Hi! This is going to be a long fic.

Warnings: AU, violence, torture, war. These apply to the entire story.

Pairings: Fax, Niggy, Gella.

So this AU (alternate universe) and the whole thing is that the flock escaped without Jeb's help, and their escape has started a war. Colorado is one country fighting against New York. Colorado is out to capture the flock, New York is fighting for them to be free from Japan and Colorado. Yup.

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The attic was dusty, hot, and crowded with boxes filled to the brim with memories. Anabell Smith slowly sifted through discarded trinkets.

She had barely been up here ten minutes, and she was already sweating, despite her tank top and short shorts. It was the middle of summer, not the smartest time of year to explore the ancient treasure cove, but Anabell had already set her mind on this task.

The brown haired girl waded her way through a box of old China plates when she found an old wooden crate that was obviously hand carved. Angels and unicorns were scattered all across it's surface. The cherub's faces were so expressive and their bodies so well defined it looked as though they were going to fly out of the very wood. The unicorns were detailed down right to the rings in their horns. Not a single one looks alike. Anabell slowly lifted the lid and gasped at the beautiful silk kimono she knew her mother wore on her wedding day. Resisting the urge to try on the gorgeous garment, the teen pulled the kimono out. Her face molded into a look of confusion. Settled in the bottom of the celestial trunk was a book. Anabell slowly reached down and picked it up. It was made of thick, maroon leather. Upon opening it, Anabell realized it was a photo album. On the front page, which was made of normal paper and had no pictures on it, was a scrawled poem, rolling in beautiful cursive.

"So spread your wings and fly,
reach up and touch the sky,
live your life,
and even through strife,
keep holding on,
maybe our trouble will become an intervention,
and we'll finally be able to find ourselves"

Anabell didn't fully understand the poem, but the words alone were beautiful.

She turned the page to see a picture of six kids. The oldest looking girl seated in an old fashion chair. She had short blonde hair, lightly tanned skin, and chocolate brown eyes. She had a small girl in her lap. The child's hair was a lighter blonde, and her eyes gleamed like sapphires. Her pink lips were stretched into an innocent smile. Standing behind the two girls were two teenage had long black hair, and brown eyes so dark the were almost black, but his skin was super pale. Beside the dark haired youth was a tall boy with strawberry blonde hair. His eyes weren't focused on anything in particular, but they still help awareness. The two young men made such a stark contrast standing side by side, it was amazing. On the floor in front of the first girl were two children that were even more different. The girl had a light brown skin town that almost matched the first girl's eyes perfectly. Her hair looked like an untameable mass of tangles and snares, but for some reason, it worked on the dark-skinned girl. The boy had hair that was a shade lighter than the oldest girl, but a shade lighter than the blue eyed girl's. It was obvious he and the smallest girl were related in some way.

"Anabell? Where are you?"

Anabell blinked as her grandmother's voice drifted up to her from in the house.

"In the attic looking at a photo album!" Anabell hollered back.

"Well, bring it down and we'll look at it together. I've made lemonade!" At the mention of her grandmother's marvelous lemonade, Anabell realized just how thirsty she was. The girl gathered up the book, and quickly exited the attic. After she put the ladder back in it's place, she ambled to the living room, relishing in the awesomeness of air-conditioning. When Anabell made it to the small room, her grandmother was already there. The youth sat the photo album on the table her grandmother had sat the lemonade on.

"I should have known you would find this one." The elder whispered, smiling. When she caught the uncomprehening gaze, she elaborate, "Your mother found this when she was about your age too. Do you want to know the story behind these pictures?"

Anabell nodded vigorously, desperate to know the children in the picture.

One pale pink nail tapped the oldest girl's face, the first on Anabell had noticed.

"This is Max. Stubborn, strong, and fearless. She was the most wonderful person I ever knew. She was fierce loyal, and protective. She was alos the leader."

"Grandma, how did you know her?" Anabell couldn't help but blurt.

"All in good time, my child. Now, the girl in her lap is Angel. Innocent, wise, and loving. Max was practically Angel's mom. This-" her finger moved to the dark haired boy," is Fang. He was Max's right hand man. Without him, Max probably would have lost her marbles. The boy next to him is Iggy. That boy was such a pyro, it was scary at times. He was blind, as I'm sure you can tell from his eyes." The bony hand trailed down to point at the dark skinned girl with hair issues. "Nudge. I swear she could talk for days. But she was lovable, for sure. The blonde boy is Gasman, or Gazzy. He was just as much of a pyro as Iggy was. He's Angel brother. Are you sure you want me to continue?"

"Yes! Please!" Anabell urged.

"Very well. This is the tale of six kids, and the troubles they face."

Alrighty. That's the prologue. Woo.