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The Haircut

A great roar was heard throughout the castle, and traveled as far as the edge of the castle grounds, where Belle rode her horse, Philippe.

"Mistress, if you please" Lumiere hung his head. They had attempted to keep their master groomed and clean, as per their mistress's wishes. Unfortunately the master was not so quick to agree to the grooming.

"I'm coming".

They had been together for two years and as much as Belle loved him, she could not understand why he had an aversion to keeping himself clean.

She had tried nearly everything, the only tactic was withdrawing to another bedroom.

Finally they came to an understanding. Once a week he would bathe and once a month, he would get a haircut. For the past month, he had bathed once a week without a problem.

But today was the first haircut and she already knew that he would not be so quick to consent.

The room designated to groom him was in chaos and it looked to him that he might win this battle, until Belle walked into the room.

"Sit" came the order, and he followed. The look on his face was that of a child whose mother had discovered him the cookie jar before dinner.

As she cut his hair, his eyes attempted to meet hers, but continued to look away.

"Your beautiful" he said.

She ignored him.

"Did I tell ever tell you how I love you?" he asked.

She still ignored him.

"Your done, was that so tough?" she finally replied a few minutes later, putting the scissors down.

He looked in the mirror, surprised that she was able to accomplish what the servants had been unable to.

"No" he replied. He actually liked the way he looked.

"I, um, am sorry" he said as she began to clean up the room.

He was surprised that instead of ignoring him, as she had done this past week, she walked up to him and kissed him.

"That was all I wanted, I love you, but I will not have you looking like a wildman".

He was about to object as she predicted he would when she made reference to his animal like state before they met.

"You are mine, as I am yours, but I will not allow a child of ours to be brought up with you looking as you did".

"A child?" his eyes danced, conjuring up what a child of theirs might be like.

"Not right now, but perhaps in the future" she replied, holding out her hand to him.

A year later, another wail was heard throughout the castle. But this was the wail of a newborn child, leaving her mother's body for the first time and gasping for air.

He never made a fuss about bathing again.

The End