To tell you the truth this idea has been bugging me for a while now and if I don't put on paper I'm gonna go mad. Anyway it's my first fanfic I just love Ghost Hunt and the well developed characters the show has so of course any self proclaimed writer or crazed lunatic of a fan( I might be the latter) would want to input some of their own heres mine. I created an altern universe were Naru meets Mai for the first time with her requesting his help, among other things are different as well so I hope you like...


Without futher a do....

This is my story...

It had been a long road towards the reaches of Okinawa were the SPR's newest case had been held. They had been contacted a few days ago by a 17 year old girl, Mai Taniyama, to investigate her house for supernatural occurrences. As Shibuya Kazuya remembered while reviewing the case file on the way there.

A few days ago...

Shibuya Kazuya or Naru, as his co-workers know him, sighed in annoyance as the company phone rang to no end, despite his effort to ignore the annoying ringing technology and leave it to the machine, said person calling was quite persistent. 'If I'm not mistaken this is the tenth time the phone as rang consecutively. Must be urgent.' thought Naru as he picked up the phone. He sighed before answering and thought in displeasure: 'I'd better get an assistant.' " Shibuya Psychic Research how may I help you?" said Naru.

As if teasing him or testing his patience no one answer so he tried again with a more than obvious annoyed tone: "Shibuya Psychic Research how may I help you?" Again no answer, as he was about to hang the phone he heard an quite audible female voice saying "Finally" from the receiver.

"Excuse me." answer said Narcissist. The young lady on the receiver answer: "Have you any idea how many times I've been trying to reach you?" "Around ten times." said Naru in slight annoyance. "TEN counted...welll then if you counted why didn't you answer...ah forget it I need your help, strange things have been happening on my house and I can't take it anymore." said the young lady in the other line. "What sort of strange things?" said Naru clearly uninterested. The young woman then said: "Well at times I feel that I'm being watched and when I look back there's no one there... then there's the doors, a few nights ago all of them started banging for a good minute, and then afterwards I went to take a shower to calm my nerves but as I looked at the mirror, there was a message on the glass of the shower it said:'Your time is ending.' and it looked like it had been written in blood." sighing before continuing to the new revelation of odd occurrences she said: "Then last night as I was laying on my bed I felt something moving on my mattress...I was to scare to look, but when I finally worked up the courage to see I flipped the covers and there lying on top of me was an apparition of a woman her body was bent backwards but her face somehow managed to constrict itself in a way that she was looking straight at me... I panicked the next thing I know I was knocked out, and when I woke up today I thought 'Maybe it was a dream' Demo... when I took a bath every inch of my body felt like it was stinging, when I looked at myself in the mirror I was covered with scratches." At this Naru's eyebrow arched in interest at the last statement:'It seems the activity elevates each day.' thought Naru, he then heard the young woman continue: "Onegai, you may not see it, but Im down on my knees I need your help, I don't know if I can take it anymore." Hearing the desperate tone in the girls voice Naru sighed: "We'll take your case."

And with that...

"8 HOURS.... 8 EFFING HOURS ON THE ROAD" exclaimed the overly dramatic Monk in clear discomfort when suddenly a clear SMACK! was heard as Ayako also displayed her annoyance with her sitting next to the whinny Monk: "BAKA, I'M RIGHT HERE!" "ITAI, that hurt Ayako."huffed Houshou Takigawa as he then continued to dig his grave: "Who would've thought that at your age you still had this kind of strength Obaa~san." said Takigawa teasingly. Ayako then proceded to retrieve her pursed and smack the now near passed out monk as he mumbled in his last minutes in the conscious world: "~What the hell is in there~." Blacking out, Ayako Matsuzaky smiled triumphantly as she retrieved her heavy cosmetic wonderland she had in her purse. "It can't be helped it is Okinawa Bou-san." said the Priest John Brown worriedly as he looked at the Monks state. Masako could only hide a small smile that played her features behind her dark blue kimono, at the scene. Naru, as always unaffected by the all to well known reaction of both immature adults just continued reading the current document Yasuhara had provided him before parting to Okinawa, and Lin though amused never let it show on his features as he continued to drive towards there destination.

An hour later after having recovered from his slight encounter with death Takigawa and the gang sighed in relief as they finally reached their destination. They were slowly greeted by the sight of a nice beach house over looking a cliff located over the beach. They marveled all at the beauty given that they had just arrived in time for the sunset, all of course minus Lin and Naru who had progressed now to the front door of the house. Naru was about to knock when the door flew opened to a slightly disheveled teenager who seemed to be in a hurry. Naru then proceeded to observed the young woman, she had short brown hair, slim figure she was at least 5'4", her skin was porcelain white, he then proceeded to observe what she was wearing, black shorts with a red button short sleeved shirt with a name tag that said Hello my name is Mai. For a moment Naru was distracted from his observation as he noticed his clients eyes slightly wide and look at him, he was a taken aback a what his saw, long ago he remembered hearing that the human eye was a mirror of the soul, or so he heard, 'If that's true what kind of soul she possessed.' he wondered as he gazed into a pool of brown orbs stare at him.

Moment over Mai proceeded into tying her white running shoes as she sighed a breath of relief:"Good I got you before I left, I made dinner your plate a set already, I suggest you before it gets cold." "Hai Oka-san" teased Takigawa. Ignoring his comment Mai continued: "The base room you requested is the first door to your left, you room are all made, up the stairs the first door to the right is the boys room, the room next to it is for the girls. Eto...umm I give you permission to do anything necessary for your investigation, I'll be back late so don't wait up." With that Mai left shutting the front door with them inside feeling slightly confused at the sudden outburst, but before they could react the door opened again and Mai looking apologetically said: "Sorry for being, rude my name is Mai, yoroshiku, if theres anything you need call me on this number I thank you for coming." She turned to leave without before looking back saying: "Don't break anything." And with that she finally left leaving the once again stunned SPR team, being the first to react Naru said: "Lin, Bou-san and John start taking the equipment out." But Takigawa intergected with pleading eyes:"Demo Naru, the girl made food, and she did say to eat it before it turned cold." Naru sighed and said :"Fine."

As the team made their way to the kitchen Ayako said:"Ne, don't you think this place kinda looks, empty." John nodded and said:"It does but didn't the client recently move in?" Ayako said: "Yeah...demo, there's not even boxes scattered around with stuff, it just seems weird unless that kid..." "Lives alone." interjected Takigawa. Lin then said: "Could it be part of the case?" Naru nodded and said: "It could be, given that I found no family history anything could be it, what do you think Hara-san? What spirits can you feel?" Masako fidget as she was called, she had not been paying much attention at the conversation, her eyes darted everywhere as she tried to find normality but failed she let a quivered whisper leave her throat as she said: "So much, so... much pain." She clutched her head in pain as Naru reached her side he asked: "What do you see?" She looked at him and said: "To many to say, some look like they've died from a war, others look like farmers, mothers, children, even samurai.... this place... this place is...." her body had been in so much strain that before she could finished she had fainted. Naru held Masako up and looked at the monk and said: "Take her and lay her on her bed, Matsuzaky-san make warding spells for Hara-san and imediatly take them to her, Lin I want you to investigate the property, John go and review the information Yasuhara-san left." They all nodded and went to do their job they had been given.

After seating himself at the recently done base Naru couldn't help to feel like this was a foreshadow of what's to come.

I hope you liked it I would greatly appreciate anyones opinion so read and review

Thank you HeartsandMusic, I really appreciate the review after a second consideration even I wouldn't read a fic if Mai didn't end up with Naru so I changed the name but stuck with the story so I'm going to treat it as an altern universe were Naru meets Mai in a different situation. THANK YOU VERY MUCH for giving your opinion.

So for those who don't know I have sort of redone the story in some way kay.