Yep, it's my first crossover, yep, of course it's with Scooby and- Jurassic Park ?!

Invy: Jurassic Park. Yeah, you guys read right.

Me: I had longer thought about writing a crossover and was discussing with Invy about that. For sure was, Scooby would be involved. Problem's-

Invy: Writing a crover means two themes.

Apps: Crover? And you can believe me when I tell you that I haven't got to close one eyes this night.

Invy: Sure, crover. CROssoVER.

Me: Well, after a bit thinking about this and that, one idea was stuck to both of our thoughts.

Invy: Jurassic Park.

Me: And I still like it.

Apps: Oh. Boy. These two will kill me one time, I'm sure. Anyway: She doesn't owns Scooby or the gang. Neither does she own Jurassic Park, neither movies, nor books.

Me+Invy: Now Enjoy!!

What do you think when your thoughts come to dinosaurs?

Sure, at first, the facts.

Herbivores and carnivores. Some just 30 cm big, some about 10 meter. Died out about millionth of years ago.

But now, let me ask you a question.

What, if they still live?

Strapping the last bands of her backpack, Velma Dinkley's thoughts wandered off.


Normally, the young woman's thought were straight on one thing, the thing she wanted to think about then. You could say organized.

But then, five weeks ago, something happened that changed that.

Changed everything.

When Shaggy Rogers' plane crashed over an unexplored island, it changed everything.

Stupid Shaggy. Why did he had do partake at this contest?

Flying completely alone from the USA to Great Britain, first one in Great Britain is the winner.

For once, the pilot in Shaggy had taken over and he had thought, it could be funny to sign in. He was a pretty good pilot, too. So, why not?

Said, did, and then, he had started.

Everything had been okay.

Until then.

He hadn't been able to tell them, what had been wrong.

Too bad connection, too less time.

Though, he had been able to tell, that something was wrong. Completely wrong. Then, a SOS-signal. Then, hastily spoken coordinates.

Then, nothing.

The signal had gone lost, vanished in nothing but thin air.

Unbelievable that it had took them so long to find out more. After three weeks of fear, something good. The coordinates, Shaggy had been able to tell before he had crashed, were exactly in the middle of a yet unexplored island.

There was a bit of hope, that Shaggy was still living.

A bit.

But the tiniest bit was enough for Mystery Inc. to travel to this island and search for him.

Even if they would just found his dead body, they had to search for him.

They had to know what had happened and there was only one way to find it out.

And exactly this way was the way they were taking right now.

Five weeks.

Shaggy had began to write a diary. One day, one entry.

35 entries. 35 days. Five weeks.

The worst at this situation was, that he didn't know if anybody had gotten his SOS or if they had lost the connection to him before they could hear the distress call and the coordinates.

He was beginning to wonder, if that should be his whole life.

His life had been, until now, a really nice one.

With eight years, getting the best dog and friend, somebody could ever want to have. By moving to Coolsville at the age of fourteen, he had met his best friends. Then, they had never parted. Traveling through country after country, solving one mystery after the other and having a bunch of fun doing it. But then, the contest.

It was supposed to be fun.

Okay, he had to be all alone, even Scooby wasn't allowed to come with him, but he had thought it would be fun.

Until one of the motors gave in, it had been.

Then, the crash.

Rough, hard, painful.

Waking up in a total wreck. The wreck, though had one good side. At the crash, he had been tossed in the back of the plane. What had been pure luck, because later, inspecting the plane, he had found the cockpit dented, the pilot seat squashed in metal. Not only being tossed back had been luck, but also that the cockpit had been dented. There was no out from there now. But that wasn't the lucky thing. There was no in, either. No, by nearer exploring, the plane had been so dented, that the only coming in was through the door now, but you could still lock the door. And the lock was solid. Once the door was locked, there was no coming out. And no coming in.

And the fact, that Shaggy's improved home was totally safe from intruders, was essential for survive.

Because the unexplored, uninhabited thought island wasn't quite as uninhabited as everyone who knew from the island had thought.

No cannibalistic natives, god no.

The inhabitants of the island- some were herbivores and some carnivores.

But all were dinosaurs.

Me: Yep, I know, that's a pretty short chapter, but I just wanted to make yourself familiar with the situation. So, no you know, that Shaggy is lost on an island and the rest of Mystery Inc. is ready to search for him. They don't know it(they just hope for it), but we know, that he's still living. Well, that's for the Scooby part. The Jurassic Park part here is clear.

Invy: That island's filled with creepy dinos.

Apps: You two together, Pia and Invy, I don't know if that combination is should be allowed to go under people.

Me: Man, stop that. After all, it was your idea to wake Invy. But also if you regret it, I just can say thanks! I love the help she gives me. I mean, this story... I love the beginning over there. The first, short part is so cool!

Invy: Sure was nice!

Apps: *sigh* Anyway. Why do this things always hang with me? She'd like-

Me: You, my dear and beloved readers, I'd like you to review. It would be very nice of you, and I'd be honored to hear your opinion of this first crossover of mine. Pleased, Apps?

Apps: Very.