Authors Note: =D Hello my good readers! =( now I know that it's sad that CHOICE is over and done with, but that doesn't mean we can't cling a little right? I wrote it and I'm clinging! XD

SOOOOOOOO here is an alternate ending if you were not TOTALLY satisfied with the stories ending. X3 I know this is the one I prefer!



Sephiroth stood up a little straighter, his eyes softening, as did the rest of his facial features and he slowly loosened his hands and drew them away from the blond.

"C-Cloud," he breathed quietly. Cloud gripped at his throat, rubbing at the soreness as he gulped for air. "C-Cloud, I'm…."


The back of Sephiroth's eyes began to burn as tears began to form.

'No. You were.'

"Cloud, I am sorry," Sephiroth breathed, wincing just slightly at the rage that washed over him, rage that was not his own. He leaned forward and pressed the blond against the glass, pressing himself full body against the blond, holding him in an embrace, bearing his face in the blond's neck. "Forgive me if I hurt you."

"S-Seph?" Cloud gasped slightly, the feeling of full body contact more than a little erotic. Sephiroth held the blond close; afraid that if he let him go the sense of rage would over take him, afraid he may do something he would regret with all his heart.

"Cloud, forgive me…just let me have this…." The sense of rage continued to pound against him, his head beginning to throb painfully. But it was not like the great General Sephiroth to take anything laying down. He narrowed his eyes slightly and gently took the blond's jaw and captured his lips, sliding his tongue into the other's mouth and gently, lovingly kissed him deeply. Cloud's eyes opened widely as he was pressed a little harder against the glass as the overwhelmingly arousing kiss took away all the strength in his legs.

"Hmn…Semnph…uhmnn…." He tried to speak, but the ex-General's tongue was a little more persuasive. Sephiroth broke the kiss for a moment.

"Don't talk Cloud," he stated, once again claiming the blond's lips as he wrapped his left arm around the slim waist, his right hand sliding down the teen's side, causing him to twitch slightly. He could see the glassy layer the teen's eyes had taken on as his lids drooped slightly, feel his eager tongue sliding back against his own and feel the teen's obviously hard arousal pushing against his thigh. He mentally smirked devilishly as he smoothly slid his right hand between their bodies and gripped the blond through his pants. Cloud yelped into the kiss, squirming slightly. The left corner of Sephiroth's left eye twitched just slightly as an almost overwhelming sense of rage buffeted his mind, sending a sharp pain down his spine; or at least, that is what it felt like. Sephiroth in reply to said pain released the blond before gripping the front of his shirt and tugging him away from the glass, quickly breaking the kiss as he easily turned the teen around before forcing him down till he was on his back on the platform, Sephiroth crouched above him like some predatory animal ready to pounce upon its prey. Cloud swallowed, his mouth having started to salivate slightly at the look that had crossed his lover's beautiful features.

His long, strong and narrow face held the cruelest, twisted and seductive smirk he had ever seen, and the way his dark silver eyebrows were furrowed added to the intensity of his jade green eyes. Cloud felt a shiver run down his spine straight to the tip of his cock as he noticed the slight twitch of his lover's pupils. How the slightly dilated pupils narrowed to cat-like slits. Seconds later, Cloud closed his eyes and groaned as his mouth was invaded by a strong and very dominate tongue, rubbing against his cheeks, teeth and the back of his throat.

Sephiroth slid his left arm under the blond's slim waist, causing his back to arch slightly as he began kissing down his neck, enjoying the heavy panting of the teen.

"S-Seph, do you…" The teen yelped as Sephiroth slid quickly up so they were face to face, long strands of silver hair spilling around their faces to shield them from the room around them. They stared for a few minutes; it was obvious the older man did not want talking but was willing to listen, the signs of a good lover. Cloud turned his gaze to the side and looked over at the creature within the tank, a sudden chill overcoming him and causing him to tremble slightly. Sephiroth did not fail to notice this negative reaction. "… Think maybe we should…s-should leave?"

Sephiroth gently took the teen's chin and forced him, gently, to look at him. His lidded and narrowed jade eyes staring into wide blue. Sephiroth slowly lowered his face till his long and slender nose was nearly touching the blond's gently curved and freckled one.


The blond said nothing, just blinked and watched as his lover once again slid down his body and latched onto his exposed collarbone. Cloud could not help but groan as the ex-General began gently rocking his hips, forcing their pelvises together and causing the most blessed friction to their hardened flesh. Cloud let out a yelp as his lover quickly sat up and began tugging at his shirt. Cloud was half afraid he would rip it. But after several minutes his shirt was gone and his back was pressed against the cold metal ramp beneath him. He did not say a thing as the ex-General flipped him over so he was lying on his stomach.

Sephiroth gently lifted the teen's backside till he was resting on his knees before undoing the button and zipper and pulling the blond's pants and boxers down to his knees. Cloud glanced back at him, a worried expression on his flushed cheeks. Sephiroth smiled and gently ran his hand over the blond's round backside.

"Just relax, Cloud," he said in a slightly strained voice, though he doubted the blond would take it as anything but arousal. As Sephiroth lowered himself and began licking at the blond's pink and puckered entrance, marveling in the groans and moans he was receiving, his head felt as if it was going to split open or his brain would explode. He winced slightly as he pulled away and undid his own fly before leaning over the blond, one arm looped around the teen's middle, his lips near the shell of the blond's ear. "I love you, Cloud," he breathed before shifting his hips forward, the tip of his hard penis sliding past the tight puckered ring of flesh. He gently kissed the teen's ear as he hissed and bowed his head, eyes clamped shut and teeth gritted. He continued his kisses till he heard his lover release the breath he had been holding, his signal for free movement. He shifted his hips forward slowly till he was sheathed totally inside his lover's tight and warm canal. As he began rocking in and out, he forced his mind to focus on the sounds of pleasure escaping the panting blond beneath him and the erotic sensations of pleasure that vibrated up his cock shaft to his testicles and radiated outward. It felt so good to plunge in and out of the tight warmth that was his lover's rectal canal. The agony he was feeling slowly just became an annoying numb sensation in the back of his mind as he focused purely on the pleasures of sharing sex with his young lover. He let out an uncommon groan, lips parting as his breathing intensified; focusing on the sensations and sounds had greatly increased the pleasure much to Sephiroth's surprise, who was already very close to losing control.

He slid his hand down the boy's stomach and wrapped his fingers around the blond's leaking erection and began jerking him off quickly. Cloud's moans grew louder and louder as his climax grew closer and closer. Sephiroth gritted his teeth and curled around the blond who cried and arched as both were overcome by the sheer pleasure of orgasm at the same time. Cloud splattered the platform with a large, pool of semen, some of which dripped down from the platform and landed in the Mako pool below.

Once both had regained some part of themselves Sephiroth slid out of the blond, lowering his head and licking at the slightly reddened puckered flesh, licking up the excess semen which leaked out. Once Cloud was clean and his pants were once again back in place he stood up, flushed and a little weak in the knees. Sephiroth redid his own pants and straightened his clothes slightly, clearing his throat. Cloud stood there with a dazed look on his face, oblivious to everything but the man who was smoothing out his leather clothes.

After a moment, Sephiroth clenched his fist and with a swift motion shot a fireball at the area the blond had soiled with his semen. The blond yelped and looked down at the now scorched area. He blinked and glanced back up at Sephiroth who merely shot him a sideways smile as approaching foot falls could be heard. A moment later, Zack entered through the door and onto the lower platform.

"Hey, Cloud, did you see what happened to the doors," Zack asked, pausing. He blinked. "Oh, I see you found Sephiroth."

Cloud nodded as he and Sephiroth made their way down to the lower platform, joining Zack who was frowning and shooting the general or ex-general, Sephiroth had yet to decide a suspicious look. "So, Seph, why were you here?" He then blinked and turned on the spot looking around. "Genesis isn't here is he?"

Sephiroth chuckled.

"No, Zackary, Genesis is not here. I don't doubt that that coward has high-tailed it from here already."

Zack nodded; that did seem like something Genesis would do. "No, I was just inspecting the reactor further, seeing as we were interrupted earlier."

Zack's eyes narrowed slightly.

"Are you sure that is all you were doing?"

Sephiroth nodded as he wrapped his arm around the blond's shoulders and lead him past Zack, who soon followed after them. "So, can I bring a date to your wedding?" Zack asked as the three of them made their way out of the reactor.

"Do you have someone in mind?" Cloud asked, curious. Zack put his hands behind his head.

"Yeah, I was thinking of asking Kunsel out."

Sephiroth chuckled.

"Good for you, Zack!"


And that is the alternate ending. I personally like the official ending, it's more elaborate and not as 'typical romance ending'.