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Chapter 16

The next morning team seven made it back home to Konoha and gave Tsunade the mission report. After leaving the tower the first place they reached was Sakura and Yugito's house, Kakashi had already left.

"I guess I'll see you both later" said Naruto as he was about to leave.

"Wait!" said Sakura suddenly as she unlocked the door, Yugito stormed into the house leaving Naruto and Sakura outside.

Naruto blinked confusedly at Yugito's retreat then turned to Sakura, "What is it Sakura-chan?"

Sakura blushed, "About our date, is it alright if we do it tomorrow? You can pick me up at seven?"

"Sure thing Sakura-chan" Naruto replied smiling.

"Try to wear something different too!" she joked as she went inside her home.

After she closed the door Naruto turned around and headed towards his apartment.

"Sakura! Was that Naruto!?" shouted Ino as she came running down the stairs inside their home.

"You saw him just now?" asked Sakura walking into the living room.

"Yea I heard you guys and looked out the window and I couldn't believe that was Naruto! He's changed so much!" said Ino amazed that Naruto went from a runt to a hotty.

Sakura smiled, "I told you so and you better back off too! I got a date with him tomorrow night!"

"See I told you he still likes you!" replied Ino happily hugging her bestfriend.

As hard as she tried, Yugito couldn't stop crying as she listened to the two friends outside her room. 'I knew it... I knew he didn't like me like that. Back in Takigakure I was just fooling myself into thinking he did... We were traveling together so of course we would attent the festival together, we were stuck together then. I was so happy that I fooled myself into believing he had feelings for me!'

"Remember Sakura, he's Jiraiya's apprentice so dont go unprepared, he might just woo you into scoring a homerun!" joked Ino causing Sakura to go red.

"Ino!" shouted Sakura as she chased her blonde friend up the stairs laughing.

'Naruto's done so much for me that I should be happy that he's got the girl he likes... I'm so selfish' thought Yugito as she cried herself to sleep.

'You are too naive kitten...'

A few hours later Naruto was resting on his bed thinking everything over. He was happy that Sakura wanted to go out with him finally but he thought he should be more excited about it. He had felt his chest tighten when Yugito had left them so abruptly without saying a word when he dropped them off earlier. His thoughts however were interrupted by knocking on the door.

"Gaki! Open up!" yelled the voice of Jiraiya as he banged on his apprentice's door.

Naruto opened it noticing both Jiraiya and Kakashi standing there. "What are you both doing here?" asked Naruto confused as he just got off from a mission.

"Well we wanted to know if you wanted to go get some ramen with us" asked Jiraiya watching his student carefully. He heard of the events during the mission from Kakashi.

"Sure lets go" replied Naruto as he walked out the door and began walking towards Ichiraku's.

Jiraiya looked over at Kakashi who just shrugged and followed Naruto.

Soon they arrived and placed their orders. Both Jiraiya and Kakashi realized Naruto must be really confused about something due to his lack of excitement even though he was about to eat ramen.

"So Naruto what are you doing tomorrow?" asked Kakashi, he heard him and Sakura talk about the date already.

"I got a date with Sakura-chan" replied Naruto as his eyes stared at the ramen counter.

"I see... with how long you've been asking her, I thought you would be jumping all over the place in excitement" said Kakashi gauging Naruto's reaction.

"I thought so too, I mean I'm happy about it but your right, I'm not as excited as I thought I'd be" explained Naruto.

"Naruto, when a man finally wins over the girl he's after there is no better feeling yet you obviously aren't acting the way you should if Sakura is indeed that girl" explained Jiraiya, "Perhaps another girl has found her way into your heart?"

"Is it Yugito?" asked Kakashi.

At hearing her name Naruto flinched again remembering how she left him and Sakura earlier.

"It appears you guessed right Kakashi" stated Jiraiya.

"But she doesn't like me!" retorted Naruto as both of his sensei's turned to him.

"Why would you think that gaki?" asked Jiraiya.

"Why? She's like the most beautiful girl in Konoha and could have any guy she wanted! She see's me as a friend and I don't want to lose that by asking her out when she would clearly say no!" said Naruto fustrated.

"You may have grown in some ways but your still a baka" said Jiraiya causing Naruto to clench his fists.

"Naruto" said Kakashi, "You do know that you not only have Sakura after you now but you have Hinata as well? They are both attractive girls so why wouldn't Yugito be interested in you?"

"W-What!? H-Hinata likes me?" asked Naruto shocked.

"She's been stalking you ever since I've known you gaki, thats what I mean when I say your a baka! You don't have a clue when it comes to women!" said Jiraiya.

"From watching Yugito so far, I'm quite sure she likes you too Naruto" said Kakashi with a smile.

"A-Are you serious?" asked Naruto. If Yugito really did like him, then... then he might just actually start jumping around the village! "B-But are you sure she likes me?"

"Well we got time gaki, why don't you tell us about your time together after you rescued her from Akatsuki?" asked Jiraiya.

"Sure..." said Naruto as he got ready to inform them of his journey's with Yugito. He told them about how they first met and then after he rescued her and telling her that he too was a host. When he got to and finished explaining the whole Takigakure incident, the whole festival was news to Jiraiya since Naruto left that part out during his first explanation.

When he was done Kakashi was looking at him dumbly and Jiraiya looked like he was going to burst which he did, "YOU BAKA! I was sure she liked you before but now I'm positive. You have got to be the densest person I know! Not even your father was this bad with Kushina!"

Naruto shrunk in his seat, "So you really think she likes me?"

"Naruto it sounds like she's probably liked you for months..." stated Kakashi.

"B-But what should I do about Sakura?" asked Naruto, he felt so much lighter now that both his sensei's were sure Yugito liked him too but what about Sakura?

"From what I remember, she had no problem turning you down before Naruto, I wouldn't worry to much about it" said Jiraiya.

"But I don't want to hurt her feelings!.." said Naruto worried.

"Even though Sakura is also one of my students, in all honesty, she was a bitch to you so I wouldn't worry about it either if I were you" said Kakashi shocking Naruto.

"Wow I never heard you talk like that before Kakashi-sensei" said Naruto shocked that his sensei cursed.

"Well you guys were little kids back then so I had to be careful" he replied with a smile.

"Anyways, Naruto why don't you just relax and come hangout with me and Kakashi at the hotsprings tomorrow night. Sakura will never find you with us" said Jiraiya hoping Naruto would say yes.

"W-What!? No, I'm going to take Sakura out and get it over with then I'll talk to Yugito" said Naruto getting up and leaving.

Kakashi shook his head, "Baka..."

Jiraiya threw his head back, "Damn and we almost recruited him to our side too..."

Sakura and Ino's house

Yugito was still on her bed, she had stopped crying awhile ago but was currently still very depressed. For many years she was alone until Naruto saved her. Even now in Konoha Naruto was the only person she had close to her. But now he was going out with their other teamate who has treated her like nothing but trash... She wished she could so something, anything...

"Yugito! There's someone at the door for you!" shouted Ino.

Yugito wondered who could be at the door, she wasn't sure if she could look at Naruto right now. She slowly got up and exited her room, she immediately noticed the same purple haired women from earlier at the door with Ino.

"Hey Yugito! I wanted to speak with you for a moment" asked Anko as Yugito walked up to them. Anko glared at Ino causing her to quickly let the two have some privacy as she went up to her room.

Yugito looked at her confused, "Umm what do you need me for umm..?"

"Anko" said the interrogator, "I wanted to invite you over with a few other friends of mine" she offered.

"I-I don't really feel like going out right now" she said sadly. She was happy that someone wanted to invite her to hangout but she felt to terrible right now.

Anko smirked, "Thats why I'm inviting you! I know of your little dilemma with a certain foxboy and me and my friends can help you out" she said then leaned in closer to her, "That is unless you want pinky stealing him away from you" she whispered.

"H-How would you be able to help?" asked Yugito wondering if Anko was serious.

"Why don't you go get dressed and find out for yourself" smirked Anko as she pushed Yugito into her room.

Yugito sighed, 'I suppose it beats sitting around here crying...' she thought as she changed into her normal clothing.

Once she was ready, her and Anko left heading towards what Yugito could only assume was Anko's apartment. She glanced over at her new friend... She hoped she really would be able to help her.

Eventually they arrived at Anko's apartment, Anko opened the door and walked in. "Here she is girls!"

Yugito was confused and slowly walked into the apartment. She then noticed two other women sitting down on stools in front of Anko's kitchen counter. One had an ANBU uniform on and had long dark purple hair and dark eyes. The other had some odd dress on that looked like bandages, she had long dark hair and red eyes.

"So this is the girl you were talking about earlier?" asked Kurenai looking at Yugito.

Yugito was wondering what in the world Anko had told them about her.

"Yup, this is Yugito" she introduced, "And Yugito, the one with the purple hair is Yugao and the other is Kurenai"

"It's nice to meet you Yugao-san and Kurenai-san" said Yugito with a smile.

"Hey no need to be so formal with them Yugito-chan! We are all friends here, now sit down and relax!" said Anko as she brought Yugito over to the other side of the counter and sat her down on a stool facing the other two women.

Anko then handed her a shot of sake smirking at the younger girl. "Here you can relax better!"

Yugito eyed the small cup warrily, "B-But I'm underaged!"

"Oh please, if you're old enough to kill then you're old enough to enjoy sake now drink!" said Anko as Yugito took the small cup.

Yugito was about to drink it when Anko stopped her.

"First lets make a toast!" said Anko as they all held up their shots together, "To the newest member of Konoha's sexiest women, Yugito-chan!" they hit their cups together and took their shots.

Yugito choked a bit as she took her first shot of sake.

Anko patted her back, "Good stuff right?"

"It's... different..." she said glaring at her cup.

The other three women giggled.

"Don't worry you'll get used to it" said Yugao.

"Here's another!" said Anko as she poured more into Yugito's ochoko.

"So how do you like Konoha so far?" asked Kurenai as Yugito downed her second shot choking a little less this time.

"I like it better than my old village, everyone hated me there..." she replied.

"You're from Kumo right?" asked Yugao.

"Yea" she said pouring more sake for herself.

"Why did they hate you?" asked Kurenai curiously. From what she could tell Yugito was a kind girl so why would she be hated?

The three older girls noticed Yugito's reluctance to answer.

"You don't have to tell us but it'll make you feel better if you got these things off your shoulders, we won't think differently of you" said Yugao while Kurenai nodded.

Yugito was currently battling herself, should she tell them her dark secret? She wished she could. Naruto accepted her but that's obvious. 'They do accept Naruto so just maybe...' Yugito bit her lip then grabbed her ochoko and took another shot.

"Ok.. I'll tell you but promise me you won't think any different about me?" she asked looking up at the three girls. They noticed she had so many emotions in her eyes: fear, hope, pain and what they knew was the want to be accepted.

"Of course we won't think differently about you, we all have dark things in our past" said Anko encouraging Yugito.

"I-I have the N-Nibi no Nekomata s-sealed in me..." said Yugito quietly but everyone was able to hear it.

All of their eyes widened, none of them were suspecting that.

Yugito saw their faces and instantly regretted telling them. 'Oh no what have I done!' she thought as a tear appeared in her eye.

In seconds Kurenai and Yugao got out of their seats and quickly embraced Yugito in a hug shocking the young girl.

"No don't cry Yugito, we were just weren't expecting that" said Kurenai comforting Yugito.

"She's right, and we don't think any different about you. You are you and Nibi is Nibi" said Yugao.

Yugito was stunned, 'They actually accept me?..' a few more tears fell from Yugito's eyes but these were in joy that there were other people who could accept her for who she is. "T-Thank you guys, Y-You don't know how much this means to me!"

"We told you it would feel better to let it out" said Yugao giving a comforting squeeze to the girl's shoulder.

"Not everyone may accept you but you won't be the only one various people would glare at" said Anko getting Yugito's attention. "My sensei was Orochimaru, because of that and since I have many of his jutsu's, I also receive glares of hatred from people who see him in me"

"I'm sorry that you have to deal with it too... Anko-chan" replied Yugito with a comforting smile.

Anko for once gave her a true smile and not a smirk, "I think we need another toast" she said as they all quickly poured themselves more shots. "Truthfully, at first I wanted to help you with your boy trouble for entertainment but now, I want to help you truly as your friend. So let's toast to our new start at friendship!" finished Anko as all four girls hit their ochoko's together shouting "to friendship!"

Yugito knew this was one of the best moments of her life. For the first time she had a group of friends who were other girls.

After they took their shots they all sat back down.

Anko looked over to Yugito, "Now it makes a lot of sense... You must know Naruto's secret too right?"

"Yea" she said with a smile. "He was the first person I ever told my secret to, I was shocked to know he also had a biju in him" said Yugito.

"The two of you met during his training trip right?" asked Yugao recieving a nod from Yugito.

"Now this is what I want to hear, how did you both meet?" asked Kurenai leaning over a little bit.

Yugito giggled a little bit at Kurenai's antics. She then told them the story of how they first met and got into a fight then how he saved her from Akatsuki...

"Whoa whoa whoa! Naruto defeated two Akatsuki to save you!?" asked Anko incredulously. Now that she thought about it, none of them did know how strong he had gotten.

"Yea.. He defeated them and managed to carry me outside of the Lightning country while I was unconscious" explained Yugito.

"That is kind of romantic that he fought so hard to save you" said Yugao.

Yugito blushed a little or had she been blushing the entire time from the sake? Now that she thought about it, with all the emotional talk she didn't notice that she did feel different.

"I think Yugito-chan is starting to feel the sake!" joked Anko as she slung her arm around the girl. "Keep going!" encouraged Anko as she gave Yugito more sake.

She was now starting to be able to take it better than at first. "So after that..." she began telling them how they fled from Akatsuki then arrived in Takigakure and the festival then how it all ended. Even though she was feeling the alcohol she managed to skip the whole Sharingan transplant part.

When she was done telling the story the other girls were amazed about Naruto taking out the Akatsuki member and how cute their 'date' in Takigakure sounded.

"I just don't think he likes me that way though..." said Yugito a little downcast.

"It's hard to say with Naruto... one of my students, Hinata has been crushing over him for years and it's obvious to everyone but him. He's just not too swift when it comes to girls" explained Kurenai.

"Your Hinata's sensei? Why would you be helping me then?.." asked Yugito confused.

"Well Hinata is not my only student... I have another, Kiba, who I know likes Hinata. If Hinata saw Naruto with another girl she would be hurt but I know Kiba would be there to help her and go from there" explained Kurenai further.

"I see..." said Yugito thinking it over. "But Naruto is still going out with Sakura tomorrow" she said hoping one of them had some kind of way to help.

Anko smirked, "We'll just have to crash it huh?"

"How?" asked Yugito hopefully.

"This is what we'll do..." said Anko as they all leaned in to listen.

Next morning...

"Sakura! Have you seen Yugito? I don't think she came back last night" shouted Ino from downstairs noticing Yugito wasn't in her room.

"Good!" replied Sakura as she came down the stairs.

"Sakura don't be like that..." scolded Ino.

"What? All's fair in love and war. Besides I got a date with Naruto-kun tonight" replied Sakura happily as she went into the kitchen to get something to eat.

Ino rolled her eyes, "But what if she got hurt?"

"I got more important things to think about Ino! I almost forgot Christmas is in five days, I got to find something perfect for him" replied Sakura.

Ino just sighed and went back up to her room.

Fifteen minutes before seven...

Naruto left his apartment and began making his way towards Sakura's. He decided to listen to her and wear a different outfit. He had on a black button down dress shirt opened a little at the top so you could see his necklace. He also wore just plain slightly baggy dark colored jeans. He also wasn't wearing his head protector allowing his golden locks to fall forward a little. He never noticed the various females eyeing him as he continued.

Once he got to Sakura's apartment he knocked on the door. A few minutes later she opened the door. Even though Naruto wished she was Yugito he couldn't help but admit she looked pretty. She wore a white dress decorated with pink flowers. She had pink lipstick on with a little blush and two silver hoop earrings.

When Sakura saw him she could almost squeal. What he wore was simple and with his hair messy like that he was just hot.

"You look nice Sakura, shall we go?" he said with a smile.

Sakura quickly snapped out of her trance and blushed, "T-Thank you Naruto-kun, you look incredible yourself. Let's go!" she said excitedly as they began walking down the street.

"So where are you taking me?" she asked.

"Well I know you don't like ramen as much as me so I thought we could go to that new sushi place that opened up, Ichiban Sushi" answered Naruto.

"Honestly I was half expecting you to pick Ichiraku's" she said laughing.

"I decided that I could skip for one night" replied Naruto lightly laughing.

They soon arrived at the restaurant and were seated at a table for two. Naruto looked around and noticed everything inside seemed new and had a moderate amount of customers. He also noticed a bar not too far from their table. 'Baa-chan probably already came here' he mused.

When the waitress came by they both ordered tea to start off. When the waitress went to go get their drinks. Sakura decided to start up a conversation, it was too quite.

"So Naruto during your training trip did you get to go to a lot of cool places?" she asked.

"Yea I did actually..." he started telling her different places he and Jiraiya had visited.

On a roof across the street sat two perverted ninja's...

"I wonder if anything interesting will happen" said Jiraiya as he spied on his apprentice with his telescope.

"Something may happen, I don't know why but Anko asked me earlier about Naruto's date and where they were going" said Kakashi as he read his book.

Back in the restaurant, Sakura started telling Naruto about her training with Tsunade when he saw something that completely shocked him.

Four women just entered the restaurant. One he recognized as Anko who wore a blue dress. Second he recognized as Kurenai wearing a red dress. The third was another pretty girl he didn't know with purple hair and a purple dress. But it was the fourth one that drew his attention. It was Yugito with her hair down wearing a simple little black dress. She wasn't wearing any makeup except for some eyeliner that really gave her an exotic look. And the way that dress hugged the curves of her body and showed a hint of cleavage as it tried to hold up her perfect bust. In Naruto's eye's he hadn't seen anything more beautiful...

Once Sakura noticed she no longer had Naruto's attention she looked towards where his eyes were and was shocked. Right there was Anko, Kurenai, a girl she didn't know and... Yugito... Sakura then noticed that Naruto's eye's were glued to the blonde. 'What does that bitch think she's doing here!'

The four girl's walked towards the bar and sat down. They pretended that they didn't notice Naruto and Sakura.

Up on the roof across the street Jiraiya had a nosebleed as he had a perfect view of the four sexy women as they walked in. He was almost tempted to say screw it and join them at the bar...

"So that was why Anko wanted to know..." said Kakashi, he didn't see that one coming.

Back in the restaurant Sakura was getting more pissed by the second. It was a few minutes ago that Anko and crew walked in and no matter what she would say to Naruto, his gaze repeatedly kept going back to Yugito. 'That fucking tramp is ruining my first date! I hate her!'

At the bar Anko was giggling, her plan was working perfectly.

"Wow he can't keep his eyes off you Yugito-chan" whispered Yugao.

"I-it's embarrassing though..." replied Yugito red in the face that her crush kept staring at her.

"Aw don't be embarrassed Yugito-chan, you should take pride in the ability to do that to Naruto" said Kurenai.

"Yea look at all that crap Sakura has on, right now she's wishing that she could get Naruto to look at her like that" said Anko.

"I know, I'm glad I got his attention but I'm just not used to it!" she said smiling at her new friends.

"From what I can see you got this in the bag girl, so you better get used to it cause once you two make it to the bedroom he'll be looking at a lot more" said Kurenai giving Yugito a wink.

Yugito instantly turned scarlet causing the other three to giggle.

"Ok that's enough teasing Yugito-chan, lets drink to a successful mission!" said Yugao.

The food had come and gone, Naruto and Sakura had eaten very quietly due to certain distractions.

Sakura glared again at Yugito, 'That bitch better not think she can show up at my apartment tonight to sleep'

Sakura then had Naruto quickly pay as she grabbed his hand and pulled him out of the restaurant in hopes of salvaging at least a little bit of her first date. Once they were outside, Sakura held onto Naruto's arm and leaned her head on his shoulder. 'I want to stay just like this, no interruptions, no Yugito no nothing, just me and Naruto'

Shortly they made it to Sakura's apartment where Sakura reluctantly let go of Naruto. "I had fun tonight Naruto" she said with a smile. 'I would have had fun if that freak didn't show up'

"I did too" he scratched the back of his head nervously.

Sakura was still close to him and looked up at him expectantly hoping for just one...

"Yo!" said Kakashi as he appeared next to them startling Sakura.

"K-Kakashi-sensei what are you doing here!?" she asked angered even more that she couldn't get a freaking break with Naruto.

"Jiraiya-sempai needs to speak with you urgently Naruto" Kakashi said with smile as his eye was in a u shape. He then noticed Sakura was still standing there, she must expect him to leave so she can talk to Naruto again... "Allow me to show you to him" he said still smiling.

"Ok well goodnight Sakura, it was fun!" waved Naruto as he left with Kakashi.

Sakura clenched her fist, grinded her teeth and wanted to scream. She quickly went inside slamming the door behind her.

For safety reasons Yugito spent the night at Anko's again.

Next Morning...

Naruto was getting ready to leave his apartment, Sakura had already come over and invited him to her place for dinner. He didn't want to lead Sakura on but Yugito lived there too so that was a plus. But before then he wanted to go get a Christmas present for Yugito.

When he left his apartment he felt that the air had gotten colder from yesterday too. Not being too affected by the colder weather he ran off in the direction of the market.

Few hours later...

Naruto had finished looking for the present he wanted to get. He was getting it custom made and it should be ready in two days which was right in time for Christmas eve. He caught site of Sakura's home approaching it since it was around the time she had asked him to come over.

After knocking, Sakura was quick to open the door and invite him in.

"Aren't you cold Naruto!?" she asked as she noticed he was wearing only his standard orange pants and a black t-shirt and it was close to freezing out.

"Not really, I never get that cold" he answered. He thought it must have something to do with Kyuubi. He then entered as Sakura closed the door behind them.

"You got a nice apartment here" he said as he noticed a room with a closed door by the front of the apartment. He assumed that it must be Yugito's.

"Yea, me and Ino got lucky with it" replied Sakura as she finished preparing the spaghetti and meatballs she made for them. Little did she know that the person she despised the most was in her room getting ready for another sabotage...

"You want me to go out like this!?" asked Yugito quietly.

"It'll only be for a second Yugito-chan!" replied Yugao. She had managed to sneak them both into the room with a few ANBU tricks and was currently trying to convince Yugito to go out for a split second in something that showed a little more skin than Yugito was used to...

Yugito was wearing small black panties with a black see-through babydoll on top that split below her breasts.

"Come on Yugito, think of it as like a bikini you would swim in so go out there and knock your man dead!" coached Yugao to the blushing girl. "It's only for a split second too!"

"O-Ok..." she whispered nervously.

"Now go cause a nosebleed girl!" Yugao said patting her on the back.

Naruto was sitting at the table as Sakura handed him his plate of food. At that moment they heard a door open up and when they both looked up. One of them became pissed and the other...

'Holy shit...' was all Naruto could think at the site before him.

Yugito quickly feigned shock and ran back into her room where she let the blush she was fighting back take control of her face.

Sakura once again ticked off. 'When the hell did that whore get in my house! She wasn't there when I checked!' She looked over at Naruto noticing blood hanging from his nose as he just stared off. 'God Dammit!'

As much as Sakura tried once again she couldn't seem to snap Naruto back into reality. He had stopped staring off but it was clear that his mind was somewhere else... once they were done eating Naruto left saying he was tired and wanted to train tomorrow.

When he left Sakura immediately went to Yugito's room and busted down the door. Nobody was there... She clenched her fists, 'If she think she can stop me she's wrong, I'll just have to be more upfront with Naruto'

Two days later on Christmas Eve...

The snow started to fall and the people of Konoha began to relax as one of their favorite holidays drew closer. Naruto however was getting anxious, he had just finished picking up the gifts for Yugito and Sakura and was tired from running around.

Sakura was also getting anxious, she hadn't seen Yugito since Naruto was over and couldn't be happier about that. She had the perfect plan to claim Naruto and couldn't wait till she saw him.

The sun was starting to set and Naruto decided to start making his way towards Sakura's to give the girl's their presents. He changed his clothing a little opting to wear black shinobi slacks with a black long-sleeved top.

Naruto arrived at Sakura's apartment and took a deep breath and knocked on the door.

At the same time Yugito left Anko's apartment with her gift for Naruto and couldn't wait to give it to him. It was something she made herself using one of her few hobbies that she got good at during her stay in Kumo. She smiled as she looked down at the box she was carrying. She also couldn't help but laugh at the outfit Anko made her wear. It was a little girl's santa costume. It consisted of a tight little red santa's jacket, a matching short skirt which she also had white leggings on underneath to keep her a little warmer. She also had matching little red boots and of course a santa's hat. She knew it was silly but it looked cute.

Sakura answered the door and saw Naruto. "Hey Naruto-kun!" she greeted.

"Hey Sakura I just wanted to stop by and give you your present" he said handing the pink haired girl a box.

"Oh thank you so much Naruto-kun!" she began opening the box. 'After I do this I can give him his present! I can't wait!' she squealed in her head. Once she took off the lid of the box she looked at what was inside with confusion. She slowly pulled the object out revealing a book.

Naruto sheepishly scratched the back of his head, "I hope you like it"

Sakura paled, "Naruto... T-This is a cookbook?" 'A freaking cookbook? This is the crap he gets me!?'

"Hehe well after I had your spaghetti I thought you could improve a lot more so I got you that book, that way you could learn how..." explained Naruto.

Sakura tried to calm down, 'Ok this is Naruto remember, he's not the brightest which is why I have to do this...' she thought as she put the book and box down and looked back up at Naruto, "So Naruto-kun do you want to know what your present is?"

"What is it?" he asked curiously at her odd expression.

She moved in a little closer to him, "Well I wanted to get you something special, but knowing you I realized that the best present for you was something I already had" she explained quietly.

Confused at what she could have he asked, "What?"

Sakura smiled and stood on her toes, "I'm giving you my love..." she said as she leaned in and pressed her lips to his.

Naruto's eye's immediately shot open.

Sakura reluctantly pulled away from her first kiss. 'that felt amazing...' she thought saving the texture of his lips to memory.

Before Naruto could react from his shock he heard something hit the ground not far from them.

When Naruto turned his head to look in the direction of the sound he got the next biggest shock. Standing there was a wide eyed Yugito. Before he could get over the shock from seeing her he saw a tear fall from her eye as she turned around and sprinted off.

"Y-Yugito W-Wait!" he shouted but the fleeing girl didn't listen and quickly was out of sight.

'Shit shit shit what do I do!' he screamed in his head. Of all the things for Yugito to see it had to be that... He looked at the box she dropped and ran over to it picking it up.

it read, 'To Naruto-kun'

He opened the box and noticed a note which he began to read.

I made this by hand for you. It's the same type of cloak your father wore, I know you don't have much from him but I know your very proud that he was your dad and I thought you would like to have something to remember him by.

P.S. you look better in black

He pocketed the letter and took out the cloak. He was floored... It was indeed like his father's but this one was all black with blue flames edged on the bottom and on the back stitched in red was the kanji for his true family name, Namikaze. 'H-How long did she spend making this thing??'

He knew what he needed to do, he quickly threw the coat on him noticing it even fit him perfectly.

"N-Naruto-kun what are you doing?.." asked Sakura fearing his next move.

"What does it look like I'm doing? I'm going after her!" he said quickly running off in the direction she ran in ignoring Sakura's yells.

Yugito had no idea where she was running, all she knew is that she wanted to get away. 'I-I thought he did like me... I can't believe I let myself think that again! I'm such a fool to think someone could feel that way towards me!' she started crying as she dropped to her knee's when she got to a once grassy area that was now covered by snow.

Naruto also didn't know where he was running, she could have gone in any direction but somehow he just knew he was going the right way, it just felt right to him.

'Of course I won't get any credit for that...' thought a certain someone.

Naruto entered the entrance to the training ground and quickly spotted Yugito on her knee's crying.

"Yugito!" he shouted.

She quickly looked up shocked to see him, 'No I gotta get away! It hurts to much!' she screamed in her head as she got up and ran again.

"W-Wait Yugito stop!" he yelled after her.

"L-Leave me alone Naruto! I-It hurts to much to look at you right now!" she shouted back at him hoping he would give up his pursuit.

Somehow he managed to catch up to her.

"S-Stop for a second I need to talk to you!" he shouted again.

"No Leav-! Ahh!" she managed to let out before Naruto grabbed onto her shoulder causing her to lose her balance and fall down into the snow with him on top of her.

"G-Get off me! Please!" she struggled as he held her down.

"No I won't! Listen to me Yugito!" he shouted back at her.

"No! Y-You have Sakura! G-Go back to her! S-She loves you!" she yelled at him.

"No! Sakura isn't the one I want!" he retorted back.

She dared a glance at him, "B-But you two were k-kissing back there!"

Naruto shook his head, "She did it, not me! I didn't want to kiss her!" he replied.

She stayed silent.

"Are you calmed down now? I want to give you your present" he said as she slowly nodded her head.

Naruto let her sit up as he reached into his back pocket and pulled out a small box. "Here I really hope you like it"

She took the gift and slowly opened it and gasped at it. She pulled out a silver necklace with a gold heart-shaped locket attached. The locket had the Kyuubi and Nibi engraved on the front.

"N-Naruto t-this is" she said before Naruto cut her off.

"Open it" he said interrupting her smiling at her confused face.

She undid the little lock on the ornament opening it up and gasped again. Tears started to form in her eyes as she saw a picture of the two of them that had been taken during the festival in Takigakure. She then looked at the other side and engraved in it was, 'I'll always be here for you' those simple words meant so much to her, someone who had been alone nearly her entire life...

She quickly looked up at Naruto teary eyed. "Naruto-kun, this... you have no idea how much this means to me" she said as happy as she thought she could ever be.

"There's also something else..." he said as she continued to look at him.

"You don't have to worry about Sakura anymore" he continued while she looked at him wondering what he was going to say.

He then leaned in closer to her hoping this would end well. "The one I love is you, Nii Yugito" he whispered then leaned in more claiming her lips.

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