So, as I am enjoying writing one shot collections greatly, I have a new one for you. M E Wofford suggested this to me, and I wrote this first chapter about a week ago. But, since a lot was happening and I had no time, I didn't post it until now. :) I like this collection idea, and the whole idea I have.

Each chapter will probably be short, depending on the depth of each character I do, and will contain Tony and Ziva through their friends eyes. Maybe even not so friends hee hee. But, no matter, this will be multi-chaptered and contain Tiva. It kind of goes with my other one shot collections, but they don't fit together at all. They are all just fluffy Tiva ness. :D

Disclaimer: Anything you recognize, you nor I don't own. Just to let you know, some of this series willl be my own speculation that fills in the empty spots of the series.

Abby's POV

I didn't like Ziva in the beginning. I know now that it was stupid of me to be so mean to her, because she isn't as bad as I thought her to be. In fact, she isn't bad at all. I was just too stubborn and stupid to let myself get close to her. But after Gibbs retired, we got closer. We talked more, and I realized she had a softer side to her. Sometimes, we would sit in my lab and talk for hours. I found out a lot about her, like she enjoyed long baths, she secretly watched Greys Anatomy, and she wore a shirt Tony gave her to bed. The last part she swore me to secrecy on, and I could have sworn she was blushing the whole time. I felt proud of myself for getting her to blush.

I know I was one of the only people to know they had a weekly movie night. She seemed happy they were spending time together, even if she didn't tell me or… refused to let on. Nevertheless, she did, no matter how badly she tried to hide it. And I knew Tony enjoyed them too.

I think I was the first one to realize they were closer than we thought, than we saw.

I understood what she was feeling when the movie nights stopped. She told me, and the look on her face was one of sadness. I told her she could always come to my house, and we could watch movies and do our nails. She didn't take me up on the offer for a while, but as Tony got closer to Jeanne and farther from Ziva, we started our own movie night. I knew I couldn't live up to Tony's personality, and I couldn't be Tony that is for sure, but I could try to be there for Ziva. And I knew I was when she fell asleep with her head in my lap. Or when we would stay up all night and just talk.

I wasn't the least bit surprised when she told me Tony had shown up at her apartment with a movie and pizza after the whole ordeal. I think it was just what they both needed too. They needed to regroup and work together. Especially after the whole 'Tony-is-dead-thing'. I told her she didn't need to mind, that I could always call McGee and we could have our own movie night. They both seemed happy after that. Personally, I think they started secretly dating then, but McGee informed me they couldn't be.

"They should be." I muttered, and he laughed.

As they started to push each other away after being split up by Vance, and the stuff with Lee happened, I prayed they would work things out. Not just for my own "want them together" reasons, but because I wanted them happy, and together they were happier. When they were getting along, and their days were spent goofing off and playing jokes on McGee, the whole team was happier. They were in harmony. When Tony and Ziva were fighting, everyone else was on edge. And I don't blame them. Say the wrong thing, and you either get ninja kicked or slapped in the face with an insult.

Neither sounded pleasurable.

I've heard people say that real love isn't easy, and you are going to be tested. If it is easy, it's not real. In Tony and Ziva's case, they were like government lab rats. Being tested at every turn and as soon as happiness came it was taken away.

I guess that is why they are so special. Nothing has been easy in their lives, and now they have each other. They know how to deal with the world when they have each other. When they can stand flat on the ground and lean on each other, they are fine.

Some people are better apart, but together they are better than Gibbs.

Well, they think they are.

No one is better than Gibbs.

So, I liked this first chapter. I think it was pretty Abby-ish. :D

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