Start of my first story yay! So ya to be honest I'm a NaruSaku fan but the NaruxYugi pairing is just too damn fun to write about and I'm surprised there's so little of it because seriously, even though it's impossible for it to happen in the real story, that doesn't mean it can't be interesting :P so ya lets all put the Sakura vs Hinata warring aside and I hope you all enjoy this as much as I'm going to.

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Chapter 1


It has been a year and a half since our favorite blonde Jinchuriki embarked on his training trip with Jiraiya of the legendary three. Though the trip is only half way through, the boy has grown physically as well as in the ninja arts. However not everything can change so soon.

"Neh Ero-sennin, we've been walking for days! Where the hell are we heading?!" Exclaimed Naruto as he and his perverted sensei continued walking up some path deeper into some unknown mountains.

Jiraiya though just kept looking straight ahead with a stoic look on his face, apparently paying no attention to the annoyed blonde in his company which just managed to irk Naruto more.

But before Naruto could retort again, Jiraiya let a smile cross his face as he noticed something in the distance.

"Huh? What are you smiling at now Ero-sennin? There's no bath houses out here in the middle of freaking nowhere!" shouted Naruto frustrated that all they have been doing for the last week was walking and no training.

"Your right gaki, but we are not nowhere, take a look up ahead" Said the Legendary ninja as he raised his arm pointing ahead of them ignoring the bath house comment from his student.

Naruto looked up and became stunned, "Huh w..what is this place?" asked the confused blonde as they continued walking towards what seemed to be a large village that seemingly appeared out of nowhere.

"Oh? You don't know this place?" Asked the smirking Sannin obviously playing on Naruto's lack of knowledge of the world outside of the fire country.

"Does it look like I know this place! We were hiking through these mountains until we are so high up that we are in the clouds and then out of nowhere comes some huge… village…" Naruto ranted until he got to the end thinking about what he was saying till his eye's lit up.

"So it seems you noticed, welcome to the Hidden Cloud village" said Jiraiya watching excitement, wonder, realization and then finally shock all play across the boy's face in said order.

"Hold on, are we even friendly with this village?!" Shouted Naruto confused.

"Well we might not be outright allied with them like we are with the sand, we are also not at war with them. Besides I was invited here by the Raikage to brief him on what I know about Akatsuki. The more all the hidden villages know about them the harder it will be for them to move around easily" explained Jiraiya as they approached the main gate to the Cloud village.

Naruto listened to Jiraiya but cringed at the mentioning of that organization. He could still clearly remember his last encounter with them and he sure as hell didn't want to. Nothing pissed Naruto off more than knowing what Akatsuki was after at the moment.

"Hault! State your purpose in coming here to the Hidden Cloud" Announced one of the two guards posted at the large gate to the village.

"We are here by invitation from Raikage, I am Jiraiya of the Legendary Three" responded Jiraiya to the guard surprising Naruto that he didn't do his retarded dance along with it.

"Ah yes, Jiraiya-sama, Raikage has been expecting you. And who is this?" The guard asked glancing over towards Naruto.

"This is my apprentice Uzumaki Naruto, don't worry though, he's too much of a baka to do anything to compromise your village" Replied Jiraiya causing Naruto to shout back yelling that he's not a baka and that Jiraiya is just an old perv.

The guard chuckled at their antics, "Very well, please follow me, I'll escort you to Raikage" said the guard as he started to walk towards their destination.

Once they arrived at the desired building the guard took his leave.

"Naruto, stay out here" said Jiraiya looking back at his student sternly.

"What! Why!?" Naruto retorted.

But Jiraiya had already went inside leaving Naruto to himself.

"Damn that Ero-sennin just leaving me out here like that" Said Naruto as he turned around and leaned against the wall to wait. Suddenly he found himself pulled into his mindscape in front of a familiar prison cell.

'I can take care of him if you want kit, all you gotta do i-'

'NO! I'm not letting you out so stop asking fur-ball!"

'Heh, well anyway you're getting pretty good with those wind jutsu you've been learning kit'

'Thanks, I still need to get better with the hand seals though, I really do suck at them'

'I can use my chakra to weigh your hands down to improve your speed next time you train kit'

'Yea that would help a lot, thanks again fur-ball'

"Hey! Gaki, snap out of it!"

Naruto came back to the real world to Jiraiya waving his hand in his face.

"So are we done here? I want get back to my training!" said Naruto impatiently.

"Yes I am done, however I have to scout out a possible Akatsuki hideout not too far from here that Raikage mentioned, that being said I want you to stay here till I return" Explained Jiraiya getting ready for the million questions that were undoubtedly about to burst from his student.

"What!? Why the hell do you want me to stay here, and what am I suppose to do? Just wonder around here!?" asked Naruto shouting like usual.

"Naruto, you know what Akatsuki is after, I'm not going to bring you right into their hands, and also I talked it over with Raikage" Said Jiraiya as he reached into his pocket for something. "Here, this is a pass acknowledging that Raikage is allowing you to stay here till my return" continued Jiraiya handing Naruto the scroll. "As for your last question, you can take the time to learn about this village"

"Fine…" Said Naruto looking down, he knew he couldn't join Jiraiya if he was in fact going near a potential Akatsuki base.

"Hey cheer up gaki! After this I promise I'll be teaching you some great new jutsu. Besides, who knows you may find yourself some hot young cloud girl!" said Jiraiya with one of his perverted grins thinking about all the research he could gather on a forbidden love between a couple from two different villages.

"Just leave already so we can get out of here faster!" Shouted Naruto ignoring his comment about finding a girl. Everywhere they went the pervert had to bring up finding him a girl in some way and it was getting annoying since with all the time the old perv wasted on the subject he could have already learned a new jutsu or two.

"Jeez, alright alright I'll get going, but seriously I know how you think you should be loyal to that pink haired girl but that may never happen, your too young to reserve yourself in such a way, if you actually do meet a girl, don't deny yourself that happiness. Cause I sure as hell don't see that other girl denying her happiness even for a second if your other teammate came knocking on her door." And with that said Jiraiya disappeared in a swirl of leaves.

'I guess he's right isn't he? Oh well I guess I'll just take a look around and compare this place to Konoha, better than standing around here dwelling on what ifs' Said Naruto as he turned around and journeyed through the streets of the Hidden Cloud.

After about an hour of walking around his stomach told him it was time to get some food. So Naruto being Naruto asked a local for directions to nearest ramen bar which is where he was heading at the moment.

Upon arriving Naruto took a seat in the middle of the empty bar and was greeted by a friendly elderly man.

"Welcome to Cloud Ramen! What can I get fer ya lad?" greeted whom Naruto guessed was the owner.

"I'll have a large order of the best pork ramen you can make!" Requested Naruto in his usual cheery tone when it came to ordering his beloved ramen.

"It'll be ready in a jippy lad, and ye won't be disappointed fer I make the best ramen in all the Lightnin country!" replied the old man as he started to make the meal.

'Yosh! I can't wait to try this cloud ramen!' squealed a drooling Naruto in his head.

But Naruto's thoughts were interrupted as he heard another customer enter and take a seat two stools away.

"Ah, I was wondering when our favorite customer was going to show up, shrimp again right?" Greeted and asked the elderly owner of the bar.

"Of course! You know me too well Kenichi" replied the new arrival in which Naruto realized was a girl.

Naruto looked over, it was a girl maybe a little older than himself. She had long blonde hair wrapped in a tight ponytail down to her waist. She was garbed in what Naruto noticed was the Hidden Cloud kunoichi uniform, a short sleeved turtleneck shirt that was black on the top and grey from the breasts down. She also sported black ninja pants that stopped about mid calves and had light purple clouds on the bottom of her left leg. Her ankles and arms were bandaged up also wearing black ninja gloves. But as Naruto's gaze returned to her face he noticed perhaps the most peculiar thing about the girl, her eyes. They were an obsidian color but were slanted oddly.. 'Huh? Woah she freaking looks like a cat with that stare! Wait a minute, stare..?'

Sure enough the girl a couple seats down from him was glaring at him.

"And what in the hell do you think your looking at?" asked the kunoichi.

"Umm sorry!" responded Naruto a bit embarrassed he had indeed been staring at the girl.

"If anything I should be staring at you since you're the one with those weird whiskers" Retorted the girl.

"W..what!? Well your one to talk with those eyes! You look like a cat or something!" Replied Naruto at the now shocked girl as they both growled at each other.

"Here's both of your orders!" said the owner as he placed both bowls in front of the two growling ninja who both seemed glaze over at the smell coming from below their noses.

They both immediately broke their chopsticks, "Itadakimasu!" they both said in unison completely forgetting about their bickering due to the seemingly genjutsu like aroma both jinchuriki were weak too.

As both inhaled their meals they finished at exactly the same time and almost as if practiced, together they held their bowls forward, "Another round please!" they both shouted realizing that they other did the same thing they began growling at each other once more.

Already predicting both customers the owner immediately handed them fresh bowls of their respected meals. Quicker than the untrained eye can follow, both jinchuriki gain began inhaling their ramen both seemingly in a wordless battle of who can eat the most ramen.

About a half hour later and twenty combined bowls conquered, the two bottomless pit ninja had had their fill.

The girl had a content smile on her face and without a warning let out a rather loud pur.

Naruto's eyes went wide at hearing this, "HA! I knew you were a freaking cat!" shouted Naruto pointing at the girl.

The girl closed her eyes, then a second later looked beyond pissed off. Naruto realized he just corssed that threshold remembering all the beatings from Tsunade and Sakura.



Naruto immediately took off for his life jumping up onto a nearby roof.

"WAIT, YOU DIDN'T EVEN PAY!" shouted Kenichi the ramen bar owner.

'SHIT SHIT, I forgot that I'm not in Konoha and I can't just take off like that. But if I go back I'm dead anyway!' Thought Naruto trying to think of a way to survive.

"That bastard, don't worry Kenichi, I'll drag his sorry ass back here and make him squeal if he doesn't pay." Said the Cloud Kunoichi as she took off in pursuit of Naruto. 'But that's after I filet him for making fun of me!'

A few minutes later Naruto was breathing heavy on top of some roof due to the near death experience. "Man.. Who the hell was that girl?" 'She's even scarier than Baa-chan and Sakura-chan combined.'

'Well I guess I'll take a quick breather since it seems I lost that crazy cat girl' Thought Naruto as he dropped to the ground noticing he just dodged a round house kick. 'HOLY SHIT!' screamed Naruto as he took off running again. 'What the hell?! She's even as freaking agile as a cat too! I can't believe she got that close to me without myself knowing it!'

"Get back here you bastard!" She shouted as she continued her pursuit.

'Dammit what should I do? Wait that's it! I hope to god this works!' thought Naruto coming up with a plan.

"Where did he go!?" Mumbled the girl as she looked through the crowd that Naruto had ran through. As she started to maneuver through the mob of people she felt something or someone tap her shoulder.

"Tch what is it!?" She mumbled angrily until she saw who it was. "Oh Samui-san! What is it? I'm kind of busy right now." She said as she noticed it was one of her fellow shinobi.

"Raikage needs you, he said it's urgent" Samui informed then shunshin'd away before Yugito could reply.

"Just great, I can't believe I didn't get that jerk the first time and now I may never" said Yugito as she too shunshin'd away.

Back in an alley, "YATTA! She fell for it! Now I better get back to that ramen bar and pay hehe" cheered Naruto heading back to the ramen bar.

"Ugh, the bane of all kage's, all this paperwork" mumbled Raikage as he continuously stamped each paper handed to him.

"Oh come on, you only got a few more stacks left" Replied the busty blonde helping him.

Just then the doors busted open revealing a familiar kunoichi.

"Ah Yugito what can I do for you?" Replied the Raikage looking up from his work at the blonde Jinchuriki.

Confused, Yugito looked from the Raikage to Samui, "Umm Samui just came to me saying you wanted to speak to me Raikage-sama" Replied the girl.

"Huh what are you talking about Yugito? Samui has been here helping me for hours" replied Raikage.

"Ya Yugito, have you finally lost it yet?" Joked the other blonde known as Samui.

Realization dawned on Yugito as she exited even faster than she entered.

"What in the world was that about?" Question Raikage confused.

"No clue… But that's Yugito for ya" replied Samui as she started handing Raikage more papers to stamp.

'Curse him! I can't believe I fell for that, the sly idiot is probably rolling on the ground laughing at me now, I'm definitely going to kill him!' Thought the pissed off Yugito as she picked back up on her search for Naruto.

A few miles away in some random village… "Hey Jiraiya-kun are you their?? Yoo-hoo!" asked the courtesan on the said man's lap waving her hand in his face.

Jiraiya stared out the window, 'I sense that the gaki is in grave danger… and not from any normal enemy…' Jiraiya smirked knowingly, then looked back to the girl in front of him, 'That's right I'm on a mission hehe' giggled the pervert.


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