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"Merlin, shut up."

"If I don't go with you and you get caught you can make up an excuse!"

"We will not get caught!"


Arthur grabbed Merlin's shoulders and looked the dark haired boy in the eyes. "I will not leave you behind." He said forcefully.

Merlin's eyes widened and his mouth gaped open comically as he tried to think of something to say. With an awkward cough Arthur let go of him and grinned. "For some reason I risked my life to save you. You can't go get yourself killed now."

Merlin smiled. "Do you at least have a plan?"

"Of course I have a plan."

"How strange."

Arthur sent a glare his way before turning around and proceeding to walk again. "I always have a plan."

"Really? Then why don't they ever work?"

Instead of responding Arthur grit his teeth together and shook his head. "Maybe I should leave you behind." When he caught sight of a fleeting smile he shook his head. "But if you're with me I can use you as a shield considering you made me forget mine."

"You'd never use me as a shield." Merlin's cocky smile almost made Arthur stop scowling. Almost.

"My plan will not work if you aren't quiet!"

"Well you're not being very quiet."

"I'm too busy yelling at you! Sometimes I wonder if you can be quiet."

"If your plan is good we'll see." Apparently Arthur didn't get the hint that Merlin reallywanted to know what his great plan was, or he just didn't care. "Arthur!" He whined.


"Can you fill me in?"

Although the thought of torturing Merlin was appealing the boy would never shut up if he didn't know. "We're going to sneak in."

Merlin burst into laughter. "Really?" He gasped out. "I never would have guessed!"

"I thought it through!"

Arthur's overwhelming urge to hit Merlin disappeared when the younger boy doubled up in pain, the laughter hurting his chest. With a smug smile Arthur guided his manservant -- ex-manservant? -- over to a tree so he had something to lean against while catching his breath. "And that's what you get for laughing at the prince."

All Merlin could do was glare weakly at him.

Even though he didn't really need to Arthur felt like proving himself to Merlin. "By the time we get close to Camelot it will almost be time for the shifts to change and the guards always get lazy. If we sneak into a cart we can get into Camelot without them checking it. Then, once we're in I know where we can hide."

Merlin was slightly impressed. He'd half expected Arthur to suggest storming the gate because he was always using his sword instead of his brain. Well, that's what Merlin thought at least.

Still, he didn't dare praise the prince. Arthur didn't need an even bigger head. "And where is our hiding place?"

"Morgana's house."

It took a lot of effort for Merlin not to laugh. "Morgana doesn't have a house."

"Yes she does. When she first moved into the castle she hated it and Uther ended up giving her a house to play in so she didn't throw a tantrum every day. Morgana still goes there sometimes after fighting with him."

"Wait, and you know where this house is?"

"Of course."

"Arthur, were you and Morgana friends?"

"I don't want to talk about it." He replied quickly.

Even though it was a bad idea Merlin couldn't help but snicker.

Morgana found herself leading Gwen towards her practically-secret house. She knew they needed a place to talk privately so after sneaking past the guards (who still insisted on following her almost everywhere outside the castle) the two girls arrived on the doorstep of an old, run down building.

"This is yours?" Gwen questioned, not really wanting to step inside.

"Yes. It was much nicer before but that was a long time ago. Still, the outside is much worse. Come on."

Hesitantly Gwen followed Morgana inside and had to admit that it was actually quite cozy inside. Red rugs covered most of the creaky floorboards and a few mismatched but expensive armchairs took up most of the small area. The doors to the other rooms were closed and blocked off by end tables so Gwen just sat down on the chair closest to the door.

Before Morgana could sit down as well the door slammed open again and her hand instantly slid towards the dagger tucked in her belt. Soon she found herself more relieved than angry and quickly gave Arthur a hug. The prince -- whose plan had been completely successful -- didn't hug back. Morgana rolled her eyes before moving on to Merlin, who did his best to return the hug. Still, Morgana noticed his flinch.

"What happened?" She demanded, pulling away quickly.

Merlin resisted the urge to cover his wound. "It's nothing. I'm fine."

Morgana glared at him and dragged him over to a chair, practically having to push him into it. "Let me look at it."

Arthur rolled his eyes and collapsed into a chair himself, ignoring Morgana's annoying motherly comments towards Merlin and not even realizing Gwen's presence.

This came in handy for the maidservant though because as soon as Arthur's eyes closed briefly she quietly but quickly made her way outside. Her breath came out in shaky gasps as she made her way down the street.

Inside of the house Morgana gave up on trying to help the complaining Merlin because she had no supplies and instead turned to Arthur. "Why did you come here? You should have at least gone to Gaius."

"We can't go into the castle because Uther wants Merlin dead!" The prince snapped.

"Are you suggesting that I said something?" Morgana was shocked that Arthur thought so little of her.

"Who else would have?"

"Need I remind you that you would have if not for me?"

Merlin grinned. "Thanks Morgana."

He was ignored as the two continued to argue. "I haven't been here and you're the only person who might have said something."

"I only told Gwen--"

"You told Gwen?"

"I think it's fine you told Gwen." Merlin threw in, desperate for the two to stop yelling at each other.

"Of course I told Gwen! I needed someone to talk to after you told me and then ran off!"

"Well obviously Gwen said something!"

"Maybe someone overheard us Arthur, stop trying to blame people!"

With a sigh Merlin shook his head. "Hey!"

"What?" Both yelled at the same time.

"Umm, speaking of Gwen, where is she?"

There was a pause as everyone thought about this. Before anyone could come up with anything the door was roughly kicked down. Morgana didn't have time to reach her dagger or Arthur his sword before they were quickly grabbed by guards.

"You three are under arrest."

Merlin could only send a sorry look to his friends before he was knocked out by a knight Arthur couldn't bother to remember the name of.

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