The Shinra Corporation is draining the Planet of its life-force. Cloud Strife, a cold-hearted mercenary with a history connected to Shinra's elite army, SOLDIER, finds himself working for a rebel band of eco-warriors who are set on bringing the Company down. His immediate past unknown to him, Cloud accepts a mission from the group, AVALANCHE, unaware that it will begin him on a journey of self-discovery which will change not only his life, but the lives of every soul on the Planet.

Final Fantasy VII is a story of love, hate, war, and peace in which one man can make a difference that will last forever…


Since its release in 1997, Final Fantasy® VII has sold more than 10 million copies worldwide, making it one of the bestselling video games in history. Its success encouraged developers Square-Enix to continue the saga, telling the story through various mediums. The author of this novel has reproduced the saga in written form, basing the work closely on the Compilation of Final Fantasy® VII as a whole.

All material without exception based on Final Fantasy VII (1997), Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII (2004), Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (2005), Last Order: Final Fantasy VII (2005), Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII (2006), Dirge of Cerberus Lost Episode: Final Fantasy VII (2006), Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII (2008), On the Way to a Smile: Final Fantasy VII (2009), and all official publications is property of Square-Enix Holdings Co., Ltd.

Based on the story by Kazushige Nojima, Yoshinori Kitase and Hironobu Sakaguchi.

Special thanks to Dennis Petersson, Glenn H. Morrow, Yhaun, Letao, Suzaku, Hitoshura, XComp, DarkAngel, Shinra Employee, GlitterBerri, Pixel, Chocolinx, Schala-Kitty, Souya, DLPB, Ryushikaze, Cthulhu, HcloudXIII, X-SOLDIER, Grimoire Valentine, MPesca, LicoriceAllsorts, Kaleidoscopequack, OWA-2, and especially Switched, Cyntalan, John Rose, and Alan Kenny who have all helped to make this possible.

Edited by Tim Smith, Tabitha Potter, Adam Sawka, Jonathon Myhre and Chantelle Gousseau.


Volume VII: A New Threat and Volume VIII: The Man in the Black Cloak are available in full, while work is underway on Volume IX: The Cetran Legacy.

I also have standalone novels The Nibelheim Incident (author, FFVII) and SeeD: The Beginning (co-author, FFVIII) as well as a forthcoming book exploring how Norse mythology inspired Final Fantasy VII.

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Thank you to everyone for your support in helping keep this dream alive.



Volume IX – Chapter 8 completed, details of all my Final Fantasy projects on

Better late than never, the book now takes up to Cloud entering Vincent's chamber

As I've noted above, A New Threat, The Man in the Black Cloak, The Cetran Legacy (preview), The Nibelheim Incident and SeeD: The Beginning are all available to download for free from my account. You'll also find details there of my latest mini-project releasing in April, Norse Myths That Inspired Final Fantasy VII, as well as my original superhero-fantasy, Axtelera Ray: Rise of Astrone. Please support my writing if you can.


Volume IX – Chapter 8 intro posted, FFVIII novelisation, KupoCon attendance

I posted the next section of the story on my personal account a few weeks ago, but I have shared it here now as a) I will be focusing on helping on Micah Rodney's FFVIII novelisation for the next couple of months, b) to bump this given the recent announcements and footage from the FFVII Remake, and c) it acts as an epilogue to a printed preview book I'll be making available at the next couple of KupoCon events.

If you don't know KupoCon, it is a fan-made event for Final Fantasy lovers, and is genuinely one of the best cons out there. I've been a regular attendee for a couple of years now. I'll be showing up as a community guest to share my exclusive FFVII writings at the Newark, NJ (29th June 2019), London, England (21st September 2019) and Glasgow, Scotland (15th February 2020) events. Hopefully see you there!


Volume IX – Chapter 7 posted, standalone novella The Nibelheim Incident available, working on an FFVIII novelisation as well as a Final Fantasy mythology series

I can't believe it's been more than a year since I last updated this. Apologies to all fans. It should be a bit more regular moving forward

Chapter 7 covers the party's arrival at Nibelheim to find it's been rebuilt

I still have extra content available on my account (details below), including the new mythology series

The Nibelheim Incident is available to read in full on this site. It retells the events of the tragedy from the perspective of various characters including Cloud, Zack, Tifa, Hojo and the Turks, drawing on canon material from across the FFVII Compilation. You'll find a link on my profile. Free eBook downloads on my

I'm still attending KupoCon events as a special guest where paperback editions of The Nibelheim Incident are exclusively available. My next appearances are in Newark, New Jersey (June) and London, England (September)

Beta version of Final Fantasy VIII novelisation project available on this site. Search for "Final Fantasy VIII, Book I" by Micah Rodney


Volume IX – Prologue and chapters 1-6 posted, extra material available

Not sure why I've neglected to keep these updates updated, but followers of the project will know the first 100+ pages of 'The Cetran Legacy' are now available.

The first 50 pages can be downloaded as a free eBook from my account (search "M. J. Gallagher")

All eBooks, printed editions, media, author notes, behind-the-scenes scripts/podcasts, and updates on my exclusive FFVII novella for KupoCon can be found on my


Volume VIII – Chapters, 23, 24, 25, 26 and Epilogue

These chapters tie up the second book in the series, ending at Cosmo Canyon. I hope you enjoy them. Remember that both novels can be downloaded for free by visiting the project's Facebook page (/FinalFantasyVIIUnofficialNovelisation) or by following the links in my FanFiction profile. Cheers.


Volume VIII – Chapter 22

This one covers the visit to the Gongaga Mako ReactorDon't forget to check out my Facebook competition to win a signed printed copy of the second novel :D

Full book will be published on Sunday 14th December


Volume VIII – Chapter 21

This one covers the Materia system and the reappearance of Yuffie. I hope you find the original scenes interesting. Don't forget to check out my Facebook competition to win a signed printed copy of the second novel :D


Volume VIII – Chapter 20

This one covers the journey and extended scene at the weapon seller's house. I hope you find the original scenes interesting. Don't forget to check out my Facebook competition to win a signed printed copy of the second novel :D


Volume VIII – Chapter 19

This one covers the tail end of the Gold Saucer scenario. Don't forget to check out my Facebook competition to win a signed printed copy of the second novel :D


Volume VIII – Chapters 17 and 18

As we move closer to the new book's full release at the end of the month (stay tuned here or on my Facebook fan page), here are a couple more chapters to whet your appetite. They cover the arrival at the Gold Saucer and the events at Corel Prison. Enjoy.


Volume VIII – General

As has been brought to my attention by member ForceWalker, the variances between the revised edition and the older one are substantial enough to contradict one another and be causing confusion. Since the full edition will be released in a few weeks anyway, I will be removing the older version until then. Thanks.


Volume VIII – Chapters 14, 15 and 16

It really just crossed my mind today that I should have been posting these as I went. With the next volume so close to completion, I'll be posting in much larger chunks over the next few weeks. But, should anyone wish to check out the next bit right now, here you go. Huge overhaul of original chapters so a re-read is probably required. This covers Costa del Sol, the journey to the Gold Saucer, and Barret's story.


Volume VIII – Chapters 12 and 13

Another major update and re-write of these chapters to complete the first half of the book

Visit my Facebook fan page at /finalfantasyviiunofficialnovelisation for the links to download these as eBooks as of today


Volume VIII – Chapter 14

A pretty heavy update which doubles the size of the chapter. Extended Hojo scene, varied Rufus scene and all new scene with Tifa and Johnny.


Volume VIII – Chapter 11

Another almost-total re-write. Note the inclusion of references to Crisis Core, The Kids Are Alright and more. Enjoy.


Volume VIII – Chapters 9 and 10

Total overhaul of the original version (which was a single chapter). With the exception of the scene where they rescue Priscilla, chances are none of the original survived.


Volume VIII – Chapter 8

Total overhaul of the original version, basically developing the scene at the top of the Fort Condor watchtower so much that to give it its own chapter

The reasons for this include laying the groundwork for the future Fort Condor battle, offering further explanation of the Condors and their habits, providing more info on the landscape for that section of the continent, mentioning Banora and the Mako mines and, most importantly, addressing the issue of the Lifestream eruptions. This is why Tifa is present – it's so there's a reason to travel to Mideel looking for Cloud later in the story.

A brief nod to Aerith's past and the White Materia

Created a bit of tension between Cloud and Tifa as the love triangle begins to develop

Touched on battlefield, Shinra weapons and strategies

Managed to reference dumbapples

Finished the chapter with a spectacle regarding the Condors


Volume VIII

While I realise there has been a substantial gap between posts here, rest assured that a lot of work is going on behind the scenes. My career is starting to take off a bit. Anyway, as noted above, I have announced a release date for the published version of Volume VIII – 30th April, 2014. Please keep an eye on my Facebook fan page (/finalfantasyviiunofficialnovelisation) for details.

Volume VIII – Chapter 7

Almost a complete re-write of this chapter, starting with a transitional scene between the mines and heading for Fort Condor.

Many years have passed since I addressed this chapter and I've gained a much better understanding of the fortress' layout and plight of the workers.

Much more detailed explanation of landscape

Please note that every location or individual name is based on enemies from the games

Expanded on the past of Fort Condor, how it came to be, why it deteriorated, etc

Referenced the Wutai Remnants and their story in Crisis Core

Given the nature of the Fort, I've taken liberties on making the passage into the hills more believable

See if you can spot the Loveless reference

Tried to give Fort Condor a bit more depth rather than it just being a small area manned by a few volunteers

Significantly expanded discussion with Zemzelett to include an explanation for why they are keen to utilise Cloud in their battle against Shinra, the importance of the Condors, the war with Shinra, his disgust at AVALANCHE, what long-term plans are for future in Barret's vision of a Mako-free world, among other things.

Ended chapter after convo so as to have next section relevant to what comes after


Volume VII

Released an iBook, NOOK, etc version of the novel. The digital copies can now be downloaded for free in both PDF and ePUB formats which covers every reader except first generation Kindle. Links to these can be found by visiting my Facebook fan page at /finalfantasyviiunofficialnovelisation as I unfortunately cannot do it here.

Crisis Core

As part of today's releases in honour of my page's one year anniversary, I have published a 1,500-word scene as voted for by the fans. That scene is Zack's death. For the time being, it is available only by following the same Facebook link as above and accessing the photo album entitled 'Extracts from the Novels'

Volume VIII – Chapter 6

Amended the originally-planned chapter title so as not to confuse or alienate die-hard fans

Vastly extended the events of the Mythril Mine dungeon for story purposes. The next real piece of high-tempo action is not until the Jenova battle on the cargo ship so I hope this provides a different and welcome aspect to the tale.

For those of you who are very familiar with FFVII lore, you will probably recognise the characters of Cobalt XIV, Indigo XV and Belzeque (albeit his original name was Gandalf). They come from the Early Material Files and were supposed to be key enemies in the game. Red XIII's interactions with them also brought to light the experiments done on him but these are not elaborated on in the final game.

See how many limit break references you can spot

Significantly altered the scene with the ark dragon

Extended scene with the Turks so that a much broader understanding of individuals' views and relationships can be gained

Volume VIII – Chapter 5

To avoid an enormous second half of the Mythril Mine events, I have added more to the end of this chapter which includes describing the workings of the mine, detailing the landscape, and a scene with no less than 4 different species of monsters involved, plus a hint at the concept of spirit energy. I hope you enjoy it.


Volume VIII – Chapter 5

A huge revamp of this chapter which has seen it split into two and now includes far more action and description based upon story arcs from both FFVII and Crisis Core

Title of the first part changed to 'Into Darkness' (a title I thought of long ago and I'm now kicking myself because of the new Star Trek movie by the same name)

The original second part (still being rewritten) has been cut down to allow the story to continue but will be altered very soon. The new title might give away what's on its way…

Volume VII

A series of amendments have been made. Few are minor such as typos but others are more significant

Description of AVALANCHE's flag added to ch2

The cells that had until recently held Hojo's dangerous experiments mentioned in Volume VIII added

Dates of Jenova's discovery and subsequent important project dates added (not canon but based closely on canon facts)

The final chapter is divided into two – the second part is now called 'Those Chosen by the Planet'

The dialogue at the end of the prologue has changed to further reiterate that the Turks know who Cloud is

Don't forget the entire book can be downloaded for FREE as a PDF at Facebook page /FinalFantasyVIIUnofficialNovelisation


Volume VIII – Chapter 4

As mentioned before, chapter 3 has been renamed and set aside for its own purpose

An almost-complete re-write of this chapter for the first time in almost a decade. I hope you enjoy.


Volume VIII – Prologue

Gave a better description of Leslie

Corrected a couple of typos

Added a paragraph about how Tifa believes the Shinra propaganda which brands them terrorists is not wrong

Chapter 1

Amended the intro to reflect the naming of the photographer

Volume VII

A couple of slight amendments

Made reference to Deepground via Reeve spotting a file on President Shinra's desk.

Central Structure should be Central Complex as confirmed by Dirge of Cerberus. Glossary changed to reflect this.

Named the photographer in Nibelheim Rick Fergus. The novella 'The Kids Are Alright' lists the names of some of the townsfolk who became the cloaked 'followers' of Sephiroth. Rick Fergus is one of those names.

Aerith's tulips changed to lilies as requested

An additional few lines at the end of chapter 2 to expand on Barret and Tifa's relationship


Volume VIII – Chapter 3

Split the original chapter into two and renamed the latter half. This was to do with the enormous chunk of info required to reintroduce the story in Volume VIII

Mentioned that they spent New Year's Eve at the chocobo farm. Used this to again touch on Cloud's amnesia, the year, and why the dates of the new era were as such

Total revamp of the whole scene in the kitchen with Bill. I felt that the original lacked the depth I wanted. The new version is used to show Cloud's interaction with a stranger and touch upon many other minor issues that would be hard to introduce into the story elsewhere

A bit more of Bill's past and lifestyle added

Details of chocobo farming

Mention of President Shinra's supposed illegitimate children and reference to Lazard's mother

More detail of kitchen added

Dialogue follows original game slightly more closely in terms of order but still embellished

Referenced Banora White

Rearranged the descriptions of the farm and added a good bit more detail

Mention of the lake that appears in the Crisis Core mission around the chocobo farm

A fun reference to the Choco/Mog summon Materia

Decided against sticking to the canon gameplay and omitted the section where the group have to catch their own chocobo. I felt this slowed down the story unnecessarily. As such, the dialogue with Billy has been altered significantly.

Gave names to some chocobos. Zeio is a special nut used in the game, Boco is the name of a chocobo mentioned by a WRO member in Dirge of Cerberus (as well as an important character from FFV), and Hyperion is exactly what it says in the script

Made the connection between Hyperion and Teioh

Glossary of Terms

Marshes section added

Mythril Mine section added


Volume VIII – Chapter 2

Threw in a reference to the Permafrost region and the Chocobo Sage.

Altered the ending slightly as I wasn't 100% happy with it

Glossary of Terms

Added a section about the Eastern Continent and the Midgar Mountains


Volume VIII – Chapter 2

For anyone familiar with On the Way to a Smile: Case of Shinra, I have included a reference to Kylegate Manor.

Changed dual horn to diceratops (a la Crisis Core) and said that 'dual horn' is its nickname

Again touched on the fact that Aerith has an aunt in Kalm. This is important later in the story.

Completely revamped the way in which the history and other pieces of information regarding the coal mines, Midgar Mountains, Healin, etc are provided. I have done this so that it feels like the first few pages are Cloud's recap on how the party came to be on the back of Choco Bill's truck.

Again, please assume any information overkill is to do with setting the scene for the new book

Significant amounts of history given about the coalmines and refineries around the Midgar Mountains and a recap on the formation of the Shinra Corporation

The sanatoriums for Shinra employees mentioned as they appear in Case of Shinra – also linked in why Cliff Resort would be the most famous (Cliff Resort is the original name of Healin Lodge btw)

Brief explanation of Barret's previous trip to Midgar, a the team being stranded in Kalm, malfunctioning Shinra weapons, and a certain First Class SOLDIER (these are all references to Crisis Core but slightly embellished)

Named some of the hillside resorts using the greens from Chocobo Farm. Though veterans of the game would have spotted this a mile off

Changed epiloinis to epiornis as this was a translation error from many moons ago

Bill's truck model is one that appears in Shinra lobby

Changed the entire way in which the group are introduced to Bill and the chocobo farm. I felt that given the distances to travel, it made sense to include various transport until they get the Buggy.

Bill uses dialogue from Kalm when mentioning man in black cloak


Volume VIII – Prologue

Tweaked the wording slightly to make Cloud's interpretation of Tifa fit better in the next chapter

Mentioned Biggs' sister (from DoC)

Volume VIII – Chapter 1

I've made significant final changes to parts of this chapter, and totally revamped others, a lot of which has to do with reintroducing characters and the plot given that it's a new book. When you encounter something that seems like overkill in terms of information, that's probably the reason.

Added a segment from Volume VII Chapter 15 as a reminder of what happened during the Nibelheim incident. Particularly Cloud's anguish at his town being burned and his mother being killed as the rest of it is not really applicable at the moment.

Expanded on the physical description of Kalm. For those familiar with Dirge of Cerberus, you will find I have closely followed that layout

An added paragraph about Tifa's mental strength, used as a reminder of the tragedy the group have faced in recent days regarding Sector7

Cloud mentions early that it's best not to spend too much time in public

Mentioned the slight differences between portable terminals (CC) and personal handheld system (FF7)

Managed to squeeze a reference to dumbapples in

A small reminder of Aerith's abilities and how special the Sector5 church is to her

Added a large new scene with Barret and Red outside the cathedral, then making their way to the square with the pressure gauge tower. One of the main purposes of this is, like I said above, to reintroduce the two characters and their particular circumstances - Barret thinking about Marlene's immediate future, etc.

Further significantly expanded on the concept of religion within the world and the elemental gods that the people worship, including the Goddess Minerva. For those unfamiliar with the game, this is actually a reference to the summon monsters, and their role will be further explained towards the end of the book.

I have changed Marlene's age as it is quite simply unreasonable that she is 4 and 6 respectively in FF7 and Advent Children. During the latter in particular, she seems far more mature.

Brief information on the old AVALANCHE given and the role they played in the new AVALANCHE's formation. Most is canon, some is adapted.

Interesting tidbit – Kalm was called Elm in the early stages of production. I have squeezed a couple of references in

I have added a memorial about the Kalm disaster to the town square. It seems to me that it would exist given the backstory revealed in Before Crisis. My inspiration was taken from Edge.

A whole new scene at Memorial Square to delve a bit deeper into Kalm's past and briefly touch on the fact Barret has been here before (as suggested in the Crisis Core missions but this will be expanded on a bit more in the following chapter). Director Veld is referenced

For anyone familiar with Before Crisis and Veld's backstory, I hope this will come across as very twisted by the Shinra

As it is not a subject that is often addressed but would actually be a massive issue in the reality of the world, I have mentioned what Barret's plan would be regarding the energy supply should Shinra be toppled

I have included a lot of dialogue from the original game in what I hope is a relative and creative way

As this scene is now from Barret's POV, I have used this as a rare chance to show his feelings towards Cloud and illuminate the fact that Barret's knowledge and decision-making often play a significant role in the game.

Substantially chopped down the dialogue here for various reasons such as it's already been mentioned earlier in the chapter in the added scenes or that it is more relevant in the following chapter. Particularly the references to the motorbike tunnel chase scene from Last Order.

Glossary of Terms

Updated the AVALANCHE section to include both old and new, as well as a tiny line on the Jenova section to say Sephiroth considers Jenova his mother

Added a section about Minerva and PHSs


To mark the start of the final drafting of Volume VIII, I have posted the prologue to the novel. Set in Seventh Heaven prior to the bombing of the Sector5 Reactor, a lot of the dialogue is lifted from the Unused Text files. Johnny also plays a large part as his character will appear later in the book, and there is a brief appearance by Leslie, one of the characters from the novella 'The Kids Are Alright'. Special thanks to Shademp, GlitterBerri and Hitoshura who provided the information. Please review.


I have launched a Facebook page for the novel to coincide with the publishing of the ebook. Please take the time to show your support and 'like' the page, or even leave a message for me and fellow fans on it. Type in 'Final Fantasy VII Unofficial Novel' into the Facebook search bar to access it. You'll be able to find a link to the ebook from here. Thank you.


Volume VII is now available to download for free as an ebook. See above.


Volume VII – Final significant or interesting changes

Glossary of terms added for those unfamiliar with the storyline

Barret calls Cloud "SOLDIER-boy". This is lifted directly from the unused material files, though it was Biggs who first said it.

Referred to the Buster Sword a bit more as a greatsword

Added more on the history of Shinra and how they eventually came to control politics, the economy and the military through privatisation and monopolising energy. Included in this is President Shinra's declaration that a new age begins after the Wutai War.

Jessie and Tifa both speak a bit more in-depth about Barret's personality and how he is smart and difficult, but can be warmed to

Referenced Johnny for he will make a significant appearance in Volume VIII as well as a sneaky addition of sake in the bar – this is the only thing he drinks apparently

Seventh Heaven is run on biofuel and a coal generator. Couldn't have them using up Mako, could we?

Mention of Cloud's emotional state. If he has no memory of the last 5 years of his life, the events of Nibelheim and the death of his mother should still be fresh in his mind. Therefore, he should be grieving, but he isn't. This causes confusion for him.

A small section on how AVALANCHE didn't make any threats towards Shinra, so the news reporter was lying. And also an explanation of what happens during a security lockdown on the Midgar Transit. This is a lift from the unused files.

President Shinra explains that the second terrorist attack is being controlled so as to help him rally support for the company. The actual Reactor bomb is deactivated.

The church is a place of worship for the legendary elemental Gods. These deities (essentially the summons from the game) will play a small role in the story as well as make up a significant part of the Planet's history

Cloud has an immediate emotional reaction to Aerith

Aerith talks about her flower selling more in depth. This segment of dialogue incorporates details from BC, CC and the unused material.

Made Gaskin the owner of the clothes shop in Wall Market. It just means there is a tiny link between Cloud and Denzel prior to the events of OTWTAS

Foley and Leslie referenced as Don Corneo's henchmen after their appearance in the novella 'The Kids Are Alright'

Made Arkham the guy who gives Cloud the keycard to the Shinra upper-floors. He mentions that he is supposed to be looking after Denzel while Abel is out searching for Chloe

Completely unimportant to the story as a whole, but I added a line from President Shinra mocking Palmer about his time at the Honey Bee Inn. For those who have read the unused text files, you'll know why I did this.

Barret learned about the Study of Planet Life on the Worldwide Network. While the game never clarifies this, the Ultimanias reveal Barret had never visited Cosmo Canyon. The proposed pilgrimage will play a significant part in the next volume.

Clarified that Rufus immediately fleeing the battle with Cloud was in recognition of not wanting to take on a former First Class SOLDIER. I know that has miffed a couple of people in the past

Referenced the children who help Aerith look after the flowers in the church. This is a nod to CC, AC and the 'ghost' that appears in the main game.

Mentioned that the use of Mako as an energy source had been hypothesised long before Shinra achieved it. This is a reference to the Farplane of FFX and the efforts of the young Shinra in FFX-2. It has been confirmed by Square-Enix that Gaia and Spira are linked, and this will be touched upon in the next volume.

Mentioned the Valley of the Fallen Star as this is the region in which Cosmo Canyon lies according to BC

Added a couple of lines from the unused text relating to the soldier's motion sickness, albeit the lines originally belonged to Sephiroth before they were cut to give him a less caring persona

Mentioned how Sephiroth was considering quitting Shinra before the events of Nibelheim. While it is touched upon in CC, it was actually an original plot point from the unused text.

Added a bit by Tifa to explain how she had been involved in the damaged ropeway. This is from BC and there's no reason why she wouldn't bring it up.

Details added about the history and folklore of Mount Nibel

There are locked rooms below the basement – as seen in DC

The man who took Tifa to hospital kept his face hidden so the staff couldn't give her a description of him

A little mention of the Turks' highest mission grade, taken from BC Episode of Reno.


Volume VII Chapter 15

A small addition to link why more monsters around Midgar

Removed sentence hinting Genesis visited Sephiroth in his room

Mentioned Turks' attempts to find infantryman that went missing after fall from Mount Nibel

Mentioned Tifa's cat as part of BC continuity

Added dialogue with Zangan regarding his experiences with Shinra clean-up crews

Additional dialogue with Samantha explaining how Sephiroth found about the basement in the first place. This is also a brief reference to BC episode 13.

Surnames of Professors Gast and Grimoire included

Sephiroth's Cetra rant touched up a bit to include just about everything from all versions

Changed the details of Project Jenova based on the information in CC on the Ancients Project. SOLDIER as we know it was not formed until Sephiroth was a youth, and was certainly not the principal goal of the project.

Tiny bit more dialogue from Last Order added

Included the aftermath of the section from Before Crisis where the Turk gets knocked out by Sephiroth

A few sentences changed for the Sephiroth and Jenova scene to incorporate as much as possible from the different versions

An extra couple of lines just as a reminder the wounds are still fresh for Cloud


Volume VII Chapter 14

Small pieces of description, animals, etc added

A bit more on Tifa's father

Mentioned that the photographer was a member of the Silver Elite fan club

A whole new but small scene where they are attacked by a death claw, based on Crisis Core. This allows Cloud to talk about his feelings towards the Buster Sword and for those familiar with the overall story, you will probably pick up on about 10 different things here.

A few additional lines to explain practicalities after falling from the rope bridge

A large piece of monologue where Sephiroth discusses Materia and its properties a bit more in-depth, with mention of the synthetic manufacturing seen in CC

Changed the "Why can you use magic?" question back to Cloud to stick with the original version

Sephiroth has another bit of monologue regarding the usage of Reactors. This is both to tie in with how he is disgruntled given the events of CC, but also to include an excellent piece that was left out of the final game which comes from the early material files

Extra detail on Jenova's doorway

A brief hint at Genesis' presence

Removed the hints that Azul was in the pods as it is quite simply a bit far-fetched

Used the official term for the monsters in the pods – makonoids

Explanation of what monsters are

Changed the ending to the chapter a bit so that it's now much more like the original game. And a bit creepy


Volume VII Chapter 13

A bit more descriptive of Kalm.

Mention of more monsters and Shinra weapons in the wastelands

For anyone who is familiar with the early unused material, there is also a sneaky reference in here to the Three Saints which may or may not be touched upon later

A couple of lines as a reminder that though 5 years have passed, Cloud has no memory and to him the ordeal seems very recent

Mentioned that Cloud attended Shinra Academy in Midgar

Referenced the Crescent Unit from CC

Changed Velamyu Forest to Nibel Forest in accordance with CC and Case of Nanaki

Reference to the old AVALANCHE's pesky activities, the G Army and Lazard

The name Samantha is used as it was the name given to Shotgun (F) by Dark Angel, the original translator of the BC episodes. Permission to use the name was given by her.

Reference to episodes 5 and 12 of BC

Renamed the shop in Nibelheim based on its appearance in CC

Inclusion of a bit of dialogue at the water tower adapted from CC and a few other nods

Reference to the possibility that some of the Turks are Zangan's former students


Volume VII Epilogue

As a treat, I have written a short epilogue for Volume VII which involves the Turks. Enjoy as it is my first exclusive new material for more than 2 years.


As some of you may have noticed, I have split the chapters available online over 2 volumes numbered VII and VIII and have also spread the chapters out a bit better (eg Volume VII which is up to and including Cloud's past now has 15 chapters instead of just the original 9). I plan for volumes I-VI to be the Before Crisis and Crisis Core stories. The content for the most part has remained the same. Once I have had time to fill out an updates post for the Nibelheim Incident, I will post the newer version with accompanying explanations.


All Chapters

Verdot changed to Veld. I think I was the only one in the entire fandom who was still using the original Japanese translation

Chapter Five

Cloud recalls the mission that he and Tseng participated in to the Modeo region. This is important because, given the structure of Cloud's mind with Jenova and a mixture of Zack, Tifa and his own memories, if Cloud can put himself in Zack's place in Nibelheim, the same logic applies that he would do the same at Modeoheim. Hence, Cloud knows he was with Tseng in Modeoheim but probably sees it from Zack's POV


Chapter Eight

Elaborated on Cloud's thoughts in the cell, including a mention of his 'squats' technique

Emphasised Cloud's physical strength

Much longer conversation with Aerith in relation to AVALANCHE, Tseng and the Cetra

Changed the history of Aerith and Ifalna's escape slightly which is a slight reference to a scientist in CC

Greater descriptions of the surroundings

Changed conversation around dead guard slightly

Total revamp of the section where they leave the cell block

Changed handle of sword from red to black to tie in with Katana's weapon in BC

Slight changes to dialogue with Rufus and more emphasis on Cloud's abilities

Brief references to CC's info on Hardy Daytona included

Slight change in description to Sector4 downtown

Large changes made to highway chase sequences to include Shinra weapons and more action as well as include more background info

Changes made to discussion at end of chase


Chapter Seven

In accordance with CC, changed the name of the park to Green Park

Tifa elaborates on the Midgar highway system. References from CC and Case of Shinra

Particular directions given relative to Sectors 4, 5 and 0

Highway 23 mentioned, crossover of CC's Highway 45

Further descriptions of Sector0

Cloud and Barret discuss Shinra HQ in more detail, including references to Army and Barret's previous trip there

Slightly more character interaction regarding opposing views of assault on HQ

Updated description of 60th floor lobby and 61st floor canteen

God changed to Gods for purpose of religious cursing

References to BC ch22 when player Turk breaks into HQ and is attacked by HO512s

Chief Verdot's name slipped in during brief flashback

Listing of depts

Reeve discusses consequences of Sector7 incident in great detail

Updated description of Palmer and his department

Much more detailed description of science dept, again referencing HO512s

Lab renamed Storage Chamber as it is in CC

Monster Investigation Program referenced and monster of Hojo's lab described

Date included in Hojo's report as well as expanded description of Fusion Chamber

Cloud threatens Hojo more severely

Red XIII's introduction expanded

SOLDIERs use standard-issue Hardedge swords (actual ref to original game)

Cloud prepares to take on entire squadron. New paragraph of Cloud's fighting confidence and consideration of the others

Luxiere's new role gets a mention

Several other changes in words and brief descriptions


Chapter Six

More description/dialogue to amplify the desperate mood of the three and the people after the destruction of Sector7

Alternate description of play-park

Additional info regarding the reaction of the monsters and townspeople of Sector5 to the carnage

Additional description of Aerith's house

Much more of Elmyra's actions and dialogue with Barret

Cloud gives a reason why he's asking about the Ancients

Slightly bulked out scenes at train station to include train description, Train Graveyard usage and station master

Ref to White Materia exchange

Large section regarding Elmyra's reaction to her husband's death, the cause of death and how it affected she and Aerith's relationship

Mention of Tseng and Aerith's previous brief encounter at play-park as mentioned in Case of Shinra

Tseng's actions and feelings towards Aerith discussed a bit more

Barret's gratitude emphasised in new actions


Chapter Five

A big thank you to Kelsey for proofreading the additions to this and the previous chapters. Your help is always appreciated.

And while I'm here, an enormous thank you to Mel for her constant support over the last few years. I probably wouldn't have kept going without her.

Mentioned the weather, as is forecast by Shinra news on a Sector5 TV during the game. No details overlooked.

The term 'Director' in again as a title used by peers and subordinates alike for department heads

Various alterations to how someone said things, not just 'said'

More expressive words and dialogue to show Reeve's protestation and President Shinra's coldness towards the plan to destroy Sector7

Mentioned the President's wife

Bulked out description of sewers and anxious feelings of party

Described the models of trains in the Train Graveyard based on the dialogue in CC with the young boy at the station

Further dialogue between Tifa and Marlene to show Marlene's childlike fears and Tifa's maternal skills

Rearranged description of gunfight atop pillar

Brief expansion on Jessie's state

Additional line to show Jessie's remorse

Mentioned Biggs had also died by time the reached top

Enhanced Cloud's reactions to the helicopter assault

New description of Reno


New line from Tseng about AVALANCHE causing the tragedy

Other slight updates regarding words and descriptions


Chapter Four

Added markings into each of the previously updated chapters to show change of scene. Apparently doesn't identify breaks automatically

Some small additions to Cloud's actions as he sneaks downstairs

Aerith drinking coffee at dining table

Aerith takes a stern approach to his attitude

Cloud's feelings regarding possible encounter with Shinra weapons while unarmed

Second smaller market

Description of kanji-style Wusheng graffiti

Fuller description of the monsters and thieves present in Sector6 and about the hunts to exterminate monsters as discussed in Crisis Core

Aerith talks about park, again from CC

Cloud handed pharmacy coupon as a nod to the dress-up minigame

Don Corneo has a rug with the Crest of Wutai

Tifa's actions when seeing Cloud more of relief, culminating in her embracing him as well as his reaction

A further explanation of why the sector gateway was locked from one side

'Director' Heidegger used to coincide with terms of CC


Chapter Three

Church in outer district. Just a location point

Mentioned the religious symbol that appears on the wall of the church and also in the cathedral missions of Dirge of Cerberus Online

Note on Materia being difficult to come by outside the military. This is a plot point in the story which later affects chapter 18 and also Yuffie's quest

Added description of Reno's voice

Line of dialogue changed to say that Cloud has never een Reno before but recognises the uniform

A paragraph added about fighting boundfats. This is to show Cloud's strength and add to the Slums atmosphere

A couple of paragraph added about the location of the Slums with regards to the street and marketplace that appear in Crisis Core

Added dialogue from Elmyra regarding the terrorist attack on Reactor5. This is a reference to the news report on the TV in the village

Another piece from Elmyra discussing the testing of robot prototypes in the Slums by Shinra



Named the main street in Sector8 'Theatre Avenue'. Crisis Core calls it LOVELESS Avenue but I think that doesn't really fit, so I changed it slightly.

The flowers Aerith carries changed from roses to tulips. Roses grow on bushes so tulips suit better

A reference to the flower cart from Crisis Core

Also named the square in Sector8 as Fountain Plaza. It fits and gives the location an actual title

Quotation marks inserted for all speech.

Chapter One

As shown in Crisis Core, the Buster sword is changed to Buster Sword

Sword sheath changed to magnetic holder as is standard for SOLDIERs

A slight addition in dialogue where Barret says that the more the Mako Reactors suck out the Mako the weaker the Planet gets

Mentioned the rifles of the soldiers were automatic

Slightly changed Cloud's actions while being shot at to indicate skill with a sword as he deflects the bullets

Changed 'soldiers' to infantrymen or privates to give more synonyms

A small addition to the layout of the Slums where they are separated into residential, industrial and market districts

Cloud says he RARELY saw the Slums as it ties in with his role as a Shinra soldier (see Before Crisis ep5)

Mentioned that the radio in Seventh Heaven is playing a song by an up-and-coming band called The Moogles. I'm going to refer to them every so often in the story. The reason for this is that the names of their songs will be some of those from the game soundtrack. The one playing in the bar is 'Parochial Town'.

The bar smells like gunpowder, as stated by an individual from the village

Additional dialogue for the President's news report. Mentions the existence of the security forces (police), that the city is under martial law, and also briefly mentions Mayor Domino

Additional dialogue between Cloud and Tifa mimicking Barret's 'Saviours of the planet' phrase and Tifa's feelings about the others possibly fighting SOLDIER

Chapter Two

A line added about a dog and a beggar in the streets

Slight changes to the wording used and actions of the Shinra manager on the train

The term Reactor1 used instead of Sector1 Reactor. This is to be in line with Reactor0 references in Dirge of Cerberus

Named the railways Midgar Transit

Train high security as stops at Sector0 (Shinra HQ)

Additional sentence to show Tifa's discontent at Barret's behaviour

Dialogue from Barret that shows Tifa and Cloud rarely spoke since she found him

Security forces patrol train tunnels

A lot of additional dialogue between Jessie and Barret regarding the fake ID she made for Cloud that didn't clear the checks

Small line added from Barret to say he still doesn't trust Cloud because of his background

President Shinra's description updated to include his elderly age

Cloud felt searing pain as the missile exploded