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For Jim Kirk when something started well that meant, normally, that it would become a challenge. Not that he minded, he welcomed challenges. He always got through them and almost always seemed to end up in the hands of Dr. McCoy. But when things began badly they seemed to end well, which left him wondering why this had happened.

His relationship with Spock started with him being put on academic probation and almost being killed at the hands of the half-Vulcan. Now that they had been on the Enterprise for nearly a year they were friends. They had disagreements but nothing that caused them to drift apart, if anything it brought them closer. The pair balanced each other out. As the Elder Spock said, it was a friendship that would define them both. The pair were sometimes said the be the best team in the fleet. But, if this started so badly why was it ending badly?


It was becoming a routine, not one that Jim liked, but it was becoming one just the same. For the sixth day in a row, once his shift was done, he would take the lift to sickbay and sit next to his first officer's bed. For six extremely long days Spock had been in a coma, and it was Jim's fault. No one blamed him, or that's what they said, but Jim blamed himself. The safety and well-being of his crew was his responsibility and now one of his best friends in the galaxy was oblivious to the world.

He should have seen it coming. He had the proper warning but he ignored it, just like he ignored all the others. "It was only a dream." he told himself. But the dreams that James T. Kirk had, had the uncanny ability to become a reality.

Not all of them of course. He had random dreams just like everyone else, and most the time he couldn't even remember what it was that he had dreamed. There was the rare occasion that he did remember his dream, but only parts of it. More often than not he would wake and remember that he was reading something, or doing some small task, but then just a few days later he would find himself doing that reading or task. It was like déjà vu. In none of the other dreams where this phenomenon had taken place did anyone get hurt. Guess there is a first time for everything.

As he sat next to the bed he placed his elbows on his thighs and leaned over resting his head in his hands. This was another part of the routine. This is where he would sit and make himself remember what had happened that day.

It had been a simple mission. Spock, McCoy, a member of security, and himself had beamed down to a planet's surface to investigate the usefulness of any plants or minerals that could have medical benefits. In the beginning Spock was going to remain on board the Enterprise and someone else was going to beam down, but Spock insisted. He wanted to be present, he wanted the chance to explore and take some samples of his own. Reluctantly Jim agreed and Spock ventured down to the surface with them.

Things were normal, and Jim found himself enjoying the time on the planet. The landing party was working steadily, gathering what they needed to while enjoying themselves as well. Jim sat on a large rock a few feet from a medium-sized body of water and looked into it, just gazing at the creatures swimming in the shallow water. When he saw something launch from the sand and rocks beneath the surface and grab the creature that he had been watching he jumped slightly and tilted his head in curiosity. That's when he remembered.

"Spock…" he muttered to himself. "Spock!" Jim ran from the rock and let his feet carry him through the tall plants that came up to his waist. "McCoy…Bones follow me!" he yelled as he felt something bite his calf through his left boot. Jim knew Bones was following him, he remembered it. He ran at full speed for what seemed like hours, but what was only seconds, before he came upon Spock's limp body on the ground.

Latched onto his first officer's neck was what looked like a beetle that was as big as his own fist. He kicked it away and placed his hand on the wound that was seeping green blood. McCoy forcefully pushed Jim out of the way scanning the body for only a few seconds. "Jim we need…"

Jim was already giving the order for the landing party to beam up. He bit his lip and unceremoniously put Spock over his shoulders in time to beam a board. Once there he dashed to the lift and to sickbay with Spock on his back and McCoy following him.

He refused treatment until he knew Spock was safe, but when all Bones could say for now was that he was stable. Finally Jim allowed his bite to be treated, there was no venom or poison attacking his system, just Spock's. Of course, once McCoy left the room he limped over and sat next to Spock's bed. "I'm sorry Spock." he said gripping his hand.

Jim didn't know how long he sat there, he forgot all about time…actually he forgot about everything. It wasn't until McCoy walked in and actually took him to his quarters and sat there to make sure he ate that he came out of it.

That was six days ago, and here Jim was again. He sat up straighter and gripped the half-Vulcan's hand just thinking. His eyes stayed focused on the stern face and he was unaware of what was going on around him, so unaware that he didn't notice McCoy standing in the entry way watching him.

Since this had happened McCoy watched Jim and asked other crew members about him. According to them, Jim was quiet but did what needed to be done. That wasn't Jim Kirk at all. He was loud and obnoxious and did things his way. No, McCoy wasn't a psychiatrist but he knew Jim was blaming himself, and that maybe, just maybe, there was something more to the relation between the captain and first officer.

"Jim you should get to your quarters." he announced in an unusually gentle voice.

"Give me a few minutes Bones." Jim didn't see him leave but he knew he did.

He couldn't figure out why he was doing this. If it had been any other crewman Jim wouldn't sit by their bed day after day for hours at a time. He brought his hand up and touched Spock's cheek gently and felt a shock go through him that cause him to withdraw his hand. Curious, he brought it up and smiled at the sensation just barely brushing the cheek. He knew that had Spock been awake this would never happen.

"What is it Spock…what can I do to get you out of this?" he said softly. Jim took in his features, Spock was…perfect. From the pointed ears to the strong chin Spock was perfect. He smiled softly his finger tracking his first officer's lips, even they were soft and beyond compare.

Jim stood up, "Spock I need you back. You have to come out of this." His voice was a whisper but tone was begging and full of need.

He didn't realize it until his lips were just centimeters away from Spock's lips. This is why he sat with Spock for hours. This is why he came back day after day. Jim couldn't be without Spock. Gently, Jim pressed his lips to Spock's and let the linger for a few seconds before he stood up straight, "Come back to me Spock." Jim jumped when he heard a familiar voice come from the entry way.

"Ha! I knew it!" McCoy's voice rang.

Trying to put his best face on Jim turned and faced his other friend. "You knew what?" he asked calmly.

"You like him."

Jim sighed and walked past him. "I have no idea what you mean."

"Sit down Jim." Without waiting for Jim to do so McCoy pushed him into the chair in front of his desk before leaning on the desk.

Helplessly, Jim looked up at his friend, "Yes?"

"You haven't been eating, sleeping, focusing on work…hell you're not even looking at the women on board anymore."

"Well, part of being captain is maturing - "

"Jim Kirk will never mature…fully. You like him."

Jim sighed and sat back in the rather uncomfortable chair and looked at his hands. He hadn't been eating regularly, he was scared to sleep because of the dreams, and his mind was on Spock all the time, and he just kissed him. "So what if I do?"

McCoy thought about this for a minute. "He's your first officer, he's Spock which basically adds up to a green-blooded computer, male…"

"Like you've never done anything with a guy." he muttered.

"Now wait a minute. One, I was drunk, two I don't remember it so it doesn't count." he said defensively. "And I never said anything was wrong with it."

Jim looked up shocked, "Wait so you don't care."

"Well I mean, I wish you could pick someone a little more…human but, no, not really."

A smile spread across Jim's face for the first time in nearly a week. "I just don't know why it happened Bones. I mean, he's obviously smart, very good looking - "

"I didn't say I wanted to hear about it Jim." he interrupted. "Go to your room…get some sleep and eat. You look like crap."

"Thank." he muttered getting up. "Night Bones." With that Jim left sickbay and walked to his room. He ate a small meal before changing into a pair of sweats and laying on his bed. He couldn't explain it but he felt lighter. Jim brushed his lips with his hand and smiled lightly, "Night Spock."

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