Chapter 5

The starting flag fell, and Revan's pod roared to life. Several other racers screamed, and two wet themselves at the sound. The large saw like blades whirred into life, a somewhat horrific, maim worthy life, as the pod gunned past, well, everyone really. In less then 30 seconds his pod had gained a considerable lead on his competition.

In the observation stands, Padme's jaw dropped, Naruto raised his eyebrows in mild surprise, and Qui-Gon uttered a few of the more colorful examples of alien language he had picked up in his travels. The other occupants in the stand turned and looked at him quizzically. He coughed and looked away, straightening invisible wrinkles on his clothes as he calmed himself. "Well, it's just the start of the race, plenty of time for Anakin to catch up."

Naruto looked at him, one sky blue eye watching him. "Right, go for that whole power of positive thinking thing. You let me know how that works for you."

Padme was torn between snickering at Naruto's comment, and smashing her head against the handrails as she kissed her ship goodbye.


Qui-Gon would prove, somewhat correct however. At several key turns Revan would slow his pod right down, before gunning the engines and blasting past the other racers once more. On the last corner before the final straightaway In the course, a floating camera buzzed in and got a close up shot of Revan, just before he overtook Sebulba, who incidentally was coming up with all sorts of colorful ways to murder the man who was toying with him. To the shock, surprise, and excitement of the crowds, the man had his eyes closed, a look of relaxation on his face. A look, which, had been there the entire race so far.

Naruto sighed, "Ok, now he's just showing off."

The others merely murmured in agreement.


So it continued for the next two laps, until it came down to the last corner once again, Sebulba had pulled ahead, and was determined to stay that way. Close behind him was Revan, who had yet to take the race seriously, and trailing just behind them, Anakin had finally managed to catch up.

The dug broke out into a cold sweat, mentally at least. Not sure if it's possible for a dug to sweat from a physiological standpoint. As he heard that... That... Monster, of a podracer's engines roar once more, a quick glance in his rear view mirror, and saw nothing but rotating, maul-worthy blades of Doom. SO he did what any rational sentient being would do in such a situation. Scream and swerve out of the way, this of course ground his right engine into the ground, where it promptly exploded, as all pod engines seem to do, in a bright plume of fire. Normally, he would do something like scream obscenities at the man who ran him off the road, swearing an unholy death. But in this particular instance he leaped from his burning wreckage of a pod and kissed the unmoving ground, grateful to have escaped what would have been a grisly death.

The race ended with Revan coming in first, Anakin second, and Gasgano in third. Naruto smirked as he approached his Master, "You're a cruel bastard you know that?"

Revan laughed as he opened his eyes, finally, and looked at his pupil. "Oddly enough, you are not the first person to tell me that.

Of course a different mood had settled over the others, who were standing away from the winner, a level of dismay hung in the air, Anakin had come oh so close to being freed from slavery, pity that. This kids, is why gambling is wrong, especially when one puts all their hopes on a positive outcome.

Naruto turned to his teacher, "You know... We did just kind of royally screw them over..."

Revan narrowed his eyes at the look Naruto was giving. "No. Dammit no! We are not going around freeing slaves, and we most certainly are not a damn taxi service!"


Hours later, as Naruto was showing their new guests around the Ebon Hawk Revan was on an errand of his own. Namely, finding a way to vent some steam at being taken in by his stupid apprentice's Puppy Eyes No Jutsu. "Stupid brat and his stupid watery eyes. Eyes shouldn't friggin sparkle like that." He grumbled to himself as he stalked around the desert, hoping to stumble across a hidden Krayt Dragon lair. Well, no one said the Man's views of fun aren't a wee bit skewed.

He was a solid hour and a half away from his ship when a tiny presence flickered into his perception. Someone was near by. Revan stopped, and cocked his head off to the side extending his field of perception outward, he smiled as he homed in on it. There, a flickering darkness against the white sands. A cruel smile wove its way onto the once Sith Lord. "Oh, oh my... This could be... Fun." He bared his teeth in a wide grin as he turned to make his way towards the dark presence.


Back at the Hawk Naruto had finished giving his guest the admittedly short tour of the ship. HK had disappeared somewhere, which worried the blond, more then slightly, but he ignored it in favor of spending time with his new friend, namely Obi-Wan Kenobi, as Padme had disappeared off somewhere with the Queen. At any rate, both apprentices were currently extolling the less then admirable qualities of their respective masters. "-So he's all, 'Wake Up! It's torture time!' and I'm all 'You mean training right?' And he just grins and says 'I said what I meant, and I meant what I said!' And then he started laughing about Whoo's and Elephants, whatever that meant."

Obi-Wan winced in sympathy, "Okay yeah, that's pretty bad. But Qui-Gon, it's like he met Common Sense sometime in his youth, and was violently offended by it and has avoided it ever since." The Padawan sighed and slumped onto the couch they were sitting on, "I mean, sure it tends to work out in his favor, most of the time, but the easy way isn't always evil! I want to live long enough to make Knighthood ya know!"

Naruto cracked open an eye and grinned, "To true. Ah, what can we do about it though? I mean would you really want your Master some other way?"

They looked each other in the eye, "Sometimes." They said in unison, before they both laughed. Eventually Obi-Wan sighed, "Your right though. Life would be less interesting, still I can wish He's tone it down can't I?"

Naruto shrugged, "Go right ahead, lemme know if that works out for you."

Truly it was a part of the Uzumaki charm to break someone as emotionally repressed as Obi-Wan out of their shell, in front of him at least. But then Naruto was known for making fast friends in the oddest places, or rather, he would have been had this been another universe. One in which Revan never stumbled across his lonely little planet. But what might have been is inconsequential to this story, for now at least.


Darth Maul was not one who surprised easily, and in those rare moments surprise did find him, it generally died gurgling with a lightsaber wound to the torso. It can be understood then he was a little on edge when a stranger in a cloak that seemed to be more for dealing with sand then any aesthetic purpose, snuck up behind him and said "Hi." in a creepy stalker-esque voice.

Twin ruby blades burst into life, the stranger merely laughed as the zabrak warrior rushed forward, only to slam into an invisible wall. The Sith stepped back, and blinked the sand out of his eyes, before growling in what was undoubtedly supposed to be an intimidating manner. Unfortunately with the damage to his naval cavities it come out more of a high pitched squealing sound. Not the most dignified sound a Sith could make to be sure. Maul regained his composure and reached out in the force, only to step back further in astonishment. The wall radiated from the man outward.

The stranger grinned, "Oh look at that, the little Doggy can see. Should I play nice little Pup?" The massive force shield dropped, and the Sith surged forward once more, deadly blades flashing in the desert sun.

However, instead of the oh-so-satisfying feeling of his blade cutting through the man's flesh, the ruby beam was stopped by a golden colored blade, emanating from the lightsaber handle that had seemingly materialized in the man's hand. Maul mentally swore before twirling his weapon and going forward once more, really the only thing he had ever been taught to do.

To his credit he lasted all of thirty seconds before he found himself 10 feet away on his back, mouth agape as he stared at the man who was now holding his lightsaber studying it with a detached curiosity. "Hmm not bad, not bad. Weightings a bit funny, and it really wasn't meant for desert use, sand is already getting in. Probably isn't waterproof. All in all, I've seen better craftsmanship, but it's not to horrendous. A 6.5 out of 10." He gazed down critically at the downed Zabrak, "As for you... Not bad, not bad at all. Better then my current apprentice, for now at least, but I have nothing to measure you up against in current standards... Though, I doubt you are a master yet hmm doggie? Do you still bark at the heel's of a Master?"

The snarl of fury etched on the Sith's face was tell enough to answer that question.

"Well then... Pass him on a message... The King who Left, has returned to find his that which was left behind under new management, and it is found wanting." With that the man turned to leave before stopping once more, "Oh, and lest I forget, do get better. I hope we'll meet again, and when we do that you can be a good little stepping stone for my apprentice." He paused, "Oh, and little Doggie? Fetch." With that maul's lightsaber lifted into the air, before being force blasted towards the horizon with naught but a flick of the cloaked man's finger.

Maul swore and ran after his lightsaber, following the connection he had to it in the force, scowling as the Man's laughs echoed behind him, long into the distance.


Several hours later found Revan walking up the ramp to his ship, with Naruto waiting for him at the top, "Master, your finally back. I was starting to worry." Naruto paused, seeing the look on his Master's face. "Something interesting happen Master?"

Revan grinned, "Yes, interesting indeed..." He said as walked past the young Uzumaki. He paused as Naruto turned to follow him. "By the way, for conning me into being a damn Taxi service your cleaning the entire ship with a sonic brush."

Naruto groaned, then grinned and opened his mouth to say something only to be cut off, "And no clones. And I mean the interior and exterior of the ship." As Naruto wailed Revan grinned wider, he was oh so glad he decided to come back to this neck of the Universe...






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