Ch.1-What the hell happened last night?

I woke up with a pounding headache. I rolled over to the side of my bed and opened my eyes. Lying next to me was a naked gorgeous man, his bronze colored hair covered his face. I checked my surroundings. Who is this gorgeous guy? What am I doing in a hotel suite right now? What the hell happened last night? I tried remembering last nights events and they all came pouring to me.


"Alice please remind me why we have to go to Vegas?" All I wanted to at the moment was fall off the surface of this planet.

"Bella, you need to losen up a bit!" She exasperated like it was the most obvious thing ever. I rolled my eyes

"Fine." Like I was going to be able to get out of that one anyways.

We packed all our stuff and headed to Vegas with Rose, Em, Jazz, and Alice. Alice told me her cousin was going to be meeting up with us at the Wynn.

We got to the Wynn and it was time to start 'Barbie Bella' I told them that I would be right back I needed to get a drink before they started. I got two martinis and drank my first martini on the way there and my second one while they were fixing me up. Alice and Rose both looked flawless with their attire, Rose was wearing a hot pink halter dress with a light blue band around it. Alice was wearing a purple and black dress, they both looked beautiful like always. I looked good myself, I had a crimson red dress on with a black band around the waist. We went downstairs to the lobby to meet up with Jazz, Em, and Alice's cousin.

Jasper and Emmett's jaws dropped when they saw Alice and Rose. I smirked, I told them that I would be back soon, I needed to get another drink if I wanted to make it out of this night. When I came back with my tequila I saw the most gorgeous guy ever, his striking green eyes glistened with the lighting in the room and his bronze colored hair practically screamed sex. He gave me this breath taking crooked smile and I was basically swooning over the guy.

"Bella, this is my cousin Edward." Alice chirped.

"Hi, I'm Bella." I said shyly. He flashed me my now favorite smile.

"I'm Edward, it's a pleasure to meet you." We left the Wynn and walked down the strip, I had a ton of more drinks and so did Edward. We were both laughing like idiots down the strip. We instantly clicked it was the best night of my life. I was falling for Edward and I knew it.

We went back to the Wynn to get some dinner, and we were playing Truth or Dare.

"Bella, Truth or Dare?" Emmett asked smirking at Edward and me.

"Dare." Maybe he was going to make me kiss him, I'm sure it won't be that bad. We were all drunk and having fun.

"Bella I dare you to marry Edward!" Edward shouted. I was in shock. Edward and I were both stunned.

"What!?" We yelled in unison.

"You can't back down!"

"Fine." We grumbled. I ordered some vodka mixed with sprite. I need to get wasted if I am going to follow through with this.

Twenty Drinks later.

"Do you Isabella Marie Swan....." I put the wedding ring on Edward's finger.
"I do." I giggled.

"Do you Edward Anthony Masen take....." The church person asked Edward. We were both smiling like drunk idiots.

"I do." Edward put my wedding ring on my left hand and kissed me. It was the best kiss I've ever expierienced.

End of Flashback

I looked down my left and there was that dreaded wedding band on my ring finger.

Emmett Swan was a dead man.

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