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Jim woke up with his head still pounding and the light made his eyes sting and water. The memories from the last however long it had been flooded his mind causing Jim to fall back to the bed. He remembered falling to the ground and feeling pain from Spock, he remembered pulling away from Spock and wanting to have McCoy hold him and the hurt in Spock's eyes as he rejected the half-Vulcan.

He blinked a few times before realizing that warm hands were gripping at his own and one of them was almost to warm for comfort. Jim managed to get his hands free and pushed himself up slowly.


The young Captain look over and saw Spock looking at him with concern. "Morning Spock."

Spock merely raised his eyebrow, "Morning."

"What time is it?"

"Twenty-seven minutes after oh-three-hundred. You have been asleep for two days?"

Jim snorted. "That all?"

The look on Spock's face softened. "We have all been worried about your well-being."

He groaned and leaned back against the bed. "Don't tell me that you and Bones have been here for the last two days." When Spock didn't answer, Jim looked over at McCoy and saw the bags under his friend's eyes and the scruff on his face. The Captain frowned, "And you two lecture me."

Spock let his lips turn up at the edges and handed Jim a cup of water. "Your mind was almost destroyed because of me -"

"Shut it, Spock. I'm fine. Let's get Bones to his room and go to ours. This bed isn't the most comfortable thing in the world." Jim got off the bed and fell into Spock.

"Jim, you cannot leave sickbay until Leonard has released you -"

"Which I haven't."


"Don't 'Bones' me." he said mimicking Jim's whine after he pushed himself out of the chair he had been sleeping in. "You just went through a seizure, a case of amnesia, and you're still recovering your memory. You aren't going anywhere until your scans are back to normal."

All three men in the room, hell, the entire ship knew that McCoy had a soft spot when it came to Jim Kirk. When Jim got a pouty look on his face McCoy had to look away so that he didn't give in. "Come on, Bones. I just want to go to my quarters. Spock will watch me."

"I know what your type of watching is Jim and that is off limits."

Spock spoke before Jim had a chance to answer. "I assure you Leonard, Jim and I will not be engaging in -"

"All right, all right! Go on; I don't want to think or hear about that."

"Sure you don't want to watch, Bones?" Over the bond, Spock could feel amusement coming from Jim, along with a feeling of exhaustion.

"Out Jim, before I change my mind. Spock make sure he takes it easy."

Spock nodded, "Do not worry, Doctor. He will." He looked at Jim and started to lead him out before he added, "Either way Leonard, you would be missing anything."

The three of the stood there for a few moments before McCoy started laughing. "Oh, I know Spock."

Jim frowned and folded his arms across his chest. "I'm good at -"

"Get out of here and get some rest Jim."

Spock led Jim out of the sickbay and to their quarters. His arms remained at his side and ready in case Jim needed assistance.

"Can't believe you would say that…"

He led Jim into the sleeping area. "Jim, both Doctor McCoy and myself know that you excel in that area."

"How do you know what Bones thinks?"

A sly smile appeared on Spock's face. "I could feel the pleasure you felt when you were with him."

It took a moment to answer, but when he did there was a shocked look on Jim's face. "I…so you…" Jim sat there quietly. "That's…fascinating. Does Bones know?"

"I would assume so. He knows details about mind links because of our bonding." Spock watched as Jim realized that McCoy knew that Spock would feel it and he spoke before Jim had the chance to open his mouth. "We were both fighting for your affections, and this is after I hurt you." Leonard and I both used you against each other."

Again Jim sat silent and Spock could feel the man's emotions over the bond. "At first, Jim was shocked that people would go after him and want him so badly. Then there was anger that his two best friends, the men that he trusted the most would hurt each other and use him like that.

"We both wanted you and we both wanted you to be happy, Jim."

Jim nodded, allowing Spock to lay with him and to hold him. The half-Vulcan felt Jim's presence in his mind dim as the human thought to himself and blocked his thoughts from him. Spock didn't intrude but merely watched his young Captain.

He was shocked when he felt Jim's lips covers hi own. Spock looked at Jim, "I do not understand."

"Me either, but when has that ever bothered me? But I do know that no one has ever cared about me like you two. I'll be thanking Bones later."

Spock raised his eyebrow and frowned lightly, "Not like this."

Jim smirked and kissed him again, "Maybe."

A soft growl escaped Spock and he pulled Jim to him possessively while he allowed a smirk to escape. Jim smiled and nuzzled his neck, both reveling in the playful thoughts that came from the other's mind.

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