E/O Challenge: Alarm
Two unrelated drabbles, each 100 words.
Scotia inspired and essentially wrote this one. Thanks!!!
Disclaimer: Not mine. For fun not profit


"Dean. I don't want to alarm you but…."

"It's on the hood of my car, isn't it?"

"Don't look. Don't move. I'll get it."

"It's on the hood of my baby. With those claws."

"I'll get it."

"Make it a kill shot. I don't want that thing scratching the paint."


"Don't let it bleed on her, either."

Ultra bitch-face.

"Sorry. Can I move yet?"

"You can, sure. Move anyway you want. It will bite off the top of your head, but the car will be clean. Or wait till I make the shot."

"Just do it, Sam."

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