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Bella pov:

Straightening my lilac gown I look into my mirror. My brown curls cascade over my shoulders, I

gently run my fingers through my hair before turning to see my footman. "Lady Isabella, I apologize to

disturb you but Lord Cullen is here." I narrow my eyes at him in a questioning matter "And?" Charles

look taken back by my rudeness "He would like to speak to you my lady." Sighing I grab my lace gloves

and slip them on "Very well." I walk towards the door as Charles scurries to open it for me, offering me

his arm I place my hand on the inside of his elbow. We walk down the hallway to the foyer and as we

enter I see the most handsome man in probably the entire world. Mr. Carlisle Cullen was the most

respectable gentleman in all of London, and he is here to speak to me. Hold yourself together Bella

you're a lady for Christ sakes. Charles exits the room leaving me with Carlisle, he stand up coming to

me. "Lady Isabella, its lovely to see you" He lifts my gloved hand to his lips and gently

kisses my knuckles "Lord Cullen, it my pleasure. How have you been?" I lead us back to the sofa; he lets

me sit down first just like the gentleman he is. "I have been well thanks you. And you my lady?" "Please

call me Bella, and I have been fairly busy lately, but well thank you." I smile gently at him. "Bella it is

then, then I insist that you call me Carlisle." He scoots over to me but not to close, and with the light

coming into the room I can see his dark black jacket and his black dress pants with his white undershirt

and neck cloth. I absolutely love this outfit on him. "Carlisle it is then." He chuckles at this, I take off my

gloves one at a time, in a sign of comfort. He seems to notice because a small smile forms on his lips.

"So of what do I owe this lovely visit to?" I ask placing my hands in my lap while I turn to face him "Well

My L- Bella, I have been invited to The Duke of Wolfberry's Ball, of which I was hoping that you would

accompany me to." My eyes widen slightly, I had not expected him to ask me, I clear my throat politely

and look at him. "It would be my pleasure to accompany you to the ball." I smiled proudly at him

"Wonderful, Tomorrow around 8." He say questioningly "That will be delightful." He stands up

and then lends me his hand, I stand up and look at him. "I must be going now, I apologize for

leaving in a rush." He kisses my hand again "It is perfectly alright, I will see you tomorrow then." "Yes

you will." We walk to the door and as he leaves he turns to me. "Have a lovely night Bella." "You Too


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