Hours later and Dean still had no idea how to turn Sam back. He'd checked every site and book he could think of, but no lore or spell fit. Sam had tried to help, if you can call climbing up his arm with needle like claws to perch on his shoulder and meow in his ear help. Really it was comforting in an odd way, not much different from how he always bitched at him.

They'd tried a reversal spell that didn't really apply but figured it was worth a shot. No effect. He'd finally called Bobby and after the older man got over his surprise, he said he'd see what he could do, he'd never heard of such a thing. Meaning he had no idea either.

The Egyptian on the screen before him blurred and he rubbed his tired eyes. "Translation, we're screwed."

A tiny snort had him looking down as Sam stretched and shifted to continue snoozing in his lap. He'd gotten tired after a while and switched places to stay close to Dean while napping. At first when he'd climbed down there Dean had freaked out, I mean yeah Sam was a cat, but it was still weird. Then he'd figured his brother was scared and needed the reassurance of his presence. And again, cat, it's what they do. He'd overlook it, just this once.

Still, he needed some more sleep. Maybe when he woke back up something would come to him. Gently lifting Sam, he placed the cat on his bed. It raised bleary eyes and wobbly tiny head to look at him.

"Sorry buddy, but I'm tired too. We'll start fresh after while, okay?" Cat Sam yawned with seeming acceptance. "I'll be right back. Gotta hit the head."

Dean left his brother to go to the bathroom. When he came back out he stopped to stare. Sam was 'fluffing' the bed with his claws, proceeding over the whole mattress. First down one side then working his way over and down the other. He watched incredulous. "Aw, come on Sam, really?"

The kitten blinked contentedly, continuing to purr and knead. Finally after 4-5 minutes of this, he walked back to the bottom of the bed where he started and curled up for sleep.

Dean's jaw dropped. "All that just to lay back down where you started?" A solitary green eye cracked open, giving him a look that said, 'Hey. Cat.'

Sam thought he'd been more than kind in 'preparing' the bed for them both. It wouldn't do to insult feline hospitality. He knew that instinctively. Funny how he understood cats so much better now that he was one.

Dean sighed and gave up, walking to sit on the bed. Looked like Sam was sleeping with him. Man that sounded wrong. "Try and respect personal space, 'kay Sammy?"

Cat Sam didn't acknowledge him and he laid down for a fatigued rest. He awoke to a loud "Raeow!" in his left ear.

"Ugh." He reached a hand up to shove the annoying little brother back. "What the hell Sam? Personal space, remember?"

Tiny eyes narrowed and the feline dressing down began. "Rewow! Meow raow feh!" Sam nearly hissed.

Dean's brows shot up. "Oookay." He was at a loss, what'd gotten into Sam now? A tiny paw did a very good semblance of a stomp and then he pranced.

From the blank look on Dean's face he still didn't get it. Agitated and near desperate, Sam jumped down and ran to look into the john.

"What is it?" Dean followed, confused, peering in. "I don't get it."

Sam growled low in his throat and walked to the toilet, looking up. He wore the kitten version of his bitch face.

"Huh?" Then the light went on. "Oh. Oh." Dean looked sheepish. "Sorry Sammy. Guess I didn't think about what to do if you had to go." From the way his brother was still prancing he needed to go badly. "What I wouldn't give for a litter box." He muttered.

Sam looked ready to scratch his eyes out. "Ah!" Dean exclaimed as he caught sight of yesterday's paper. He snatched it up and folded it flat onto the floor. "Here. Whizz on this."

Sam was clearly not pleased about this development, but had no choice. He was ready to explode. Sighing, little kitten sides huffing out and looking adorably put upon (so cute Dean had to hide a smile), he did his business.

Dean laughed at the look of relief that passed the kittens face. "Better?"


He was still grinning when his stomach growled. "I'm starved, how 'bout you Sammy?"

"Merow." His brother replied.

"I need to run out and get us something for breakfast." He frowned. "Just what do I get you? I mean, you're a cat now. Should I get cat food or something?"

Wow. He had no idea cats could look so sinister, but the way Sam glared at him now promised painful bodily harm. He put a hand up. "Easy. I wasn't trying to be a jerk. I just..have no idea what to do."

His brother looks as miserable as he felt and Sam relented with a sigh. He wasn't trying to make this hard on his brother, but he was at a loss too. He walked over and rubbed Dean's ankles and meowed sweetly, letting him know there were no hard feelings.

Dean sighed and picked Sam up, giving in to the impulse to stroke the silky fur. His brother purred and bucked up into his palm. He scratched behind the tiny ears. "It's okay, Sam. We'll figure this out. I promise."

Sam relaxed, boneless at the attention and confident in the words. If big brother promised it'd be okay, it would be alright.

"I'll get a breakfast burrito. You should be able to eat the little bits of sausage out of that, right?"

Sam meowed his agreement and Dean sat him on the bed. Tugging on his shoes he looked at him. "I'll be right back."

His brother looked unhappy at the idea of being left behind. "You'll be okay, right?" Dean asked frowning.

Sam walked up to him, kitten eyes out in all force, looking for all the world the most pitiful creature he'd ever seen. He groaned. "Ah, hell Sam. I can't take you with me."

The killer eyes turned up a notch and a tiny paw reached up to bat his fingers. Please, I don't want to stay by myself.

He groaned louder, bested. "Crap. Fine, common. But you better not get puncture marks in my baby's seats."

The kitten gave an exuberant meow of gratitude and climbed into his brother's waiting hand. Dean carried him to the car and once seated, Sam burrowed into one of the inner pockets of his jacket where it was warm and safe. To Dean it felt like a mini heating pad. He shook his head and drove them to McDonald's.


On a hunch he stopped at the grocery store and got some cans of tuna. Both cat and people food, he thought it might appease Sam for dinner. He stocked up as well because he had no idea how long this could last. Please not long.

Curious about the pit stop, Sam poked his head out of Dean's coat. Perfect timing he had, the checkout girl was just ringing him up. He flashed her a guilty look, waiting to be reprimanded for bringing a pet into the store. Instead the woman smiled wide and exclaimed, "Aw! Look how cute! How sweet are you?" She cooed at Sam.

He let out a tiny "purrp" at the attention and showed off how handsome he was. Must be a cat thing he thought. He loved the attention.

Dean smiled too and looked from his brother back to the cashier. "And you are?"


"He's a doll. What's his name?"

"Sam." He answered.

"He's just precious. Can I hold him?"

Dean had been thinking what a chick magnet Sammy was, but that put on the breaks. She seemed nice enough, but he didn't want strangers holding his brother. Trying to find a kind way to refuse, he smiled apologetically and said, "He doesn't really like for anyone but me to hold him. But you can scratch behind his ears. He loves that."

Only mildly disappointed, she did so. Sam soaked it up. She grinned. "He's great."

Dean nodded. "Yeah."

"You know I love animals." She continued ringing him up. "Think you'd want to get together and talk about being owners? I have a few cats myself. I always thought a man who likes animals means he has a good heart."

She said the last randomly, then got shy and smiled awkwardly. "Wow, that was corny."

Dean laughed. "Not at all, I like a girl who speaks her mind." He sobered thinking of Sam's problem. "I'm a bit busy with family stuff right now, but maybe later on?"

She nodded. "Sounds good." She wrote her number on his receipt and handed it to him.

Saying goodbye, he headed back to the car, Sam cushioned back in his pocket. He was feeling pretty upbeat all things considered. He smiled and told Sam, "Man, I had no idea you'd be such a hit with the ladies. I'll have to take you out more often." He chuckled.

Sam's good mood however seemed to have evaporated because at that point he shoved tiny nails into Dean's chest. "Ow! What the hell Sam? Knock it off!"

Sam growled and meowed pissily. He did not approve of his brother using him this way. He liked being petted, taking advantage of his situation went too far. He was still a person. Kind of.

"You try that again and you're riding in the trunk." Dean snapped rubbing his chest. "I don't know what's gotten in to you." He grumbled.

Sam huffed. Just why was he so mad? It wasn't Dean's best moment, but it hadn't been so awful. He couldn't seem to keep control of his emotions or instincts as he should. He was afraid the cat side of him was taking over more the longer this lasted. If it took a while to fix this, would he still be himself? He wished he could talk to Dean about it. Too bad he didn't speak cat.

At the drive thru Dean placed their order and not long after they were back in the room. Picking Sam from his pocket, he sat him on the table in the room. The kitten stretched and sat looking up at his sibling patiently.

Dean sat across from him and picked all the sausage out, putting it on a paper and sliding it to Sam. "Dig in, dude."

He didn't need to be told twice. Before long he had bits of sausage and cheese in his fur and whiskers. Dean chuckled to himself and ate the last of his own breakfast. When the meal was over he started to clean up, but paused to make sure Sam was doing what he thought he was doing.

Yep. Sam was sitting on the table licking himself. First one dainty paw, then he'd wipe it on his face and behind his ear, then he switched paws and did it again. Dean gaped. "Ugh, gross."

Sam ignored him and continued grooming. It was really very soothing. And it was important to stay clean.

Shaking his head Dean walked to the waste basket and threw the bunched up wrappers in. One missed and bounced onto the floor. He started to reach and pick it up when he noticed Sam had perked up and was eying the ball.

With cat stealth he crept across the table, jumping soundlessly to the floor. He stalked his prey, crouching he jacked his butt into the air and shook it. Wait for it. Wait for it. Now! Gotcha! He pounced, diving on the paper, batting it and then rolling with it.

Dean couldn't help it, watching the kittens antics brought on a belly laugh. Seeming to catch himself, Sam realized what he was doing and froze. He looked up at Dean and tried to save face by walking calmly over to the corner and sitting to resume his bath.

He shook his head. As a kitten Sam was deadly cute. He picked up the paper and smirked. "Beat it into submission, eh Sammy?" and then threw it away.

Sam didn't dignify the jab with a response. So he'd lost control for a moment. It was just so bouncy... A sound at the window caught his attention. Ears perked and twitching, Sam tilted his head and listened. This time his creeping took on a deadly vibe. He was a hunter.

Dean lifted a brow and watched to see what his brother would do next. What had him so on edge? The answer didn't take long to find. A bird flapped into the window sill right at the time Sam jumped. Dean could see it happening but had no way to stop it. Still he called out, "Sam, no!"

Too late. An airborne Sam smacked into the glass and bounced off, the startled bird flying to freedom. Dean rushed to his little brother's side. "Damn, are you okay?" He bit his lip and looked Sam over. He sat up on the carpet and shook his furry head. He appeared dazed but unhurt. A huff of breath left Dean, relieved and annoyed he gave the kitten a hard look.

"You could have really hurt yourself. No more of that, hear me?"

Sam for his part looked contrite. He hadn't meant to do it. It was like his rational brain shut down and instinct took over. He mewed softly in promise of never doing it again and Dean rose again shaking his head. Sam acted like he was settling into this cat thing too much for his comfort. They needed to change him back fast. What if he went full on cat and got out of the room? Racing out to climb trees and catch birds, or worse, running in front of cars.

No way. He'd be keeping a close eye on his brother. His brother the cat. This was so messed up.


Bobby called later that day with bad news. He could find no spell to remove the curse, but there was a chance since the curse was incomplete the magic was faulty. It could ware off on it's own, or something small could trigger the breaking. "You boys sit tight and I'll keep lookin'."

He thanked him and hung up. Hang tight. Like they had a choice. Sighing, Dean glanced at his watch. Dinner time. Rising he went to the table and got a can of tuna for Sam and got the roast beef sandwich he'd bought himself from the fridge. Walking over to the kitten he popped the cans top.

Instantly Sam was up from his nap and on his feet, begging at Dean's boots. Man but that smelled good. He had to have it, now. He mewed impatiently. Hurry, hurry.

Dean snorted. "Okay man, chill." He sat the can down with a warning, "Watch for sharp edges." Sam dived into the food, snorting and munching in kitty heaven. It almost made Dean remark on how Sam critiqued his eating habits. Letting it pass, he ate his own meal in companionable silence.

It was after dinner when Dean felt himself grow desperate. Sam had been licking himself again, he shuddered, so nasty. But if that hadn't been bad enough, he'd then come over and hopped on Dean's bed. Dean was watching tv, hands folded behind his head, when he felt the tongue on his neck and face. He froze before jumping up, pushing Sam off.

"What are you doing?" He'd bellowed, alarmed. Sam hadn't looked ashamed, he'd looked hurt. Going to curl up on his own bed and sulk, he ignored his brother. Dean had immediately pulled out the laptop and looked up info on cat behavior. Now he almost, almost, felt bad for how he'd reacted.

The site he found said cats only bathe people or other animals they consider family. Crap. Freaking cat etiquette. Rubbing the back of his neck he sighed and turned to Sam, still facing away from him on the bed. "Sam." No movement. "Sam, I'm sorry, I didn't know." An ear twitched, but that was all. He was listening at least. "I didn't mean to overreact. Alright?" No sign. "Sam we good?"

The kitten unfurled and stretched, then turned to study him. "Raow." He jumped down from his bed and walked back to Dean's, jumping up and waiting.

He smirked. "Okay, I get it. I'm forgiven." He'd sware the cat nodded. Did they nod? It let out a big yawn. "Yeah." He sighed, "I hear ya. Bed time."

Rising Dean crossed to the nightstand and hit the light, then laid down. Sam stretched out on his stomach and released a peaceful snuff. He didn't say a word, just smiled and wished Sam goodnight. "Mew."


It was just dawn when Dean got up. He wasn't sure what had woke him. Frowning he turned and then smiled. Sam lay stretched next to his head on the pillow. That must have been it. Tossing his legs carefully to the side as not to disturb Sam, he got up and went to the bathroom. Washing up he came back out and saw Sam yawning sitting atop the pillow. "Mornin' Sammy."

"Reow." Replied his brother.

He sat back down on the bed and picked up his black work boots, sliding the left one on. Something cold and vile and wet made contact with his socked foot. He stopped, eyes closed, head tipped back. He took a deep breath and pulled it off looking down. A wad of wet, matted brown fur and mucus was stuck to his foot. He glared, murderous. "Sam!"

Sam looked sheepish and meowed softly. It had been an accident, mainly, coughing up a hairball off the bed into Dean's boot. It had crept up on him and he couldn't help it. And if he'd still been upset about him refusing to let him wash him, so what? He was a cat, he'd been insulted and hurt. It affects ones's aim.

Dean, disgusted, peeled the funky sock from his body. "You're lucky I love you or our next stop would be to have you neutered." He scowled at Sam who did it right back. The morning wasn't starting off well. If only he'd had any idea how bad it would get.


Still angry with Sam for his cat stunt, he'd made him stay behind while he got breakfast. It had been pouring rain since yesterday and it was overcast and gloomy out. He was brooding when he pulled back into the motel's parking lot. He was about to grab the bags and run for the door when he saw it. Their door was cracked open and a woman with a cart was coming out.

Maid service, shit. He'd forgotten to put up the do not disturb sign. With a feeling of foreboding he ran to the door. The startled woman jumped and gasped. "Oh!"

"Sorry, uh, how long have you had the door open?" He asked, looking inside for Sam. He hoped he was hiding.

"A few minutes." She answered frowning. Weird but cute.

"All done?"

"Yep." She smiled and shoved off for the next room.

Rushing in, he put the food down and closed the door. "Sam? You can come out now, she's gone." But Sam didn't appear. "Sammy?" He was starting to get a sick pit in his gut.

"Come on man, this isn't funny." No Sam. "I get it, you're still mad. But hiding isn't the answer." With real dread he began to tear the room apart. Under beds, under the nightstand, in the bathroom. Nothing. Sam was gone. "Oh God." Sam had gotten out.

Dean ran from the room scanning the parking lot. "Sam!" He yelled. "Sammy!" He was near beside himself, Sam was just a little kitten. He could be anywhere. Anything could happen to him. "Sam!"

By now the cleaning lady had come out of the other room and was staring at him like he was crazy. "Are you alright, sir?"

"Have you seen a kitten?" He asked her, not caring if she reported it. "A long haired brown one with green eyes."

She frowned. "No, I'm sorry."

Dean closed his eyes, fear crashing over him in waves. Please let him be okay, let me find him.

"I'll keep a lookout." She offered.


He turned and ran a fast check under the cars in the lot. Where could he be? Where would a kitten go? Anyone could have picked him up. Anyone. He ran to the back of the motel and was about to cross the grassy lot to the yards next door when something caught his eye. With all the recent rain the dirty and broken tiled pool now held 6-7 inches of water. Please no.

Heart in his throat he sped for the edge and looked in. Floating in the water was a brown ball of fur. "No!" Dean howled.

Jumping in, he grabbed the tiny cat and felt small bones through the sopping coat. "Oh God, please Sam." His brother wasn't breathing. Pulling off his coat, rain running in his eyes mixing with his tears, he yanked off his shirt and wrapped the kitten in it. Rubbing in a downward and up motion, he tried to work the fluid from his lungs and make Sam breathe. Wet fur stood on all ends from the friction, but his lungs were still.

"Don't you do this Sammy, don't you leave me." He tried again. "Come on Sam." In a last desperate attempt he placed one hand on top and one below the kitten, then flung him downward. He'd seen a vet show once where they did this trying to clear airways and stimulate breathing. Water flew from the tiny mouth and the small breath followed by a cry was music to his ears.

Both soaked now, he cradled his brother to his chest. "You're okay now. I gotcha." He closed his eyes and more tears slid out as he fought to calm down from the intense adrenaline rush. "I know you were pissed at me, but this is going a little far to get back at me, don't you think?"

The lame joke got a tired mew in response and Dean carried his shivering charge back to their room. Asking the maid for a hot water bottle, which surprisingly they had, he set about warming Sam up. He wrapped a towel around it, then placed Sam on it and bundled more around him. Exhausted, Sam lay still with eyes closed and slept.

Dean ran a hand over his face and pulled out a change of dry clothes. Appetite gone, he dressed and called Bobby. This couldn't happen again.


Sam woke feeling fuzzy and confused. He could hear Dean on the phone. "I nearly lost him, Bobby. I don't know what I'd have done." His brother sounded upset, voice gruff. "I don't know. There must be a way."

Sam frowned in confusion and smacked his lips. His mouth tasted gross. Why'd he feel like he had hair on his tongue? "Dean." He said, voice soft and gruff as Dean's. He cleared his throat and tried again. "Dean."

His brother stiffened and slowly turned to look at him, eyes wide and disbelieving. "Sammy?"

"What's going on?" He felt so out of sorts. Looking down he turned beet red and yanked the bedspread over himself. "And why am I naked?"

Dean's eyes lit up and he had a huge grin on his face. He started laughing, almost hysterically and Sam felt worried. What the heck?

"He's back!" Dean told Bobby.


Later when Dean had calmed, hugged Sam in an uncharacteristic show of affection - after Sam had dressed of course, his brother filled him in.

"So I was a cat?"


"For two days?"


"And somehow my drowning set off a nine lives thing and broke the curse?"

"That's our best guess, yeah." He and Bobby both agreed it was most likely Sam's brush with death that reversed it.

"Huh." Was all Sam could say as he tried to absorb everything. He shook his head. "A cat."

"You were cute too. Even got me a phone number. And boy you were entertaining, chasing balls of trash."

Sam frowned. "Shut up."

Dean kept grinning. "You owe me new boots and socks too."

Sam's brows went up. "What? Why?"


Sam's eyes bulged. "No way. I'd never - " He paused and observed the taste in his mouth. "Oh gross," he looked green. "That's what this taste is." He darted into the bathroom for his toothbrush, Dean's laughter behind him.

Smiling, Dean scrolled through the videos on his cellphone. One of a kitten attacking a balled up wrapper, another of his second attempt at catching a bird only to get a face full of window instead. He chuckled and tucked it in his pocket. He'd share them another time. Right after he sent copies to Bobby.

Authors Note: Like I'd really hurt Sam or a kitten. ;) I hope you liked it, thanks for reading.