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"That's great! They all deserve a happy ending, after all they've been there." Anabell gushed, sapphire yes closing in bliss, as though she was the one with a happy ending.

A realizing look came over her face a split second later, and Anabell whispered quietly, "Gazzy's dead… What about the others?"

An age old, world weary look stomped over Ella's wrinkles features, forcing the teenager to remember that as cool and hip as her grandmother may have been, she had seen more of the world than Anabell hopefully ever would.

"Max and Fang got married, tried for kids but didn't succeed. Ended up traveling the world together. I still get post cards and the occasional phone call." A pause, before Ella finished, sounding sad, "Nudge and Iggy died in a car wreck three years after the cleansing ceremony."

Anabell gasped, eyes darting to the still open photo album that still had Nudge in all her glory on full display. "That's such a short time together…"

Her grandmother smiled gently at her, consolingly almost, "They made the most of every second. You know about Gazzy, and Angel's still around, made a life for herself and settled down with a nice guy."

It wasn't the fairytale ending, but Anabell realized that life rarely is. Her eyes locked on the photo album.

"The war ended, and life carried on. End of story really. Life is life. Now, darling, it's almost time for your mother to come get you, so why don't you go put this up in the attic?"

The attic was stiflingly hot, but Anabell trudged onward, thick leather book tucked safely under her arm, as though it was sacred, and it was, to her.

She was just about to put it back in it's trunk, but hesitated, flipping open the cover one last time to stare at the words scrawled in Angel's loopy, swirling handwriting, finally understanding the word's meaning.

'So spread your wings and fly,
Reach up and touch the sky
Live your life
And even through strife
Keep holding on.
Maybe you trouble will become an intervention
And we'll finally be able to find love.'

She nestled it down into her mother's kimono, and closed the lid, words burned forever into her mind.

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