written all over his battle hardened face. Staggering to my feet, I kept my eyes on the ground. I felt fucking ashamed; even though I was supposed to hate Gears because of me being a Stranded and all.

Baird shoved a Boltok pistol into my left hand, and pointed to a distant target. "Shoot that. Now." He ordered gruffly. I raised the trembling pistol, trying to focus on my aim. Just when I thought I had it under control, I squeezed the trigger and the weapon let off a loud bang. I screamed (yeah, yeah, shut the fuck up) and threw the pistol up in the air. Taking off for the nearest wall I could find, crouching behind it.

By now my whole body was shaking badly, and I couldn't bring myself to wipe away the tears that were flowing down my face. No doubt Cole and Baird, even the rooks, were making great fun of me. I buried my head in my knees, not bothering to even attempt to muffle the sobs that were escaping my throat.

First thing I heard was the loud footsteps of a heavily armor clad person. Oh shit. Here comes Baird or Cole or both of them to yell at me. Even worse, laugh at me. Now I fully understood why us Stranded loathed the stupid pathetic Gears. Wiping my eyes hastily, I stared at the boots facing me. "What?" I mumbled, not bothering to look up to see who it was. Let me say this, I was beyond surprised when the person sat down next to me.

His face a helmet mystery. "Chris Carmine.." The dude held out a gloved hand, and I glanced at it. I bit down on my bottom lip rather harshly, and I hesitantly took his hand. "Deejay.." I replied. We shook firmly for a few moments before withdrawing them.

An awkward silence seemed to creep up upon us, though after a few moments I began to suspect Chris was only here because he had been ordered to. "You here 'cause they sent you?" I jerked my thumb in the direction of the assholes, but Chris shook his head.

"No... I figured you could use a friend." He shrugged his shoulders and for a second I wondered if he was smiling. "Oh yeah? What made you 'figure' that?" I questioned, raising a dark eyebrow in his direction.

Chris tilted his head towards me. "If you don't want a friend.." He began, slowly starting to stand. Panic flitted through my mind at the thought of being a loner before I realised; Deejay Hamilton does NOT befriend Gears!

"Don't need one, don't want one." It was my turn to loosely shrug. Damn I wish he'd take off his helmet, so that I could get the satisfaction of seeing the offended expression written all over his pathetic Gear face. "Well, it was good to meet ya..." Chris saluted before marching away. There goes your one and only chance at making a friend... the small voice taunted me, causing an annoyed growl to erupt from my throat. I don't need friends!

Hearing my name be called, I reluctantly got up and trudged over to Cole and Baird. I noticed the rook group were gone. "What the fuck's wrong with ya?" Mr Blue Eyed Grouchy Ass grunted, watching me intently. I stood tall, towering over the stupid Gearhead. He didn't seem intimidated, however. "I'm a Corporal, so watch yourself." He spat, walking away.

Cole merely shook his head, chuckling. "Sorry 'bout Baird, baby. He's always shitty. But if ya lucky enough to catch him in his good mood.... well, you'll have to see for yourself." He fell into step with me as we walked back into camp. I was curious to see what they would be serving for dinner, as it was sunset by now. "You remind me of someone.." Cole suddenly commented, looking deep in thought. "Well, you musta seen a lot of good ol' Stranded in your days.." I sighed, wondering if he ever met my mother. Cole grunted in reply, and I left him to dwell on certain memories as I headed to the cafeteria.