Authors Note: The day time high here hasn't been below 110 all week. It's so hot I can feel the heat coming through the windows with the curtains drawn and the sun on the other side of the house. It is that hot. SO, that's where this is coming from. Second part up tomorrow some time.

Disclaimer: If they were mine I wouldn't have to write this, would I?

It was hot; Lisbon could feel the sweat dripping down the back of her legs. They were in the middle of an almost month long heat wave and the drought conditions in the lovely state of California hadn't improved any, so not only was it hot, it was dry too. No hint of moisture was in the air, no breeze was blowing. They had just gotten back from a case in the middle of the desert, and sadly, it was only a few degrees cooler here than it had been there.

And to make it worse, the air conditioning in her car had gone out. She was sticking to the seat of her car, the windows were down, but it wasn't doing any good. She just wanted to get home to what she was hoping was her ice cold apartment and take a nice long cool shower. Lisbon pulled up outside the two story house in one of the nicer older suburbs to Sacramento. She lived on the top floor of the house. The older lady who lived down stairs had it sealed off when the last of her kids had moved out and rented it out for extra income. Lisbon had been living there for 3 years.

She liked her neighbor; she was a kind older woman who didn't bother her too much. She didn't mind the odd hours that Lisbon kept with her job and the rent was reasonable. Lisbon grabbed her bag out of the back seat of her car and quickly made her way up the stairs at the side of the house and opened her door. Instead of a nice cool apartment, Lisbon was hit with a wave of oppressive heat. The air had been turned off.

"Oh Teresa dear, I'm glad to see you made it home alright." Lisbon looked down the stairs and saw her land lady standing at the bottom.

"Yea, I just got back into town."

"I turned your air off when you were gone. Did you realize that you left it on? Your bill would have been through the roof."

Lisbon tried not to sigh and roll her eyes at the woman; she was just trying to be helpful. "Thanks for that. I think I'm just going to take a shower and get to bed early tonight." She waved good bye to the woman and went inside, it was worse in here than it had been outside. She quickly made her way to the thermostat and turned on the air full blast. She set it at 70 degrees, hoping that would be cold enough.

She went into her bedroom, striping off her hot sticky work cloths and throwing them into the hamper in her closet. She walked into the bathroom, turning on the fan in both her bed room and the front room as she went. She turned on the shower; normally she was a big fan of the hot steamy shower, or long luxurious bubble bath, but not today.

Today she turned the water on to just a hair before ice cold and stepped in, enjoying the prickly sensation of the water as it hit her skin. She left the water flow over her head, smoothing out her hair and running over her chest and stomach. It was an unusual sensation, the cold prickling water, and she found herself thinking of the last time she'd shared her bed with anyone. It had defiantly been much colder, and was long enough ago that she started to feel a familiar longing just at the thought.

She started washing her hair, massaging her scalp, working the bubbles into her hair. It had been early yesterday morning the last time she was able to shower and she took time in washing the grit and grime out of her hair. After thoroughly washing the thick dark hair she poured her body wash onto her dark blue bath poof and started to wash her skin. Despite all of her precautions she had still managed to get a touch of sunburn on her arms and chest. Glad that it was cold water and not hot, she rubbed the soap all over her body, taking extra time as she washed her breasts, they were more sensitive than normal in the cold water.

The rumbling in her stomach reminded her that she hadn't had anything to eat since early that morning and she stood under the stream of water one last time letting the cold relief wash over her before turning the water off. She stepped out of the shower, barely rubbing the towel over her body, not minding staying slightly damp as she wrapped her hair up in the towel. The beads of water left on her skin cooled her off in the still hot apartment as she passed the fans she had turned on.

She knew she had to get dressed, there was no way around it, she couldn't just walk around her apartment naked all night, as much as she might want too. Thinking about the least restrictive, coolest clothing she owned she settled for a light weight, breathable white sports bra with thin straps and a tiny pair of black exercise shorts. She slipped on the smallest, thinnest pair of white panties she owned, they weren't fancy, but they did the trick.

She walked into the kitchen, making sure all the fans in her apartment were turned on as high as they could go. She stood in front of the vent in the kitchen as she thought about what she should make for dinner. She didn't want anything hot, she had no desire to cook anything, and she didn't think she had anything cold in her freezer that didn't require heating in the oven or microwave. Sighing she decided that she could call and order a salad from the pizza place down the street. They would deliver so she wouldn't have to get back into her hot car.

Taking care of her dinner order she walked back into the living room flopping down on the sofa, half lying and half sitting, stretching to reach the remote she tuned on the tv and lazily flipped through the channels. She had tow fans pointed at her, one from each side, and they were blowing around her hair that she hadn't bothered pulling back after she had towel dried it.

Sooner than she expected there was a knock at her door and she grabed her wallet from where she had left it when she came in and went to open it. She looked through her wallet, realizing the smallest bill she had was a 20 and sighed, at least the delivery boy would get a good tip for being out in this heat.

"Smallest thing I have is a 20 is that ok?" She asked not looking up from her wallet where she as still looking.

"That's very generous of you Lisbon, but really, you don't have to pay me to come see you pretty face."

It wasn't the delivery boy.