It was an ordinary day with nothing particularly bad or good about it. The sun was out, but there was a crisp chill in the air. The leaves on the trees had begun to wither and the flowers to wilt. The fall was here, no doubt about it. Even to a passerby like me, it was obvious that if one didn't prepare now, winter was going to leave you with more than frostbite.

"Takeshi, hurry up with those orders!" The voices from the sushi restaurant carried on the cutting wind, along with the scents.

Grrrummm, my stomach growled at me to feed it. I had to obey myself, so I entered the eatery. I only went to this place because it was close to me, also because I didn't know when I'd pass another suitable establishment in my seemingly endless journey.

The place was nice. It had a respectable air to it, and a close knit-family feel, so that made it all the nicer. It was fairly busy though, so I figured I would have to wait awhile before I was served, even if I did get a table immediately. I'll admit that as I strolled in waiting for a waiter, a really cut guy/waiter caught my eye, and he smiled at me!

"Hello, table for one?" He walked over to me after grabbing a menu.

"Yeah," I took a deep breath and followed him to an empty table.

"Here you are. Would you like something to drink while you look over the menu?" He asked handing me the menu.

"Uh, I guess water," I shrugged, unsure of what they served so I chose the safest bet.

He nodded, "One water,"

As he turned to leave, I reached out to get his attention, "Um, wait, I'm ready to eat now,"

"Alright, what can I get you?" He asked kindly, smiling at me again.

I looked at him, "Food. I don't know, what would you recommend?"

He thought about it for a minute, "That depends on your budget,"

I realized then that I didn't know how much money I was carrying, so I reached for my back pocket. I pulled out my wallet and looked inside, seeing only five yen. He saw my meager wages and took pity on me as my stomach let out the loudest growl ever growled. I swear that at least half the restaurant turned to stare at me.

"Hey, wait here, will you?" He asked, getting an idea and leaving me before I could answer.

He came back with the owner of the store, "So, I hear from Takeshi that you don't have enough money for a descent meal. Let's make a deal, shall we? I let you order whatever you want, but in exchange, you have to work it off later,"

I did not plan on staying this town this long but that offer was just too good to pass up, "Are you sure?"

He nodded, "Little lady, do I look like a man who is unsure?"

"No, you look very sure. Alright, it's a deal!" I shook his hand on it, being a woman of my word.

He nodded and went back to work, letting the cute waiter do his job. Yay me. What, he was really cute! Ok, maybe a little too cheerful for me, but still, he's an uber hottie.

"Thank you. I'm Yamamoto Akari by the way," I extended my hand out to him.

He took it and shook my hand, "Huh, small world. I'm Yamamoto Takeshi,"

I released his arm and smiled at him, "Don't tell me that you're an athlete too,"

"Baseball," He nodded, happy to met a fellow athlete.

"Gymnastics and dance," I shrugged.

His competitive side took over, "Weak,"

"Oh? I guess I forgot to mention my rock climbing and competitive boarding," I said it like it was no big deal.

He was impressed, but he was determined to win, "Please, I am not limited to baseball. I'm also on my school's volleyball team and I'm learning kendo,"

"I was on the pro beach volleyball team for three straight years," I said smugly.

"Ok, you're a good athlete, I'll give you that," He smiled at me again in defeat.

"Well, you sound pretty good yourself. I think because you're in school, that prohibits you," I said in an envious tone, having been home schooled my entire school life.

"You don't go to school?" He asked not curiously, but sympathetically.

"Yeah, I was raised as an athlete," I didn't like talking about my personal life, especially with strangers, even the cute ones.

He placed his hand over mine and beamed brightly at me, "You should go to school with me! I have great friends, and I think that you'll be kept busy by the games they think up,"

"Yeah?" I was half convinced.

"Yeah," He tried to convince me further.

I looked away, "I don't know, I would probably make a fool of myself,"

"Not at all. I'm not the smartest guy in the school, but I still get by," He encouraged me.

"Really? What if your friends don't like me?" I asked nervously, losing all the cool I had possessed.

"Why wouldn't they? You're a cool chick and I totally think you could keep up with us," He said as a compliment, not a sexist view on how men are stronger or better than women. which they're not.

"Yeah? Yeah, I think I could stay and give it a try," It's not like I had to leave right away, and there was something about him that I really liked.

"So, I suppose that you don't have a job?" The owner popped up out of nowhere.

I shook my head, "I'm a drifter,"

"Then I suppose you know how to work in a shop?" He said, having become very fond of the whole bargaining business since Reborn's dine-and-dash.

"Oh, I don't know...." I trailed off, knowing where this was going.

"Dad, she's a friend," The other Yamamoto said to the store owner.

Dad? Well, that changes things, "Um, since you were kind enough to offer and seeing as my choices are limited, I suppose I'll take you up on that offer as well,"

"Alright, since you'll be going to school with Takeshi, you two will have the same shifts and he can help you out," Takeshi's father said with his arms crossed sternly.

"Yes, sir!" I bowed from the neck down, the table preventing me form any more courtesy than that.

"Takeshi, take her to enroll in school, after her meal," He noticed I hadn't yet ordered, so he just grabbed a small bundle of food from the kitchen before departing and gave it to me.

Hottie waiter sat next to me as I stuffed my face. Hey, I couldn't help it! Not only was I starving, it was really good. He didn't seem to mind, so that helped. Once I was done, like four seconds later, he looked at me and offered me his hand, asking if I was ready to go. I nodded and swallowed the last bit of my lunch as he dragged me away to enroll in the school. Yay.