In the Glory of the King

A Naruto-Star Wars Tale.

He was hailed as a genius, a commander, a general, and a hero. He was feared as conquerer, a murderer and as the darkness itself. Some see him as hope, a hope of redemption even in the darkest of hours. Others celebrated the chaos and how he brought the galaxy itself to its knees. Only one person ever saw him as a lover, few more ever saw him as a friend. His name? The very moniker that shook the galaxy? Revan.

And at the moment, he was very, very, very, bored. The hooded figure sighed in sheer utter boredom, the likes he had not felt for a long time in his exceptionally long life span. He was after all, over 4000 years old. It was understandable to get a little bored from time to time. A hidden smiled ghosted across his face as he got up, running his hands along the walls of the ship he had come to see as a good friend. Despite there was not one piece of the original ship remaining after countless years of upgrades and repairs, the Ebon Hawk was his home.

A sudden shower of sparks, and a none to healthy coughing sound drew a frown on his face, a home that was in desperate need of a fixer upper. This was the reason he was heading back to known space, something he had avoided doing for centuries. He would much rather be gallivanting about the unexplored territories, but the force seemed to be guiding him back t civilization. Of course it was doing that by apparently screwing over his ship and droids.

"Stupid force wrecking my stuff..." He mumbled, grabbing a tool belt as he tried to determine what kind of patch work repairs needed to be made this time. He glanced over at the hunched over bronzed figure of his long time friend, if you could call a psychotic assassin droid that, HK-47. He was another reason to head back, many of his parts finally shutting down, putting the droid into its current state of deactivation. The former Sith sighed again as he finished to patchwork, keeping his ship afloat a bit longer.

Revan paused and closed his eyes as an odd pull came over him. His eyes narrowed as he stalked up to the navigation board, the force directing his hands. "T3, what's here?" HE said gesturing to a small system. T3 beeped out a response over the ship intercom, the little astromech droid had long been integrated into the ship's computer systems.

"There is a planet there? But no signs of advanced civilization... Change the ship heading." The computer gave a questioning whistle.

"I feel the force drawing me there. I wish to know why." Another set of shrill beeps and whistles rang out, causing the ancient warrior to sigh. "Just do it T3, it won't be much of a detour I promise." The former droid gave a plaintive whine, but adjusted the ships heading nonetheless.

Revan went and sat back down in the pilots chair, absently stroking his chin, wondering what the force had in-store for the near immortal.

He was hated for what he carried, whispered cries of 'Demon' followed him wherever he went. That which was not hate, was often pity. For a boy so young, he had seen much. He was to be a sacrifice for the greater good, a so called jinchuuriki. Until his fate was changed... His name is Uzumaki Naruto.

Naruto was currently facing the type of emotional trauma he had never come to expect in his short 13 years of life. Every small emotional wall he had erected, to ignore the whispers surrounding him, and the questions he asked himself as he sat alone every day, shattered as his teacher Mizuki told him the truth. All Iruka could do was yell and scream about how wasn't supposed to be told. 'They weren't supposed to tell me? Why not?! I've suffered alone and not known why? WHY?!?' So he did what any 13 year old who's world just shattered would do, turn and run.

Iruka groaned as he watched his favorite student run away, Mizuki following after him in hot pursuit. The scarred Chunnin vowed to himself to find a way t make this up to the blond boy. Little did he realize he would not see Naruto again for many years to come.


Naruto panted as he dashed through the trees at breakneck speed, despite his near demonic stamina Mizuki was gaining ground. The blond boy bit back a curse as a stray tree root caught his feet, sending him spiraling downwards into the dirt. He lay there panting, his body to sore to move, his arms still clutching to the forbidden scroll for dear life. He let out a whimper as he heard approaching footsteps.

Pain ran through his young body as he turned to look at a triumphant looking Mizuki, who stood a few meters away, his giant shuriken drawn. The jinchuuriki mentally rolled his eyes as the silver haired shinobi expounded upon his 'glorious and justified reasons for slaying the demon.' 'Why can't he just shut up and kill me? Is the gloating that fucking necessary?' Mizuki finally finished up his rant, drew back his arm and flung the over sized weapon as hard as he could.

It was of course then, to both parties surprise that the weapon came to a swift grinding halt in mid air. The both looked at it oddly as the blade slowly began to spin, faster and faster, before shooting off back towards its thrower, impaling the shinobi to a tree, severing his spinal cord in the process. Mizuki looked confused as he spat blood, the feeling the rest of his body draining away. He looked over at his target, he looked just as confused, though less impaled, as he did. "W-w-wha-" He slurred out, the spots in his vision increasing as the seconds ticked away. His question went unanswered as reality faded into oblivion.

Naruto was on edge now, his eyes scanning the tree line for something, someone that could explain what had just happened. A light tap on the shoulder almost caused him to wet himself. He shuffled around and looked behind him to see the figure of a black cloaked man, standing with his arms crossed impassively. "Y-you?" He stammered out, mentally cursing himself out.

The figure nodded then said something incomprehensible. Naruto raised an eye in question, the figure seemed to take on an annoyed stance, the hood blocked out anything one might read of his face. He stretched out a hand from the depths of his robe and tapped the blond's temple.

Naruto's mind was flooded with words, images, sounds and seeming volumes of knowledge. He stared up at the hooded figure, "What did you just do?" He blurted out. Upon hearing his voice he realized he was speaking in a whole new language, one he had not known an instant earlier.

The man's hood seemed to slide off of him, guided by invisible hands as he picked the young boy up. Naruto stared into the face of the man, grey eyes evaluating blue, black hair contrasting against blond. A warm smile spread across the man's face as he spoke in soft tones. "I just imparted knowledge, I gave you my language and learned your own."

Naruto blinked at the voice, light hearted, but it seemingly commanded attention. He mused in the back of his head it was much like the voice of the Hokage in that respect. He blinked twice and shook his head. "Who are you?"

The man smiled again. "I have gone by many names youngling, but the name I am most known by, and what you may call me... Is Revan."

"Naruto!" The blond blurted out suddenly. Revan smiled and tipped his head.

"A pleasure to meet you Naruto." Revan stared at Naruto again, the boy fidgeting under the warm, but calculating gaze. The man suddenly broke his stare and nodded. Naruto raised a questioning eyebrow. "The force has definitely led me here. It shines in you like a thousand stars." He paused and tapped his chin thoughtfully. "But also, an all consuming darkness is in you... It is you, but separate."

Naruto's eyes widened at that. Forgetting any questions he had. An all consuming darkness? Kyuubi, no doubt in the young blond's mind. But this man, this Revan, said he also shone like a thousand stars... What did that mean? HE opened his mouth to vice his query when a hand was raised to silence him.

"Others approach, come I would rather leave without being discovered. My ship is not far." Revan said, turning and making to leave.

Naruto shook his head, "Wait, why do you want me to come?"

Revan turned and smirked, "Why, to train you in the ways of the force. I will help you find perfect balance, between your light and that darkness within. Oh, and bring that scroll. Your knowledge of these... Ninjutsus intrigues me. It could prove interesting."

To this day Naruto never knew why he followed, in retrospect it could have been a monumentally stupid idea. But, for good or for ill, the fate of the galaxy changed that day...







A/N: I am realllly sorry this is not an update for one of my other stories. But I have had this star wars bug that latched on to me and wouldn't let go until I wrote it down. This chapter is a LOT shorter then normal for me. But it is just a prologue so expect later ones to be longer. It will cover the time period of the prequel trilogy. So I hope you all enjoy it. Laters!

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