Welcome to Let's Play!
Episode 1: The Dare Game!

Episode 1: Start!

Me: Hello, *coughs*, welcome to episode one of Let's Play! This will feature three Naruto characters, aside from my cohost, Gaara!

Gaara: ......Hello.

Me: Alright Gaara! Spin the Wheel of Characters!

Gaara: .....Stop screaming. Now.

Me: *twitch* This is my show. *whispers* Be quiet, or they'll fire us!

Gaara: Who. You just said this is your show. Well. Let's get on with it.

Me: Will you shut the f*ck up you d*mn creep!

Gaara: We're going to take a small break, so all you fangirls adoring me right now will have to wait just a second while I either kill him or shut him up. Wait, what the h*ll kind of a line is that? Who wrote this?

Me: I did.

( Commercial Break )

Me: *twitch* And we're back. Sorry about that.

Gaara: I already spun the wheel. Tobi. Itachi. And Sakura.

Me: You already spun the wheel!

Gaara: Yes.

Me: Wow!

Gaara: Now you're just shouting to p*ss me off.

Me: Why yes I am! Now, Sakura. You must dare . . .

( Wheel spins )

Gaara: Itachi.

Sakura: I know! I dare you, Itachi, to make one of your clones give you a wedgie!

Naruto shouts from the audience: Way to think, Sakura! Woohoo!

Itachi: I refuse.

Me: Then you lose.

Itachi: I could care less about your foolish game. Can't somebody just dare me to go home or something so I can I eat my dinner? I'm making fish.

~At The Akatsuki Hideout~

Kisame: *looks around nervously* I felt . . . a disturbance . . .

~Back At The Studio~

Me: Itachi, you must do it.

Itachi: Whatever. Fine.

( After a few rousing minutes . . . )

Me: Well, now ha ha Itachi PFTHAHAHAHA!!! is now in the lead with one point. heh heh . . .

Itachi: Just get a move on.

Gaara: I agree.

Me: Alright, then. (Pushy cohost I have there. Why did I choose him anyway?) Now, Tobi, you must dare . . .

( Wheel spins )

Gaara: Itachi.

Me: Itachi!

Gaara: I will kill you. Without hesitation.

Tobi: Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! Ummm, I dare Itachi to give me his ring and cloak and allow me to join Akatsuki in place of him!

Itachi: I'm leaving.

Me: Wait, no -

Itachi: You, there.

Gaara: Me?

Itachi: Fill in for me.

Gaara: Alright.

Tobi: Oh! Then I dare you, what is it again?

Gaara: Gaara.

Tobi: I dare Gaara to rub my belly!

( Sakura, me, and the audience attempt to keep in our laughter )

Gaara: No.

Me: But Gaara, you must.


Me: Gaara! Do it!

Gaara: Fine.

( Gaara quickly shot out his hand and put a finger on Tobi's stomach and then removed it without a moment's notice )

Gaara: Done.

Me: Great! Now, Gaara will dare . . . .

( Wheel spins )

Gaara: Sakura. I dare you to dare me to leave.

Sakura: I dare you to leave?

Gaara: See you all later. *whispers into my ear* And if I do ever see you again, I will kill you.

Me: *twitch* Ummm, alright. . . now where am I going to get another cohost?

????: I'll do it.

Me: Sasuke?

Sasuke: Orochimaru sent me to spy on you. My turn. Tobi. I dare you to kill yourself.

Tobi: Well, Tobi is a good boy. Okay.

Me: No! Tobi! Don't do it! *turns to Sasuke* It's not your turn. Now, where will I get my next contestant?

????: The Hokage sent me to help out.

Me: Kakashi Sensei?

Kakashi: Yes. Turns out this is her favorite TV show. Now, whose turn is it.

Me: Sakura will now dare the both of you, Tobi and Kakashi.

Sakura: I dare them to make-out!

Naruto shouts from the audience: Even better! Way to go Sakura!

Me: Naruto, please leave the show to us, okay, you are already the main character of one.

Naruto: Sorry.

Kakashi: It.. is... my... *cough* mission.

( Anticipation comes over the audience. And as for the rest of the description... let's just say the dare was followed through. )

Me: Umm, wow, what a dare. Anyway . . .

Iruka: How could you!

Me: When did you get . . .

Iruka: Kakashi . . . why?

( Iruka dissapears )

Me: What the . . . okay, now Kakashi will dare Sakura and Tobi.

Sasuke: Why am I even here? I don't even get to dare anybody.

( Sasuke dissappears )

Me: Great. Now I have no cohost.

Orochimaru: I'm here.

Me: What-!?

Orochimaru: Just finish this up so I can go home.

Me: Alright. Go on, Kakashi.

Kakashi: I dare Sakura to slap Tobi's a**!

Tobi: Sounds fun!

Sakura: Never!

Kakashi: This'll be better than Make-Out Paradise!

Me: I know! And Make-Out Violence, too!

( Sakura frowns and lifts her fists and punches me and Kakashi into the wall )
( Moments later . . . )

Orochimaru: I guess the shows over. I will be leaving now.

Me (dazily): Great. *huff, huff*

Kakashi (dazily): Where am I?

Sakura: Hmph.

( Sakura storms off )

Tobi: I'm going to go home. I'm making fish!

~At The Akatsuki Hideout~

Kisame: ( What is this strange feeling?)

~Back At The Studio~

Me (dazily): Whatever.

Sasuke: Can I kill the audience?

Me: No! And, when did you show up?

Sasuke: I'm leaving. I must train.

Me: Well, it looks like that's the end of our show today. Next time, I will feature different characters than tonight. And maybe a guest star. See ya-

????: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!

Me: Whose baby is crying!?

( I look around )

Me: Oh. Why did you come back Tobi?

Tobi: Itachi popped out from behind the corner and scared me! Waaaah! Go make him leave! *sniffle*

Me: *sigh* Alright.

Tobi: Can you also walk me *sniffle* out of Konoha? *sniffle* Please?

Kakashi (dazily): Whose this Konoha you speak of? And where did those stars come from?

Tobi: Is he drunk?

Me: I hate my life. Well, see you next time.

Episode 1: End