I vowed to never do a trailer, but....well, vows can be broken!!!

A secret discovered

Merlin uses his powers to fling a man across a room. Arthur looks up at Merlin in shock.

Friends divided

Arthur points his sword at Merlin. "You're a sorceror!"

A man is forced to flee

Merlin running through the woods with tears running down his face.

Another is forced to rethink his beliefs

Arthur looking at Morgana desperately. "Why would he save me?"

And realizes his mistake

Arthur getting on a horse while Morgana watches. "I have to find him."

While another is made

Morgana discussing Merlin's powers with Gwen while Uther walks by and overhears.

Orders are given

Uther adressing a group of his men. "Find my son and his manservant. Bring Arthur back here, but kill the servant."

And an old enemy enters the mix

Merlin ducking as a magic fireball comes at him

Coming soon..


Arthur grabbing Merlin's arm and dragging him behind a tree as knights run by.


Merlin hugging Arthur and Arthur hugging back after slight hesitation.


Gwen looking. "I know where they are."


"How did he find them?" Morgana asks Gwen sadly.
"I don't know."

And tragedy...

Merlin laying on the ground, bleeding, while Arthur leans over him.

This Summer

Michelle Ryan

Nimueh saying a spell

Anthony Head

Uther yelling

Bradley James

Arthur swinging a sword

Colin Morgan

Merlin's eyes turning gold

Katie McGrath

Morgana stabbing someone

Angel Coulby

Gwen being cornered by Arthur

Screen goes black

Fade in-
Merlin: Fatal Secrets
-Fade out

Morgana wakes up from a nightmare

Ever wonder what happens when you only get 5 hours of sleep and then tube for 2 1/2 hours in freezing cold water? Well...this

I couldn't think of a better title :D

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