Hey! I am very sorry for the hiatus thing! I just got writer's block and with school I just lost interest for a while. Now that I am two years older than I was when I first started writing this, looking back on it, it seems like very bad writing. I hope that I can do it better now that I am older with better description as I know I did more dialogue then. I will still write a lot of dialogue because that's more interesting but there will be description here and there. I know a lot of people haven't read this in a while so they may have to look at the last two chapters as this is a continuation for the second last chapter! The site has also been giving me a lot of trouble which stopped me from updating but I think it is working now. If you cannot see this can you please tell me so I can know whether or not my account is working.

In this chapter, I tried to go deeper into Alex's thinking as I haven't done that much before. Like how he analyses situations. I am not a young spy so I wouldn't really know so I tried my best. Please tell me how I went.


"... His missions, his parent's deaths, his uncle's death, his bullet wound..."

"Wait what?"

"Oh shit! Wait! You don't know about his career?" Jack asked, twisting the word 'career.'

Thoughts ran through his head, chasing each other as he tried to make meaning out of what the boy's housekeeper had just said. How could this boy have a bullet wound and be going on missions? He was a fifteen year old kid!

"No, I didn't. I didn't know at all!"

"I am in so much trouble! I have just broken all the rules in the Official Secrets Act! Do you know what happens when people break the Official Secrets Act that MI6 asked them to sign?"

"What? MI6?"

"Okay, I am just digging myself into the ground! Do you think that these phone calls are traced? Is there always someone who listens to them like MI6 do for our phone?"

"Yes, usually there is."

Although he seemed very calm and dignified, he was still as confused as he was at the beginning of this conversation. Just when some of his questions have been answered, he now had more questions. Why did he always have to get himself mixed up with this? MI6? Official Secrets Act? Teenage Spy?

His mind was pulled out of his thoughts when the door opened and the Sergeant made his way inside the barrack. He froze at the door seeing that the Brandon was still on the phone. Covering the mouth of the phone, Brandon turned away to speak to the Sergeant.

"I need a few minutes and I would like to talk with MI6, sir," said Brandon, boldly. Nobody requested anything from MI6, ever.

Before the Sergeant could reply, Brandon turned back to the phone and spoke.

"Jack is it? Well, I need you to go to –"

"The MI6 headquarters?" she asked.

"How did you know that I was going to say that?"

"It's not like I have much of a choice! They're already here and they want me to go there."

She stopped abruptly and he heard someone speaking in the background. Had someone come into the house?

"Doctor? They want to speak to you!"

Understanding exactly who "they" were, Brandon gulped. This was a big, sticky mess that he had gotten himself stuck in.

"Doctor Brandon Jin, we would like you to appear at the headquarters in London as soon as possible. There has been a large breach of the Official Secrets Act by Ms Jack Starbright. We need to have a talk with you. Please make you way to headquarters. The Sergeant has already been informed. Coincidentally, Agent Daniels has just arrived at Brecon Beacons with his driver and you may travel in that car."

Before he could take in everything, the line went dead.

The infirmary was filled with noise as Alex drifted back into the land of consciousness. The soft murmurs which held a failed silent conversation quickly chased away the remnants of his dream. For the first time in a long time, the dream had been pleasant. However, the details were fading fast even as he tried to recall them.

Allowing his brain to focus, he cautiously opened an eye, squinting as he tried to ward off the slightly bright sun which filtered through the open curtains of the room. The inevitable, common confusion followed by fear started up inside of him as he realized he was not at home. It, like usual, diminished leaving a sense of loss. He really did miss Jack and the comforting smell of pancakes in the morning.

After the realization that there were people in his room hit him, Alex stiffened and turned around, lifting himself off the bed where he had slept in the most vulnerable position. If it had been an attacker, he would have been able to capture or kill him an instant and that, as a fact, deeply worried him.

As he stared at the people standing in the infirmary room, he knew that something was wrong. The Sergeant, an MI6 agent and the Doctor were the last people he expected to be conversing with each other. But then again, all the weirdest things did happen to him. If he was true to himself, he wouldn't even be surprised if Blunt dressed up as a Dobby, the house elf, and danced Gee by SNSD.

Pulling himself together quickly, he cleared his throat, alerting them to his conscious presence. They all turned to him, simultaneously, their previous serious conversation coming to a surprising halt. From the doctor's awkward and guilty expression, Alex knew that nothing they were going to inform him of was going to please him.

Sighing to himself, Alex got off his bed, suddenly completely aware of the embarrassing patient clothes that had been placed on top of his training clothes. Crossing his arms, in an attempt to seem composed as well as cover himself up, Alex quirked an eyebrow and addressed the Sergeant.

"Sir, is there something wrong?"

Although he was only talking to the Sergeant, Alex examined the expressions of the two other present. The MI6 agent, trained in the art of keeping a poker face, showed no reaction to his question. However, the weaker link in the trio, the doctor, avoided his eyes.

Narrowing his eyes, Alex repeated his question, dreading the answer more and more. Although Alex believed in wishful thinking, he didn't lie to himself. If it was something trivial about the training session, he would have been just asked by K-Unit to go to the Sergeant. However, taking into account the recent incident and the fact that the Sergeant had visited him it was definitely something more important.

"Rider, you are being pulled out of training momentarily in order to discuss an issue that has risen, recently. The car is waiting for you outside. I expect you to follow all orders by the agent. I want no foolish behavior. Come with me."

Offended slightly by the comment about "foolish behavior," Alex quickly pulled off the infirmary clothes. He became very aware of the mud coated jeans underneath, but brushed away the uncomfortable feeling. He had much more things to worry about.

He followed the Sergeant out, not asking any more than necessary as he knew that the Sergeant probably had little to no idea.

The Sergeant led the way out with the doctor and Alex closely behind, followed by the agent. Taking into account the number of people still working at there respect activities and the sun, Alex judged the time of day to be around 8 o' clock in the morning. He spotted K-unit as he and the doctor were walked to the black cars standing, almost invisible, at the gate. From the distance he could just make out their confused expression as they saw him being led away, like a prisoner.